• Me and my itunes

    23 août 2010, 17h05m

    How many songs do you have in your library: 2725 (My computer just crashed, slowly rebuilding)
    How many days/hours of music do you have: 6.9 days
    What is the first song and artist: Back in Black-AC/DC
    Who is your favorite artist: Currently? Toss-up between Lady GaGa and Arcade Fire
    How many songs do you have by them: Lady GaGa 200 Arcade Fire 29
    What is the last song and artist: My first kiss 3OH!3

    Put your library on shuffle
    How do you feel about life: The Small Print-Muse
    Who do you want to kiss: Fly like an Eagle-Steve Miller Band
    Where do you want to be: Sober-Muse
    Who is your best friend: Untamed-Gavin Degraw
    How do you feel about him/her: Love Story-Katherine McPhee (Don't judge me)
    What did you dream about last night: Re:Stacks-Bon Iver
    Where do you want to live: The Suburbs-Arcade Fire
    How was your high school experience: Fury-Muse
    Your ex: This Boy-James Morrison lmao
    How would you describe your life:Unconditional-The Bravery
    What do you often think about: Breakeven-The Script
    What’s your biggest fear:Safe Ride-Cute is What We Aim For

    Type into search
    Love: 142
    Hate: 3
    Death: 17
    Fear: 21
    Pink: 22
    Him: 5
    Her: 304
    Crazy: 5
    Friend: 26
    Family: 8
    Fun: 5
    Wish: 12
    Sex: 9

    Put on Shuffle and press ‘over’ 5 times
    What song is it: Sad Eyes-Bat For Lashes
    What album is it on:Fur and Gold
    Do you like the song: Yes