It's My Life!


22 jan. 2007, 3h14m

Ok, for years I had been a huge Bon Jovi fan. I still am a fan of their older stuff, up till Crush, mostly, but I'm not as much a fan as I used to be. But as I got my CDs to listen to them a little I started to realize how their songs have been present in such a large part of my life, so I thought about making a little list with my 10 favorite songs by them. Again, is up till Crush. There's some nice songs in their latest works but I don't own these albums so I won't put them here.
Many songs I really love I didn't put here so as not to make the list huge, but She Don't Know Me, Only Lonely, Bad Medicine, I'll Be There For You, Bed Of Roses, Hearts Breaking Even and It's My Life all own a special place in my heart. :)

01. Wild Is The Wind
This is amazing, has this solitude feeling to it. I just want a sunset to look at when I'm listening to it.

01. In These Arms
This is cool because of the beautiful lyrics and you can sense the feelings in the words.

01. These Days
This is just perfect for describing the world, unfortunately, very accurately.

The first place is a tie among these three songs. I can't possibly choose one as #1, they're all superb in their own ways.

02. Never Say Goodbye
There are a few songs that can easily make me cry and this is definitely one of them.

03. Something To Believe In
This one is so... fierce. If a song can be given that adjective. But this song has this, a strenght of its own.

04. If That's What It Takes
This one I can't really place, it's just one of those songs you love unquestionably.

05. (It's Hard) Letting You Go
It sorta fits in the above description, 'though this one touches me more with the lyrics and the somber atmosphere, the above is more about the sounds.

06. Stay
This one didn't make the cut and wasn't included in Crush but still is a favorite of mine. It's just beautiful.

07. Dry County
This has a feel of a desert area, such wonderful lyrics and an amazing solo.

08. Born To Be My Baby
This is really positive, it makes you feel good even when life is full of problems.

09. Burning For Love
This is pure fun.

10. Next 100 Years
I don't know, I feel good when I listen to it. Plus, it has a cool solo.


  • livingsadisease

    ill never understand why stay didn't make crush, hell i wont understand how most of that crap MADE it on crush.

    22 jan. 2007, 12h21m
  • 99-in-the-shade

    There were lots of good songs they should have put on 'Crush' in fact, not only 'Stay'... And yeap, I was a huge BJ fan too but now I only listen to their older stuff or demos.

    2 fév. 2007, 15h47m
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