• On-air at Melbourne's 89.9 Light FM

    27 fév. 2010, 7h17m

    I'm now on air at Melbourne's 89.9 Light FM...every weekend... tune in from Melbourne or online at :)
  • Using again

    23 fév. 2010, 5h56m

    It's been awhile since I used about a year since I used it at all, and two or so years since I used it regularly.

    So I thought I'd start back up again.

    About a week ago I started importing all of my CDs into iTunes again (I've gone through several computers since I did that last!) and now have in all the CDs I've got with me. I've also bought several new albums and singles off iTunes from some of the currently hot music that I quite like.

    It's fun to again watch my charts go up, and to explore new songs and new artists (and purposefully try to get those I like further up on the list). I imagine the novelty of looking at the charts every day will wear off soon enough, but hopefully I will remember to keep going so I can build up a good music profile over time.

    I tend to be mostly interested in the adult alternative rock/pop genre but still listen quite widely across most genres, apart from rap. Country music has been sneaking its way in more recently through country pop artists like Taylor Swift, and previously the likes of LeAnn Rimes.

    I've been rating tracks on iTunes and also 'loving' those top ones here on It'd be nice if there was a way to sync this showing of love, and to build playlists from it. So far I've done it manually, but as the love list gets bigger that will be harder to maintain (especially as I decide I no longer love certain tracks).

    I've got a few tracks in my iTunes library that have incorrect ID3 tags - or in some cases, missing ID3 tags. I'll probably go through these and play them out to Shazam on my iPhone to identify the correct tags. It'd be nice if iTunes was able to do all this automatically!

    I've also been thinking about scrobbling on the move. The iPhone app isn't available in the Australian iTunes store, so I've downloaded Espionage - which works ok, but has to be running to scrobble currently playing music. If it gets closed, interrupted, or if the screen locks, it seems to miss scrobbling some songs. What would be nice is if an app existed to auto-scrobble anything you play - without having to open the app - through some use of the notification functions in Apple's SDK. Would that be possible? It'd be beautiful if so.

    That's my latest thoughts in my combined, scrobbling, iTunes and iPhone world. Let's see where this goes, and what sort of musical data and new discoveries I can make from it.

  • U2 concert, finally!

    11 nov. 2006, 11h33m

    I saw U2 last night in Sydney... and oh how great it was! We lined up from 8.30am (gates opened at 5.30pm) and had pretty good places right near the front of the stage.

    I'll be posting pics/videos on my own website hopefully tomorrow.

    My favourite songs would have been City of Blinding Lights (which they related to Sydney), Elevation and Beautiful Day. I also love the Sweetest Thing but they didn't play it.

    U2 are great live. I hope I can see them again one day!
  • Black Stump!!

    28 sept. 2006, 12h51m

    So, who else around here is going to Black Stump this weekend? :D
  • The end of freedb...

    2 jui. 2006, 4h45m

    It looks like freedb is closing down, due to a dispute between developers. Pretty sad when that happens...

    Anyone know of another good resource for CD track information? I have pretty much relied on freedb for the last few years.
  • U2 postponed tour... darn.

    9 mars 2006, 6h03m

    U2 have postponed their Australian tour....

    A bit annoying considering I was going with about 10 or so friends, and we'd already booked the coach trip and accommodation. :(

    Oh well.
  • Favourite bands

    22 fév. 2006, 11h49m

    Ok, so here's a small list of those bands or singers which I can listen to anytime:

    Audio Adrenaline
    Avril Lavigne
    Casting Crowns
    Good Charlotte
    James Blunt
    Linkin Park
    Matchbox Twenty
    Paul Colman Trio

    I'll also do one on my favourite songs at some point.

    I need to make a note of these somewhere as I often find myself sitting in front of a playlist of thousands upon thousands of songs and not knowing what to start listening to. :)
  • Mwup

    18 jan. 2006, 11h34m

    Well, just found this place by mistake (found out that we're running this at work after searching for the company name in Google), and it looks pretty cool.

    Right, some music related stuff.

    Check out - customisable Flash based radio station. Pretty great for discovering new music, as I'm sure is too!

    I recently bought James Blunt's album Back to Bedlam, after hearing You're Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover and deciding I liked them. I get the feeling he's one of those people that all the girls like, so I'm wondering if there's any other guys out there that actually like his songs. Any one?

    Hmm...oh, it said something about writing what concerts you're going to. I'm going to see U2 in Sydney at the end of March! Should be a lot of fun. I didn't have to line up for tickets either - some nice friends purchased them on my behalf. :)

    I seriously don't think I could blog much about music related stuff here. But I think it helps having a "topic" of some sorts - I don't write in my own blog as much as I'd like to. Oh well...

    That's it for now.