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18 fév. 2010, 19h03m

I've read somewhere that the Soldier by Iggy Pop sounds "wrong" and is one of his lesser efforts.... apparently this "wrongness" was because he and a guitarist who was working on the LP (I think it was supposed to be Glenn Matlock or something? That doesn't seem quite right... {INDEED - IT WAS WRONG. UPDATE: IT WAS JAMES WILLIAMSON}) ended up in a big row with Iggy and so all the lead guitar parts that had already been recorded were just stripped out of the mix and the LP finished without any lead guitar.
I have NO idea if this is true or what. But Soldier does sound kinda funny.... but I'd never ever say WRONG. Somehow it remains one of my fondest Iggy records... though I love just about EVERY Iggy record.... but somehow I get a bang out of Soldier that's supertremendous....



  • ashrafoe

    I love Soldier as well..sounds 'off' but good, maybe it is because production is not as slick as most of his later work.

    28 fév. 2010, 5h03m
  • madeit

    glen matlock plays bass on soldier. he's from the original sex pistols lineup

    2 mars 2010, 22h42m
  • tarbox

    Yeah, yeah. That's why I said it didn't sound right. I knew Matlock as bass player for Pistols, Rich Kids, etc. It turns out it was James Wiliamson he fired.

    1 avr. 2010, 0h01m
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