• 50,000 Played: Time to go over the hill...

    14 déc. 2008, 11h28m

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    I got lazy and skipped a 40,000th journal.
    School has been in full swing for a good three months now, the term is over and now it's time to sit back, relax and become even more unmotivated to do anything that requires effort. My motivation to listen to music has been in a mood swing, there are weeks where I'll listen to 200+ plays of an artist in one week and then I'll hit a couple weeks or so where the total combined plays are around the area of 200. I've been flip-flopping between watching videos and movies on Netflix to sitting and listening to music while playing tetris obsessively. I feel like I haven't been paying as much attention to my collection as I usually do, but some artists are still getting some major love <3.

    As well, contributing to the overall play count is the use of my new Zune and the program Zenses. I've taken a few drives back between Grants Pass and Portland, Oregon and a good four hours of music one way gives you plenty of plays when you're constantly hitting up all your favorite songs along the way. It's definitely helped me creep up to the 50,000th mark quickly, I was tired of being jealous of the iPod toting bastards being able to scrobble their mp3 tracks, it seemed like an unfair advantage.

    Anyway, enough babble.
    I hit 50,000 tracks just yesterday listening to On and On and On on repeat... on and on and on. So congrats to them. And note that while my top ten may be interesting, I find the activity that happens below in the Top 50 to be more exhilarating. I may make note of such bands that are creeping slowly upward.

    Top 10 Artists at 50,000 Plays:
    A Perfect Circle
    - (1,048 plays)
    From first for more than 20,000 plays down to 4th place in my 30,000th track journal, here they are clinging to the number 10 spot. I don't have much hope that they'll go anywhere from down, although I'm sure if they came back together for a fourth album I'd steal some listens. They're more of a nostalgic act for me, they were part of my teenage angst, if I had anyway. There's memories attached to their music, as corny as all of this may seem especially to a band like this. I've got a special place for them. They were different from the Three Days Grace and Linkin Park bullshit that I had thought was the epitome of good music, A Perfect Circle had themed albums and allegories, metaphors, etc in their lyrics. Sneer you may, but they really did open me up to trying and finding new music to listen to, with A Perfect Circle, I dared to believe there was more out there. (Position: -6)

    Favorite Track(s): 3 Libras, Orestes, The Noose...

    9) Jeff Buckley (1,058 plays)
    Much of the plays were done freshman year in college about two years ago now? I became obsessed and he stayed at about 750 plays for a good year. His music still often reminds me of the crisp air of fall and the bustle of a Portland park block. The reason he's crept up to this mark is the deep, passionate love I feel for Hallelujah and how I can never, ever skip it if it may come on shuffle, even if it's already been listened to on the particular binge. He's got a beautiful voice and it hurts to think about how his life was cut short. Posthumous record, Sketches For My Sweetheart, The Drunk will never come close to touching the perfection and sheer beauty that is Grace. It's not his fault, I know, but luckily with all of the live records and bootlegs people seem to scrounge up, I've got plenty to feed my Jeff Buckley frenzy. As a sidenote, I also tracked up plays with Jeff to pass up A Perfect Circle. Give 'em the boot! (Position: -1)

    Favorite Track(s): Hallelujah, I Know It's Over, Forget Her...

    8) Pixies (1,111 plays)
    Surfer Rosa and Doolittle nearly have the same amount of plays, they're both amazingly good albums. Bossanova is fine but Trompe Le Monde got a little too... what word am I looking for, I'd hate to say boring? Anyway, I can only imagine what it would have been like for a college student like me being in the 1990's when Alice in Chains, Nirvana, R.E.M., Radiohead and Pixies were all out releasing new music for the alternative genre. I can almost taste the angst. I haven't found much willingness to seek out music by Frank or The Breeders and any other connected artist. There was a period of time where all I could listen to was the Pixies, was it last summer? In any case, it was and still is good, noisy music... Sonic Youth is just noise ;D. When the mood strikes me, I may take a good long listen again. Nonetheless, there will always be catchy songs to accompany me on the road. (Position: -2)

    Favorite Track(s): Caribou, Broken Face, Where is My Mind, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Hey, etc...

    7) Depeche Mode (1,149 plays)
    I still blame college and my friend Will for this one. Introduced to synth pop, post-punk, britpop, god forbid any other pops or punks or brits... that you can think up, I became exposed and in some cases, addicted. They became something to listen to while studying, I still love Songs of Faith and Devotion, Music for the Masses and Violator. I can't help it. They're still another one of those artists that I need to be in the mood for, but when they come on, you bet I turn that shit up. (Position: -4)

    Favorite Track(s): Higher Love, I Feel You, Little 15, Enjoy the Silence...

    6) Nickel Creek (1,170 plays)
    I love all their albums. Seriously. While I definitely favor Why Should The Fire Die? for such strong, aggressive and emotive songs as well as the delicate and heartbreaking, there's still much to love in albums This Side and Nickel Creek. People may complain that "newgrass", bluegrass and the like is just the art of showing off how fast you can play the mandolin, but a virtuoso like Chris Thile can make a slow song sound just as intricate and difficult as something as fast as an instrumental track like Ode to a Butterfly. I don't have enough room to boast and brag about this group, other than I was pointed in this direction after having seen Punch Brothers live and shaking the hand of Mr. Thile. Mmm, he can come back to Stumptown anytime. (Position: N/A - New)

    SOME Favorite Track(s): Helena, Can't Complain, Jealous of the Moon, Lighthouse's Tale, Out of the Woods, Spit on a Stranger, When in Rome....

    5) Manic Street Preacher (1,265 plays)
    I don't necessarily feel like listening to them other than the occasional referral back to Your Love Alone is Not Enough because I love Nina Persson so fucking much. That track alone spawned an interest in The Cardigans and spread into more singer/songwriter indulgences in my music collection. They're an interesting group that refers to hundreds of pop culture icons, books, movies, etc. While they've had their share of hit and misses and while they'll never come to the United States as far as anyone can see, the up and coming album featuring lyrics from the "late" Richey might cause some more plays. But it'll be awhile, I don't imagine these guys going up much in my charts. And listening to their older albums, it can sound pretty dated =\. (Position: -4)

    Favorite Track(s): Your Love Alone is Not Enough, A Design for Life, La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh), Yes, So Why So Sad, Wattsville Blues...

