<3 a song i could die for absolutely wonderful addictive amazing amazing voice atmospheric awesome awesome lyrics badass ballad beautiful beautiful and tragic things beautiful melodies best fucking track ever bestfuckingsongever broken heart calm cathartic cutest thing ever dark death depressing depression emotional epic ethereal favorites favourite fucking addicting fucking amazing fucking awesome great lyricist great lyrics hard rock haunting helplessly singing along hurt i am in love with this track more than loved tracks can express i could listen to this song forever i know all the words to this i own this i want to see this live if this were a pokemon i would catch it inspiring instant gratification intense it just rocks longing love love at first listen lyrics matter makes me happy makes me smile masterpiece melancholic melodic memories mind blowing music that rocks a lot my favorite songs of all time my theme song never get tired of nostalgia nostalgic oh my god this song is fucking amazing perfection play the hell out of poetry powerful pretty fucking awesome pretty much roolz reasons to get up in the morning repeatrepeatrepeat rock out rocking my world sad sadness scream it out loud so perfect songs i absolutely love songs i can actually listen to on repeat songs that make me feel better songs that mean a lot to me songs that you wanna listen to over and over again songs to rock out to stuck in my head the beauty of sorrow makes me smile the black parade the fucking best the kind of song that sends shivers up your spine when you sing along to it the most beautiful song the rev the revs voice is amazing these vocals give me the shivers this song makes my life complete totally fucking awesome track ultimate love very morbid will be in our hearts forever