My First EP release


6 oct. 2008, 3h22m

Long ago, in another life, I was a community college music student. One of my favorite experiences was the Electronic Studio class, which put me in a lab with a half dozen of the top-of-the-line keyboards, sound manipulators, and Macintosh sequencing programs available in 1992.

Before leaving that life to enlist in my new one, I made a couple of cassette recordings. Last week, I found those cassettes, and since my sense of humor is so much more developed than my sense of self-respect, I decided to post some of those recordings online:

No One Called Larry - Old School EP

At the time, I was listening to a lot of varied stuff; from Peter Gabriel to Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo; show tunes and Ludwig van Beethoven; The Pogues, and even Prince. If I wanted to be painfully honest, I'd have to say the biggest influence on my song writing at the time was Danny Elfman's Batman theme, which was used in the Animated Series then in production.

Sad, I know.

I'm actually most proud of the way the "Birthday Disco" turned out, and of my arrangement of DeBussy's "Beau Soir". But the rest still amuses me, even though it does make me want to sit down and watch the Dark Knight do some detective work!

At the time most of these were recorded, I was rooming with Emlyn Ellis Addison. He's the one who got me started listening to folks like Jean-Michel Jarre, and probably told me about the Studio in the first place. "Manic Atari" was something I did on Emlyn's little Casio, before we started the class, and "Manic Atari II" was the version I did on the Ensoniq in the lab; the two versions of "North West Side" are the results of a project that Emlyn and I did together as a joke. Emlyn's much larger and better selection of tunes can be found on also.

Now, one of these days, I hope to put up a "real" No One Called Larry album... but I don't like making promises, because life has a way of interrupting. But let me know what you think, and I'll keep you posted as events warrant. I've got Brent here now, to keep me on task, so possibilities are looking up.



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