    4) Broken Social Scene (1,293 plays)
    Ah, my good ol' Canadian Indie Supergroup. I've loved them since I first listened to Anthems of a Seventeen-Year-Old a good.... wow, was it about 5 years ago? I feel old now. Either way, I'm seeing them again in Feb., it might be more of a full ensemble than the Kevin Drew leadin' sausage fest that it was back in October of 2007, not that I minded of course ;D. What can I say, I love You Forgot It In The People above all, although the Kevin Drew solo album comes in at a good second. Broken Social Scene was always like the red-headed stepchild to me. I love it, but it really just can't compare to the latter and that's okay. I support what they as an ensemble do and often find many of the side projects somewhat interesting, I just want another full cast album again. Someday? (Position: +5)

    Favorite Track(s): Lover's Spit (Bee Hives version), I'm Still Your Fag, All My Friends, It's All Gonna Break...

    3) The White Stripes (1,302 plays)
    When I get in a White Stripes mood, fuck can I listen to the shit out of them. My friends ask me my favorite song, it's impossible... much like it is for Nickel Creek. So many of the discography is amazing, it's hard to even pick a favorite album. And well, you can't necessarily say this is a bad thing. They're just, well... amazing? Even if I'll never forgive Meg White for fucking me out of the live experience. As far as I hear, there's talks of a new album in works and you can bet I'll be back on ticketmaster refreshing the page until tickets open up for sale. (Position: 0, Same)

    Favorite Track(s): Little Acorns, The Big Three Killed My Baby, Hello Operator, Offend in Every Way, The Union Forever, There's No Home for You Here, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, Blue Orchid, Little Ghost, Instinct Blues, A Martyr for my Love for You, Rag and Bone, ah fuck this....

    2) Menomena (1,307 plays)
    I can't wait for their new album coming out in 2009, let's hope. I can't wait until I'm twenty one so I can stopped getting fucked out of their Doug Fir shows. I've seen them twice live, I've played Foosball with Brent and Justin as well as got a picture hanging on my wall <3. Living in Portland definitely has its perks and I love all three of these fuckers. Seeing them in 2006 at the Crystal Ballroom's birthday bash for free and unknowingly hearing Friend and Foe being performed live for one of the first times, I fell in love. It's been a good, long relationship and it'll only continue to blossom. (Note, the farther I've gone up the list, the more I go, who the fuck could be next?) (Position: N/A - New)

    Favorite Track(s): My My, Strongest Man in the World, Air Aid, Weird, Polo, Monkey's Back, Rose...

    1) The Frames (1,317 plays)
    All three top artists, if not top ten, are close to one another and it's all one big battle to the top. So far, Glen clenches the race because after viewing the movie Once, cliche I know, I delved into his world and picked up as much of his music (and Marketa's) as I could grab. And still grabbing. He's amazing live, he was kind enough to drag a fan on stage. He also charms me with the mouth of an Irish man, fucking right. What else can I say? Lyrics off of all albums, although I like to avoid Another Love Song and Dance The Devil, they're always so intimate, so personal, it's easy for me to actually sit down and take notice rather than let the words wash over me. And in a rarity, it's close but I'd have to say Set List has to be one of my favorite albums out of The Frames' discography. And as I side note, I had listened to about 1,000 tracks in three months. Yeah. I was obsessed. (Position: N/A - New)

    Favorite Track(s): Friends and Foe, Say It to Me Now, Red Chord, Fitzcarraldo, What Happens When The Heart Just Stops, Happy, When Your Mind's Made Up, and.... *drum roll* Falling Slowly, duh....

    Artists Dropped Out of the Top 10:
    Tool, The Arcade Fire & John Lennon

    Artists New to my Ten in this Journal:
    Nickel Creek, Menomena, & The Frames


    Other Artists Who May Rise (Not Necessarily into the Top Ten of Course):

    * Jenny Lewis
    Acid Tongue may be a little more rock than grass in comparison to her solo effort with The Watson Twins, but I fell in love with tracks such as Trying My Best to Love You, Pretty Bird and the aptly titled, Acid Tongue. It's a beautiful album with a bluesy, live feel. May I listen to more? Well 338 plays, position 36 with one album doesn't hurt and when I get into a crooning mood, I often reach (or type n' search) for this one.

    * Ryan Adams
    I've been into alt-country and while Drive-By Truckers may have introduced me into the genre, Ryan Adams kicked my ass into it. You can't listen to Oh My Sweet Carolina and not think that Emmylou Harris doesn't sound gorgeous along with Adams. He might be a pretentious piece of shit who fights with the likes of Jack White but I'll still support the fucker. He may very well creep into the top 10 unless someone sneaks by. 813 plays, position 14.

    * Clint Mansell
    I'm not sure how he's not in my top ten yet, I've been obsessed with The Fountain soundtrack since the day it came out, and personally I believe it surpasses or at least perfectly compliments this visually stunning film by Darren Aronofsky. I can't wait to get my hands on The Wrestler score, if it isn't out already. He's the perfect collaborator with both Aronofsky and the Kronos Quartet, apparently Mogwai. They make such beautiful, amazing music all together, it hurts. 754 plays, position 16

    * Nine Inch Nails
    After seeing them, or I guess him, in concert at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon a couple weekends ago... I have to admit it was fucking amazing. People can diss them for the industrial sound or the "stupid" lyrics, what have you. But god dammit, I want to fuck Trent Reznor. He's so god damn great to his fans, he's innovative in the dying music industry and so .... talented. He can play more instruments than you, me, your dead grandma and dog combined. Yum. I vote there'll be more plays and NIN will climb the charts. 459 plays, position 25.

    * Mellowdrone
    A new album is in the works. Lord knows when it'll be out in 2009 but I'm hoping when they go on tour to support it, I'll be able to see them in whatever venue they end up in. I love Johnathan Bates and I've got a hoard of b-sides and rare recordings I have yet to truly sit down and listen to. It's a good chance these guys will creep forth, I'm surprised they haven't, really. 796 plays, position 15.

    * The Beatles & John Lennon
    I can't help but accept their influence, their presence, their greatness (and yeah, it's all fucking conformist and cliche but frankly, who gives a damn? It's music). And with the lyrical content, the recording techniques, the vocals, the... everything. Fuck it, both artists will get more plays. it's a given. 998 plays, position 11 and 749 plays, position 17.

