2 jui. 2011, 3h26m

I have been reduced to a running nose (I'm a quiet crier, rarely any tears come when it's about something truly substantial.) by In the Backseat once more. The vinyl Funeral is among the truly worthy investments of my lifetime. I have been a casual listener of Arcade Fire since Funeral came out when I was in fifth grade. (Very weird. I feel extremely young at the moment.) It was great to just sit and listen to them on my Grandma's old record player, to sit and really listen. (Needless to say, I am no longer "casual" about my listening.) My Grandma was my absolute bestfriend. I am not romanticizing the fact either. She lived with me my entire life and I love her so much. I guess that's what I think of when I hear Régine Chassagne sing. I don't know though, I don't really think of anything. I just love to hear her sing with all of the raw emotion she portrays. My family tree is losing all its leaves. What a beautiful and simple and perfect and poignant line. I never get into the lives of band members, I just obsess over their music alone. I did, however come to learn that the death of Regine's mother was what inspired the tune. I think she is such an amazing human being and I feel her whole entire life everytime she comes in with that powerful bellowing Alice died in the night... If that makes a bit of sense. Basically, this is for myself because I like to muse and write and make sense of my brain and my goosebumps, but if anyone does happen to read this; Do yourself a favor and watch this other-worldy and incredibly moving performance of In the Backseat: WARNING: If you have a soul or have ever experienced pain, you will cry.


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