27 avr. 2010, 21h26m

Hear ye!

It’s about that time. New Hoarse material, peeps. Dig it.

Where Is This – Fucker (3” cdr, ltd. 30)

Where Is This? Yes, that’s pretty much what I’m wondering. As soon as Fucker breaks loose I am disoriented – the fuck? Where Is This would seem to be a matter of locus – place – but if you ask me, it’s about a state of mind – which, it seems, is nothing other than loco (en el coco, yes). Within seconds, Fucker transports you straight into Mark Ward’s head, and you’re not sure whether this is a fully comfortable spot at all. Things loom and lurk, then tempt, and then draw you in; sickly sweetness pulling you into full-on harsh darkness. Twenty minutes and a good pummeling later you’re spewed out again – Being Mark Ward; eat that, Spike Jonze – bruised and beaten, destroyed – longing, yearning for another go. Fucker will bring you down.

Bruital Orgasme – Elle Sait (3” cdr, ltd. 30)

Elle Sait – She Knows. Seldom a title was both so serene and so haunting. A matter-of-factliness combined with complete uncertainty, and I cannot help but wonder who, what, why. A dozen listens into the track itself I still haven’t managed to figure it out – but in that purest of ambiguity lies, perhaps, the greatest possible beauty. Easily one of the most achieved and intriguing works of the pair of Fil and Nath, who, together, have been unleashing their unique brand of electronic extremities on the world for these last few years. Highly recommended.

Samples soon, hopefully.

Both will be available end of the week. €3,50 shipped worldwide for one disc, €6 for both. Trades are okay though I may not be able to ship out then straightaway for lack of funds. Get in touch though, always interested to trade.

Hoarse future:

horsing/Zebra Mu – Split (tape)
Female Harakiri – Dread (tape)
The Shock Technician/Izanami’s Labour Pains – Gyanroku Rivalry (cdr)
Dotåbåtå/tar pits – Split (tape)
Gomeisa – TBA (cdr)
The next goethe 9000 – A Rousing Story of Blatant Occurrences (cdr)
The Princess Amen – Aube (floppy)
Snuff Budgies – TBA (cdr)

Resident Evil HNW Series future:

Panic – Bitorez Mendes (3”)
Where Is This - Barry Burton's Burly Bear Burlesque (3”)
Richard Ramirez – TBA (3”)
Dotåbåtå – T-Virus (3”)

AxemRangers Sarah Michelle Gellar Fuck, The Retarded Girl Britney Spears Incapacitants Justin Bieber Pikachu James Marsters Torturing Nurse The Gerogerigegege Jannes The Cherry Point Vomir Christophe Beck Amber Benson Deicide Bachir Gemayel Dead Body Collection Boar Anthony Coleman The Rita Sendot Sklin Wolverine Carcass Evan Parker Normaal Kutschurft Reaching. Merzbow Chinese Church Charmander Penis Vagina


  • chinesechurch

    who are these young upstarts :O

    29 avr. 2010, 6h52m
  • AxemRangers

    [i]Hoarse future[/i]: axem was supposed to send me some shit like a year ago haha what gives everything looks lovely as always, sven

    30 avr. 2010, 6h22m
  • sxesven

    i;m still hoping it happens mang B-) if/when it's done, first thing on the release schedule + thanks!

    30 avr. 2010, 6h44m
  • sxesven

    where is this = mark, also runs Bored Bear who'll be releasing an axemrangers bizcard right about now i think bruital orgasme = belgian guy & gal, they've done a split with torturing nurse (who hasn't rite) and some other things including a picture disc LP with the best artwork EVAR

    30 avr. 2010, 6h47m
  • ArcH13

    As you know, I must have these, and you shall have any Cantankerous/Dotåbåtå releases you may want. Also did you get a copy of my BizCDr on Quaggar Curious Sounds, it's sold out already... If you didn't I'll put one of my artist copies aside for you. It looks nice. The future of Hoarse is looking rather bright (or should it be bleak...). horsing/Zebra Mu – Split (tape) Female Harakiri – Dread (tape) The Shock Technician/Izanami’s Labour Pains – Gyanroku Rivalry (cdr) - I am greatly anticipating these.

    30 avr. 2010, 14h10m
  • sxesven

    naturally will send these + all the upcoming ones! didn't btw, sounds great - love quagga! and yes, definitely some great stuff coming up. my side on the split with zebra mu is probably my favourite thing that i've done, michael's side is fabulous as usual. dread is great gritty wall, bit more subdued than the other discs, very nice. shock tech/ilp collab is exactly what you'd expect from it, completely hyperkinetic, very great. artwork previews:

    30 avr. 2010, 21h19m
  • ArcH13

    You sir are a master with the cover art, always perfect.

    2 mai 2010, 9h04m
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