    * Punch Brothers
    Newgrass, acoustic, folk, mandolin symphonic beauty... whatever you want to title this band, just let it be known that Chris Thile makes sweet, sweet love to my ears. I'll be seeing them again in February down in Eugene, OR so I'll be bound to listen to more of Punch. I just wish that they had more to listen to, I guess I could always sift back to more of Thile's solo albums.... or find b-sides and bootlegs ;D. 104 plays, position 105

    * Wilco
    I've avoided them, not entirely sure why. Much as I have with Ween and Pavement or artists such as Nick Drake. I'm like a backwards music elitist. Or maybe just an asshole. But ever since that fateful day my Zune decided to play On and On and On on a drive to Grants Pass and I didn't switch it, it's been a lust-filled romance. Alt-country has been very much present in my listening habits and Wilco should maintain as one of the headliners. 100+ plays in the past couple days. 180 plays, position 68.

    * The Swell Season
    I love Glen Hansard. I love Marketa. That's all that needs to be said. 380 plays, position 32.

    * Colm Mac Con Iomaire
    He's the new Wish You Were Here album when I need to just space out, study and relax. He's the new Fountain soundtrack when I want to calm down and find serendity. He was amazing live with The Swell Season, an amazing member of The Frames. Irish storytelling with his beautiful, sweet, sweet music. I know I'll just pump more plays out of this album so I felt it was necessary to take note. <3 244 plays, position 52.


    Top Ten Tracks at 50,000th:
    10) Clint Mansell - The Last Man (80)
    9) Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over (86)
    8) Mellowdrone - Fashionably Uninvited (89)
    7) Menomena - Air Aid (90)
    6) Menomena - Weird (92)
    5) Menomena - My My (98)
    4) John Lennon- Working Class Hero (101)
    3) Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (106)
    2) The Cardigans - Live and Learn (110)
    1) Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (113)

    Thanks for reading. =)
  • Mi Experencia de la Bumbershoot (Ha)

    8 sept. 2008, 22h17m

    I keep going to write this journal but can't. Here's try number.... three?

    Well I live in Portland, Oregon and had to trek up to Seattle, Washington. Mainly, I had decided to go to see Stone Temple Pilots. I knew artists by name such as Thao with The Get Down Stay Down, Two Gallants, John Vanderslice and I had listen to a couple tracks from artists such as Beck, Battles and The Black Keys so I figured it'd be money well worth spent (or whatever that saying is). I worked until midnight thirty the day of Bumbershoot and I ended up staying on the phone until 2:30am thinking I could just keep myself up all night, drive and then stay up all day at Bumbershoot. Eventually I got my two hours of sleep and started driving around 4:30am, picking up an energy drink at my local 7-11 with some chips and hitting the dusty trail starting my journey with Race : In off of a 4-disc mix I had made of all the artists at Bumbershoot I had planned on seeing. All was well, kind of boring for most of the drive on I-5 until you get around the Tacoma/Olympia area (at least that's when the sun started coming up and I decided picture taking was a good idea). Before I knew it, I had passed someone going 70 and I was getting pulled over by a Robo-Cop a.k.a. officer on a biker who shoved a radar gun in my face telling me that's how fast I was going...

    I've sped so much in my life. Fuck Washington and fuck Labor Day Weekend. The fucking minivan in front of me was going much faster than I as we passed someone. I vote discrimination against my Oregonian ass in the red car. But what can you do? Well, I cried. But eventually I went on my merry way and loved how the buildings of the Seattle city sat on the hill, the first thing you see as you head into their exits. Getting to the Seattle Center was a breeze, parking lot was dead empty. Parked myself in a coffee shop and charged my cell phone, hoping the festival would be better than it started.

    Day 1 of Bumbershoot (Saturday):
    Third one to enter, got my mainstage pass and then wandered around. First show I saw were two bands at the Rockstar Stage at the base of the Space Needle, Throw Me The Statue and Barcelona. Grabbing some of the free energy drink, I sat down and kind of realized that Throw Me The Statue really wasn't that great live. The lead singer was extremely pitchy and his voice kind of cracked on numerous occasions. Certainly wasn't as polished as the stuff I listened to on my drive by them. Then Barcelona set up, the lead singer in a hoodie and sunglasses... I think my lack of sleep found that obnoxious, I apologize for my aggression now. But their sound live was excellent, I loved their three piece string section that added the full, expected sound. Definitely something The Spill Canvas related, I knew my sister would enjoy them.

    With my "special ticket" in tow, I went to the KEXP Music Lounge and watched Thao with The Get Down Stay Down perform right in front of me in this little intimate setting with stadium seating and the radio announcers off to the side of the stage. She was gorgeous, not to mention that she's a great singer and performer. I can't rattle off much, other than
    Bag of Hammers was amazing on that little stage. I loved how she referred to her drummer behind the glass cage, it was adorable. lol. "He's behind that because he's such an animal!". After the music lounge, I tried to go and see Lucinda Williams at the mainstage and when I arrived... I saw a lot of old asses shaking in my face on the floor of the stadium and heard Lucinda growling about how he couldn't make her come.... on. That song fucking pisses me off, so I left.

    In doing so, I got to see Thao Nguyen again on the Rockstar stage. She brought out her Flavor Flav and strummed her guitar with her toothbrush. It was just as awesome as the music lounge performance, except I decided to straggle in the back. After her second performance, I headed to the mainstage (if I'm not mistaken) and waited for Band of Horses to perform. Once onstage, the lead singer had an adorable beanie that I wanted with little bear ears and flaps. He threw it into the crowd, too bad I was off to the side sitting in the bleachers. They played their radio singles like The Funeral and that other Jane's Addiction sounding one... if they did the echo'y, ambient genre... that is. Good live, I constantly get smitten by how many artists are actually decent performers. I'm used to everyone saying most people sound like shit live. Someone even proposed during their performance! Yay. After smashing a few bottles over each other heads, the fun was over and it was time for Beck to come on!


    So I've never been that big of a fan of Beck. I know that he has some good songs and that he's gotten some hits in his lifetime, but eh. That doesn't mean that I can dig it, right? Well when he came out, it automatically started with the song Loser and I thought there was some audio issues but other Bumbershoot go'ers tell me otherwise, fine. Still kicked ass. After Loser was one hit after another, getting straight to the point with what people want to hear. Of course, middle action got some Modern Guilt songs but I don't remember them and most of the crowd seemed uninterested. However! Unknowingly I realized that Beck came towards the front of the stage with the rest of his band, putting on an N*SYNC headset. Before I knew it, they were rocking the stadium out with the track Hell Yes and one other song, rapping and button-pushing their way into my hearts, lol. The show came to end after such songs as Devil's Haircut were played and I feel bad for not looking into this, but the song that goes "Na-na, na-na... na-na".... made the whole entire stadium singing and clapping as he just walked off. Like the awkward bad ass Beck is.

    I've fallen in love with him. Please tour soon!
    (And yes, live concert videos suck, lol)

    Day 2 of Bumbershoot: Sunday
    Well, I was a miserable mess from the speeding ticket, 2 hours of sleep the day before and of course to top it all off, I spent two hours looking for my hotel because I kept going west instead of east. I knew that I needed to take an easy day because I was there to see Stone Temple Pilots and nothing was going to ruin it. First in line to get into Bumbershoot and after a breakfast of sushi, I was the first to get my mainstage pass! I went and sat at the Starbucks stage but became bored with Star Anna, I thought she'd be more folk (sorry). So I headed towards the Comedy stage and got my picture taken with Little Roy the Corduroy Boy. Soon after, I was admitted to It's Good to Know People featuring guys Bev and Chris. They were kind of a cardigan wearing version of Flight of the Concords, some of it was funny but most of the time I couldn't get over that comparison. But not was all lost! This comedian named Graham... something came on and he was HILARIOUS! I wish he had been up there the entire time. I can't remember any jokes specifically, but he made my day a little brighter.

    After that comedy show, my day is a blur. I didn't see any bands, I instead waited until I could get into the mainstage. In the process, I made new friends David, Jeremy and his wife Susan (I think) and we got in a fight with the guards about being first in line. One of the guards Greg decided to tell us about this "Fun Forest" spot that gets you in line first and told the group that we'd be okay. Sat and waited then got front in line for admission into the mainstage! Of course you can't run so I ended up doing my best speed walking and ended up behind this man, his wife and young son against the barrier. First thought was, wtf is that kid doing against the barrier, he's going to get smushed! By the time The Black Keys came on the family was pulled out of the crowd and I was right against the barrier. Your Touch and When The Lights Go Out rocked my world, their set went by so quickly though! I don't know what happened but before I knew it, I was waiting and praying for Stone Temple Pilots to show up.

    I guess it's his fashion, Scott Weiland's that is... but we waited a full half hour for them to show up on stage. I was so worried that it was a bust, that they weren't going to show and I was going to get canceled on. I've already dealt with loss when it came to The White Stripes and this was something completely different, I thought I'd never see STP together ever again! Luckily in some sort of "rock star" fashion, the tour bus rolled into the side of the stadium by the stage and before I knew it I had some Big Empty being laid into my ears. I was just slightly right of Scott and when he walked to the side of the stage he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I was excited, it was amazing. It's all sort of a blur but I remember Creep, Plush, Interstate Love Song, Crackerman, and Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart. My favorite performances out of their setlist were Down and the Encore/Show-ender Dead and Bloated. I've always been a fan of Down and I've watched the way it's been performed flawlessly live through videos so when I heard the opening beats to the track, I almost died! To be honest, I don't think I've danced and jumped around at a concert so much in my life. As for Dead and Bloated, the whole crowd was singing the intro with Scott and the smile on Dean DeLeo's face told me that the response from us was amazing. I was so disgustingly happy that I was not canceled on and Scott didn't show up so high he couldn't sing. Yay! Once it was sadly over, they all gathered at the front and took their bow. I skipped the entire way to my car <3

    Day 3 of Bumbershoot: Monday the Finale
    This was my KEXP Music Lounge day. I was supposed to see Langhorne Slim & the War Eagles but instead got The Shackletons. Interesting.... that really sums it up. The lead singer had this wide-eyed, I'm gonna eat you look that most "hardcore".. screamo bands get. While this wasn't screamo per-se, it's hard to really pin down what The Shackletons are for me. Odd robotic clock-hand dancing with screams about love? Eh, that's close enough. Disappointed that it wasn't Langhorne, I saw part of their show later on on the Starbucks Stage and thought they put on a good show. That good ol' alt-country goodness.

    Let the lounge just to get right back in line two times in a row, Two Gallants and John Vanderslice. Just so you know, the lead singer for Two Gallants is yummy and for some reason the two of them remind me of The Boondock Saints. Eh, anyone? Maybe it's just me. I remember Carrion Crow played at the music lounge and I fell in love with both of them. Very intimate, great live and good songwriting. It's just all peachy.

    As for John Vanderslice, I've fallen in love for him three times over by the time I've written this journal. The only people on the stage were him and his violinist/bassist/whatever Dan and they were both hilarious. The joking back and forth with themselves and the audience, it was cute. They even had a couple audience members come up and stomp clap through the ending song. He's an amazing artist and deserves any fame, love, money, whatever that comes his way =).

    After my music lounge run, saw Two Gallants and John Vanderslice again at the Rockstar Stage, which seemed to be my go-to area for Bumbershoot. Both times once again amazing. Although I was annoyed during Two Gallants because this group of teen aged high school girls were yelling about how hot they were and then moved on to "toking it up" in the crowd. Annoyed. For John Vanderslice I headed back towards the fenced off sound guy and enjoyed my stay there for the next 3-5 hours. Battles came on around 7:30pm and I should have left after them because I was extremely disappointed with the vocalist for Minus the Bear, maybe I just don't get it? But I have to say that for being a "creepy" math-rock band that makes a lot of staccato noises with computerized vocals, they rocked. Of course I loved both Atlas and Race : In, I was surprised by how many people were enjoying it too. People dancing to it like they were at a metal show or club, hilarious.

    So after trying Minus the Bear, I gave up and headed out before the crowd. I had no interest in Death Cab but heard a portion of that Follow You song... I think. Or maybe Soul Meets Body? In any case, grabbed some munchies in Tacoma and drove for another good 3 hours and I have to say that even through my hardships of no sleep and speeding tickets, I got to see amazing musicians and had a wonderful time, my first time in Seattle. Do I like the city more than Portland? Hell fucking no, Portland is much more beautiful. But what can you do? Go to MusicfestNW! Will this be the dawn of another journal, eh maybe. This was bad enough =)
  • Baby's at the Punch Bowl

    6 jui. 2008, 3h50m

    Thu 3 Jul – Punch Brothers, Chris Thile

    I went walking into the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon expecting great Bluegrass music from Nickel Creek's very own Chris Thile, I had many good things about his former group and also his own mandolin player, the success he's had at such a young age, etc. But I didn't expect to be as blown away as I was.

    I don't care what kind of music you're into.
    You can love death metal, you can rock out to the hardcore emo scene or bop along to the bubblegum pop but I really do believe that if you saw The Punch Brothers in person you too would be amazed at how great all of the musicians on stage really were. It's not even how fast they played but it's how intricate their playing was, how well they harmonized together and christ, how well The Punch Brothers busted out a cover of The White Stripes song Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.

    No. I didn't believe it at first either.

    But it was so good.
    I've always been an avid critic of Contemporary Country but I believe that Modern Bluegrass is beyond this. Just saying that is an unfair comparison. But I know that some people are willing to write off any music that has a banjo, a fiddle, an accented singer or maybe even a stand-up bass. Try it. At least listen to Punch Bowl off their newest record, Punch. Or try and find Chris Thile's cover of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. You'll at least find yourself impressed by how rocking it is.

    I want to end by saying that they were so nice, meeting with fans and signing autographs for me and my friends. It shows that underground success and even a grammy nomination doesn't change all people. And as an end, I want to thank the people at Waffles.fm for exposing me to The Punch Brothers, Chris Thile and the like. Hopefully by writing this I'll do the same for someone else. Pass the love along people =)
  • 30,000th: Passing the Time... as always.

    8 oct. 2007, 3h54m

    I've hit 30,000 tracks and it seems like it's been forever since I hit "a milestone" but I also refused to do this type of blog for the 25,000 mark... maybe to make the change between 20,000 and 30,000 look more drastic. Works for me, so onward to the mumbo jumbo that is me analyzing my own chart progress.

    Supposed 30,000th track:Ohio



    Recap:: 10,000 Tracks:
    1) A Perfect Circle 665 plays
    2) Tool
    3) Stone Temple Pilots 320 plays
    4) Broken Social Scene 244 plays
    5) Zwan 206 plays
    6) Paz Lenchantin 197 plays
    7) Porcupine Tree 194 plays
    8) Clint Mansell 182 plays
    9) Pink Floyd 162 plays
    10) Metric 140 plays

    Recap:: 15,000 Tracks:
    1) A Perfect Circle 804 plays
    2) Tool 670 plays
    3) Stone Temple Pilots 350 plays
    4) Placebo 325 plays
    5) Pink Floyd 297 plays
    6) Broken Social Scene 272 plays
    7) Zwan 257 plays
    8) Paz Lenchantin 256 plays
    9) The Who 233 plays
    10) Clint Mansell 207 plays

    Recap:: 20,000 Tracks:
    1) A Perfect Circle 994 plays
    2) Tool 809 plays
    3) Depeche Mode 651 plays
    4) Gorillaz 460 plays
    5) Broken Social Scene 443 plays
    6) Pink Floyd 405 plays
    7) Clint Mansell 387 plays
    8) Jeff Buckley 379 plays
    9) Placebo 359 plays
    10) Stone Temple Pilots 354 plays


    1) Manic Street Preachers 1,194 plays
    Between 20,000 to 30,000 tracks, Manic Street Preachers wasn't in my top ten but crawled all the way to the top of my charts, knocking A Perfect Circle, "I don't know if they'll ever be dethroned". I can't say that I'm unhappy with my number one. Some may think that they're bad britpop, some may just hate britpop in general. However, I find their music purely enjoyable and an easy listen, so I think throughout the past few months I listened to them while I was reading or studying for tests. I played the shit out of Send Away the Tigers when I received it from Amazon. Brilliant ;_;.

    2) Depeche Mode 1,126 plays
    I believe many of their plays come from the easiness I find having their music playing in the background as I studied, I actually tried in school near the end of the year, lol. Higher Love always got me in this strange mood... because it's a sexy song... and watching the performance on Devotional, sigh. Good times. I am not ashamed to say that I listen to some good ol' Post-Punk ... New wave'esque music. However, I can't stand the first four albums in their catalogue, for me it's Black Celebration and on, nothing beforehand, that's much too much 80's synth for this girl.

    3) The White Stripes 1,095 plays
    I was supposed to see Jack and Meg in Seattle last month... ;_; I listened to their entire catalogue for days at a time in sheer giddyness and excitement. I understand things happen, I won't take it out on them. I still love me some good Icky Thump, "Americans, what nothing better to do? Why don't you kick yourselves out, you're an immigrant too!". Oh Jack White, I want to pinch his cheeks =D. I don't know which album I like more, Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan or Icky Thump... but there's one thing I do know, I am unable to narrow a list down of five favorite songs. There's too many to choose and all are so wonderful!

    4) A Perfect Circle 1,040 plays
    They only went up... what, 20 plays? I get random urges to hear a song or two, I would still go see A Perfect Circle live if they strolled through my city... but I haven't had the urge to bust out their CDs. Yet...

    5) Tool 858 plays
    I thought Tool had moved down farther than this. I will KILL to see them live... or maybe kill THEM for not coming by Portland. In any case, I still love them... but I am not nearly the devotee that I would have called myself a good year and a half, two years ago. I can't believe 10,000 Days came out two years ago. Time flies.

    6) Pixies 822 plays
    I couldn't stand them two years ago, when I was still an avid Tool fan. I had downloaded both Doolittle and Surfer Rosa around the same time as I tried to listen to Daydream Nation... I couldn't handle either artists. However, last year and especially this summer, I've grown a very fond liking to their music. It's abrasive, it's sarcastic at times and it's always so damn catchy. I like catchy.

    7) The Arcade Fire 760 plays
    After seeing them live, I believe their music is only that ... more special? lol. It's been awhile since I've sat down and listened to Neon Bible or even Funeral for that matter, but I'm so terribly glad that I found a ticket to see them at a beautiful venue. Hearing both Wake Up and My Body Is a Cage performed live in front of my eyes... I think I could have died happy that night =D.

    8) Jeff Buckley 722 plays
    He's the one musician that I would choose to be resurrected if I had a choice. Everytime I listen to Hallelujah.. it always depresses me both how he died and how young he was when it happened. Had Jeff Buckley lived, making music today, could he have produced 5 more Grace albums and be on par with ... respectable singer/songwriters today. Or would he had faded into obscurity with one or two ignored albums? I guess maybe the good part about losing a musician is you are still left with the treasures they left behind ;_;.

    9) Broken Social Scene 599 plays
    I'm so deathly excited about seeing Kevin Drew and company live! Lord knows who's going to pop up. It's been awhile since I've busted out some BSS, but they're so feel good and energetic, I may need it soon for a seasonal pick-me-up. Sigh. Good times.

    10) John Lennon 592 plays
    He's going to move up my charts. I'm surprised Sir Lennon hasn't gotten farther. I don't care if anyone thinks it's cliche to like a Beatle or The Beatles for that matter. He's one of the few artists that I truly care about. I listen to his lyrics, some of his songs are personal to me, or at least they strike in me some emotion. There's only a few songs that've made me cry, I can say that Lennon has accomplished that. His history intrigues me and I need to delve deeper in his recordings. Plastic Ono Band is full of touching lyrics written while Lennon was dealing with rehab and seperation, as well as his past.


    Top 10 Tracks: 30,000
    1) Manic Street Preachers – Your Love Alone Is Not Enough 101 plays
    2) The Cardigans – Live and Learn 87 plays
    3) Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah 80 plays
    4) John Lennon – Working Class Hero 78 plays
    5) Manic Street Preachers – Underdogs 70 plays
    6) Mellowdrone – Fashionably Uninvited 65 plays
    7) Jeff Buckley – Lover, You Should've Come Over 63 plays
    8) Tool – Vicarious, Depeche Mode – Precious, Lisa Germano – From a Shell & Manic Street Preachers – Send Away The Tigers 54 plays
    9) Depeche Mode – Macro 53 plays
    10) Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye 52 plays
  • 20,000: Look Back in Time

    8 mars 2007, 21h34m

    It's been almost two years since I've had my last.fm account and I have now hit 20,000 tracks played =) Yay for me. So I figure I'll do the typical "5,000" more tracks played and I'll try to keep it simple. It's mainly just for my records so I can see how my listening habits have progressed or.... stayed the same. Sigh.

    20,000 Track: Hallelujah <3<3<3



    Recap:: 10,000 Tracks:
    1) A Perfect Circle 665 plays
    2) Tool
    3) Stone Temple Pilots 320 plays
    4) Broken Social Scene 244 plays
    5) Zwan 206 plays
    6) Paz Lenchantin 197 plays
    7) Porcupine Tree 194 plays
    8) Clint Mansell 182 plays
    9) Pink Floyd 162 plays
    10) Metric 140 plays

    Recap:: 15,000 Tracks:
    1) A Perfect Circle 804 plays
    2) Tool 670 plays
    3) Stone Temple Pilots 350 plays
    4) Placebo 325 plays
    5) Pink Floyd 297 plays
    6) Broken Social Scene 272 plays
    7) Zwan 257 plays
    8) Paz Lenchantin 256 plays
    9) The Who 233 plays
    10) Clint Mansell 207 plays


    1) A Perfect Circle
    994 plays

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to get away from this band. A part of me kind of gets sad when I think of a potential other number one. It's kind of nostalgic to turn on Judith or play Thirteenth Step from beginning to end and sigh in happiness when it's all over. I guess the future shall show us if I can ever get over A Perfect Circle

    2) Tool 809 plays
    There have been so many attempts at seeing this band live, sometimes I feel like giving up on them. Of course, I could never do that to one of my favorite bands. I've been taking long breaks from listening to Tool, but I can't help but feel the same as I do with A Perfect Circle. I turn on Lateralus or even 10,000 Days and I get flooded with memories. All I have to say is, damn them for not coming to Portland, OR or WA the second time around. I could see them going down in my charts as time progresses.

    3) Depeche Mode 651 plays
    This artist came out of nowhere O.O. The first change in my charts in these tracking journals of mine. Thanks to my friend Will, I've been exposed to more Depeche Mode than I ever figured I'd be interested in. However, I find charm in this band, lol, and their music isn't too half bad either. I'm obsessed with Macro and I'm not sure why =\. My favorite album is either Music for the Masses or Violator, especially Violator. I don't know how long they'll stay so near the top.

    4) Gorillaz 460 plays
    This artists too came out of nowhere O.O...I'm not sure what happened here. In the span of two weeks, Gorillaz became my number 4 artsist. I don't mind because I'd love to listen to M1A1 or rap to Clint Eastwood for fun right now. I love both albums and I don't think I could get sick of either. The artists that collaborate on the album run through my charts in different forms and I love them all.

    5) Broken Social Scene 443 plays
    Moved up one spot from number six, they keep going up and down my charts. At one point they were number 3 until Depeche Mode and then Gorillaz raped my charts. I dearly love this band and would love to see them live someday. My favorite track will always be Looks Just Like the Sun and Lover's Spit from Beehives. There are some tracks on Broken Social Scene are really getting dear to my heart.

    6) Pink Floyd 405 plays
    Moved down a spot. I just had a dream with Pink Floyd in it, it was strange. I've only dabbled in Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and [album artist=Pink Floyd]The Wall[/album and I'd really like to get into their earlier works. Maybe I'll attempt that, but I just can't get over Welcome to the Machine or Have a Cigar <3.

    7) Clint Mansell 387 plays
    Moved up three spots, but once my charts update again he'll be down to spot 8. I saw the Kronos Quartet play a song from The Fountain live... and it was so beautifully amazing to the point where I'm pretty sure I shed a tear or two. The soundtracaks that he's done for Darren Aronofsky are amazing. Any new plays that I've had of Clint Mansell's has been from [album artist=Clint Mansell]The Fountain[/album]'s soundtrack, which I have yet to see but shall be renting soon.

    8) Jeff Buckley 379 plays
    He too has popped out from nowhere but I'm glad that I started listening to this artist. It's a shame that he's passed on, with songs like Lover, You Should've Come Over and Eternal Life...I find it really hard to stop listening to him. I could see him progressively moving forward on my charts.

    9) Placebo 359 plays
    I has swamped with new music and current obsessions, I have not paid attention to this artist or the one below. They haven't gained anymore more plays or if so, it's been minimal. I still love them, believe me. I just...haven't played them.

    10) Stone Temple Pilots 354 plays
    I've got the albums on my computer. I just...haven't thought about this band, I still love Scott Weiland and I'm kind of wondering when Velvet Revolver will be releasing their new CD. Hmm...


    Artists that I expect to move up in the world:
    - Menomena 328 plays
    Current position is number 11. I know that they'll be passing up Placebo and Stone Temple Pilots shortly. I saw them at the Crystal Ballroom for free, then became obsessed. Air Aid, Weird and My My from [album artist=Menomena]Friend or Foe[/album] are to DIE for.

    - Manic Street Preachers 237 plays
    Current position is number 16. I know that I'll listen to more of this Welsh band. However, will they move up my charts? I get cravings every now and then and if I dabble in stuff I've hardly touched, there's a possiblity of a large increase.

    - Porcupine Tree 213 plays
    Current position is number 22 <3. However, with the new news that I found last night, THEY'RE COMING TO PORTLAND. So I'll be buying a ticket and listening to all the albums I have over and over again. [album artist=Porcupine Tree]In Absentia[/album] owns my soul.

    - The Arcade Fire 219 plays
    Current position is number 19. Any play here on shall be spiteful plays towards them for selling out in Portland, OR so fucking quickly. Sigh. New album + Sadness = lots of action.

    - Interpol 144 plays
    Current position is number 36. I keep trying, repeatedly trying to get into this band. I don't know if I can do it, but I know that once it hits me...I expect a large increase in plays.

    - Nine Inch Nails 215 plays
    Current position is number 21. With a new album out with one of the most genius marketing plans I've ever seen, I can't help but think that I too will be sucked into this propoganda. I can deal =D


    Top 10 Tracks: 20,000
    1) Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah 56 plays
    2) Lisa Germano – From a Shell 52 plays
    3) Tool – Vicarious 50 plays
    4) Depeche Mode - Precious 50 plays
    5) Mellowdrone – Fashionably Uninvited 48 plays
    6) Depeche Mode – Macro 48 plays
    7) A Perfect Circle – Weak And Powerless 47 plays
    8) A Perfect Circle – The Noose 47 plays
    9) Porcupine Tree – Trains 42 plays
    10) Depeche Mode – John the Revelator & John Lennon – Working Class Hero 41 plays
  • Concerts I saw in 2006

    23 jan. 2007, 9h46m

    So I don't forget because I have SUCH A HUGE amount of concerts that I saw last year, I'll write a late night journal in honor of this.

    Metric: March 25th, 2006
    I was visiting Portland, OR for a couple days during my spring break so I could preview Portland State University =D. Emily Haines was amazing. It was an awesome "first concert" if I don't say so myself. My friend even passed out, how much better does it get than that? Hardly. Well...you know.

    The Who: October 10th, 2006
    I was stoked to get an email that had THE WHO tickets for $30 bucks a pop! I frantically asked my friends if they wanted to go, they did of course! We bought the tickets and headed to the Rose Garden. I took some amazing pictures again, only to lose them in my hard drive crash. Some are saved on Facebook, not all is lost =). Roger and Peter, I LOVE YOU <3<3<3.

    Cursive: October 21st, 2006
    My friend Kaylyn gave me an extra ticket. By the time Cursive came onto stage, I was front against the barrier. I was pleasantly surprised by this group. It was nice, I wish I would of been into them when I saw them with my friend. But damn, the lead singer is not only very nice looking, he sounded better live then on record, in my opinion. I need to thank Kaylyn someday. =D

    Matt Pond PA: October 23rd, 2006
    This was a free pair of tickets. I wish I hadn't responded... they were kind of embarrassing to watch and my friend Dave and I ended up leaving early. It was nice to get out and do something and the cellist was the best part, you're amazing!

    Placebo: October 25th, 2006
    Okay, so they were headlining with She Wants Revenge but I was more concerned with my beloved Placebo =D. I went alone which was a bummer, but I had an amazing time shouting the words as loudly as I could and hopping along with everyone else. I lost all photos but one, they were shitty anyway. I wish I would of focused more on the concert than getting pictures, etc. Oh well =)

    30 Seconds to Mars: November 18th, 2006
    Man. I understand they're emo, but Jared Leto is one of my favorites =). He's amazingly hot and I got the oppurtunity to get his autograph AND touch him a couple times...and TALK to him. It was pretty sweet to take my sister and my friend Sierra to the first concert I went to this year and to the last one. I love you guys!

    =( Tool, Depeche Mode, etc at the Coachella Festival
    =( Tool in Seattle or Las Vegas

    .... I can't remember who else. Oh well!
  • Hard drive died, Got recommendations?

    4 jan. 2007, 6h53m

    I am trying to be optimistic about losing my hard drive. It was only a night ago when my hard drive made a very loud noise and completely died on me =( So now with 30 GB worth of hard drive lost and 18 of that music, I'm going to be starting fresh in a couple days.

    This means that I'll be working hard to recover my digital music collection, putting my CDs and my friends' CDs back onto my computer and this also includes downloads. This is why I'm writing this journal. You!

    Does anyone have some good recommendations for me?
    By looking at my charts, do you have ideas on what I'd like?
    I'll make it easy for you, listing some stuff I like...and dislike...

    I am pretty open to all genres, except those that suck. Ha Ha Ha...yeah.

    Some enjoyable genres but not limited to: Alternative Rock, Post Rock, Hip Hop (the good non-mainstream stuff, fuck MTV), Indie stuff, Trip-hop, Britpop, etc...

    Some Artists I do like:
    A Perfect Circle
    Manic Street Preachers
    The Who
    Jeff Buckley
    John Lennon
    Broken Social Scene
    Pink Floyd
    Depeche Mode
    Animal Collective
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Yes, I know of Do Make Say Think, Explosions in the Sky & A Silver Mt. Zion)

    Genres/Artists I do not enjoy
    Hawthorne Heights
    My Chemical Romance
    Dream Theater (stop recommending me that, please)

    Typically I dislike anything thrash/death/goth/gore/whatever "scary" metal genres there are out there.

    So there you go, I guess let the recommendations flood in. I'll try to respond but it's hard to reply to everyone, especially when I go back to Portland on Friday, where my laptop's new hard drive has yet to come in the mail, as far as I know. But I'll try my hardest to let you all know what I think of your recommendations. =) Thank you <3
  • Albums purchased in 2006

    24 déc. 2006, 22h15m

    I figured since the season of giving is happening tomorrow and I'll be getting gift cards galore and various other goodies, I'd make a list containing the albums I put in my possession. I know I won't remember all of those CDs that I purchased in 2006, but it's interesting to see how many I can remember. =) Although it's really hard to think back to the beginning of the year since I didn't keep tabs, I'll do my best to make this list as accurate as possible...

    Kind of makes me realize that I didn't get as many as I thought or maybe I'm just thinking I got more in 2005...

    Some are not heavily listened to while others are my pride and joy. It's interesting to see what things I buy on a whim and how much I probably spent when I think about it. Oh dear. It'll probably only get worse next year, I love CDs.

    A Beautiful Lie
    The Beatles
    Broken Social Scene
    You Forgot It In People
    X & Y
    A Blessing and a Curse
    St. Elsewhere
    White People
    Plastic Ono Band
    Live It Out
    Yellow mY skYcaptain
    Peeping Tom
    The Wall
    Wish You Were Here
    Sleeping with Ghosts
    Shangri-La Dee Da
    10,000 Days

    I can't wait to see what next year will bring =DDDD
  • Go me! 15,000 Tracks...

    7 déc. 2006, 22h02m

    College has given me a lot of free time to listen to my music. 4 months and about a week ago on July 25th, 2006 I reached 10,000 tracks. Last night, I realized that I hit the 15,000 mark. My chart is full of changes, with old bands moving down or up and new ones being stuffed in. For example, The Who was in the thirties, now in my Top 10. Some artists have climbed a lot while the ones I used to be "obsessed" with went down my charts.

    With 10,000 tracks I had predicted possible Handsome Boy Modeling School and Mike Patton projects would be in the Top 10 by now. They didn't get as high up as I had possibly thought, but they among with many others climbed upward.

    My monumental 15,000th track:
    Stop the Sun
    One of my favorite Elysian Fields songs, I'm glad this is my 15,000th track. I'm proud of it =) It's sexy with Jennifer Charles' vocals but it's not as low key as most of their songs. It's nice =)

    Recap:: Top 10 with 10,000 Tracks:
    1) A Perfect Circle 665 plays
    2) Tool
    3) Stone Temple Pilots 320 plays
    4) Broken Social Scene 244 plays
    5) Zwan 206 plays
    6) Paz Lenchantin 197 plays
    7) Porcupine Tree 194 plays
    8) Clint Mansell 182 plays
    9) Pink Floyd 162 plays
    10) Metric 140 plays


    The Current Top 10 with 10,000 Tracks::
    1. A Perfect Circle 804 plays
    I haven't been listening to my "favorite" band lately, I've been distracted by newer stuff. If someone asked though, they'd still be my favorite, well, one of them. Part of me misses them being 666, but then it wouldn't reflect my likeness for them.

    2. Tool 670 plays
    10,000 Days release in May has helped contribute to a incline in plays, that's why Vicarious is my third song played. I love Maynard James Keenan and although I haven't been listening to them as often as usual, just like A Perfect Circle.

    3. Stone Temple Pilots 350 plays
    I've completely stopped playing them, I like the number that they're at. I have an obsession with even numbers. Anywho, I love this band still, maybe not obsessed with them like I had been less than a year ago. Maybe I'll have to delve back into their awesomeness.

    4. Placebo 325 plays
    I saw them in concert just a month ago, le sigh. It made me love this band that much more and I'm willing to pop some more listening sessions of Brian Molko's lovely voice, especially from Sleeping with Ghosts. That would have to be my favorite and I'd recommend it to most first time listeners, unless you're into the harder or pop'ier songs.

    5. Pink Floyd 297 plays
    The plays mainly come from Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall. All from the same time period, I'm trying to expand my Floyd mind by breaking into the first stages of their music career. In 20,000 tracks we'll find out how well that went.

    6. Broken Social Scene 272 plays
    I want to see this band live someday. Simple as that. I still don't listen to their Self-Titled album, I just play my favorite songs over and over again which include Almost Crimes, Anthems of a Seventeen Year Old and Lover's Spit (female vocalist, Emily Haines?, mind you).

    7. Zwan 257 plays
    I am not listening to them in the present day either. If I started them up again, I could see myself getting addicted to the sheer happiness of Lyric all over again.

    8. Paz Lenchantin 256 plays
    She's great and really nice, at least in email format. I got her second solo album signed in the mail along with a hard copy of yellow mY skYcaptain. I need to put her new album on this computer so I can actually listen to it, more than once.

    9. The Who 233 plays
    Ever since I saw this band in concert as well, I can't stop listening to them, especially their rock opera Tommy. They're classic and they've got the talent to be considered so. I hope that I will continue to dig deeper into the Who's catalog.

    10. Clint Mansell 207 plays
    His work on Requiem for a Dream is beautiful and marvelous, that's the reason why the title track from the soundtrack is used in multiple shows, trailers, etc. With The Fountain's new release, I feel he will climb farther up my charts.

    Close behind is... Metric, Elysian Fields, Porcupine Tree and Mellowdrone

    Top 10 Tracks:
    1. Lisa Germano - From a Shell
    2. Mellowdrone - Fashionably Uninvited
    3. A Perfect Circle - Weak and Powerless & Tool - Vicarious
    5. A Perfect Circle - The Noose & Puscifer - The Undertaker
    7. Porcupine Tree - Trains
    8. Elysian Fields - Stop the Sun & A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras
    10. The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
  • The Who; Rose Garden October 10th, 2006

    22 oct. 2006, 1h25m

    I got off of the Max and headed towards the stadium, went into line and picked up the tickets. Slapped acrossed the middle read, "THE WHO". Looking back a couple months ago, I would of never told you that I would of happened to have the oppurtunity to see Classic Rock legends. I would of never been able to tell you that I had seen Baba O'Reily performed live. But now I can, proudly.

    An email from Rose Quarter announced a 20 dollar sale and I ran down the hall to tell my friends that we should go. So we bought them. I have many splendid pictures but it's a damn shame I didn't take one of the dancing hippie with her glowing, flashing ball. Roger and Pete put on an amazing show and when I listen to the tracks in their original recording I would have to say I enjoy Roger's voice now, in it's aged beauty :D. lol

    They ended the show with Pinball Wizard and I was nothing but smiles at the end of the concert as I walked to the booth to buy my poster.

    Set List
    I Can't Explain
    The Seeker
    Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
    I Am the Sea
    Who Are You?
    Behind Blue Eyes
    Real Good Lookin' Boy
    Complete Performance of their new Mini Opera
    Baba O'Reiley
    Man in a Purple Dress
    You Better, You Bet
    My Generation
    Won't Get Fooled Again (Favorite part of the concert, got to see Roger Daltrey swing his microphone around :) and scream so beautifully after the instrumental break)

    - Tommy Montage including Pinball Wizard

    My Favorite Shot from Concert

    Sigh, a good start to my first year at college :D