15 jan. 2010, 7h37m

{six months later...}

1. What's your favorite song by 15?
I'm obviously obsessed with Land

2. How did you get into 20?
I really liked Midnight Boom. And I'm strangely attracted to VV Mosshart.

3. Who is your favorite member in 1?
Still Bob Dylan.

4. What’s your favorite lyric bit by 29?

5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
I would really love to see St. Vincent live.

6. What's your favorite album from 10?
My favourite album by The Smiths is The Queen Is Dead

7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
Yes, I got an Arctic Monkeys tote-bag at their concert. It has the cover of the Crying Lightning EP on it.

8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
[The Who]
Roger Daltrey's obliviousness.
The mindfuck that is the Tommy movie.
Pete Doherty playing with Roger (wrong Pete!?)
some of Pete Townshend's interviews, and god, this band is just so full of lulz I swear. And the fandom used to be awesome.

9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2?
Patrick Wolf is at least 8 years older than me.

10. When did you first get into 8?
I got into Placeboa few months before their Meds album.
And movie soundtracks got me into Cat Power.

11. Who likes 4 along with you?
holymolyrolypol & heroinecocaine & Melieu also like Devendra Banhart.

12. Which song did you first hear from 16?
My first Elliott Smith song was Needle in the Hay

13. What song made you fall in love with 5?
Calm Like You.

14. Which song do you not like by 18?
I'm sure that there are a few Kings of Leon songs that I don't like, but I don't remember... (also wtf I had no idea they were that high on my lists)

15. Why do you like 14's songs?
I like Air because they make beautiful, cool music.

16. Where did you first hear 6?
I really don't remember where I heard CocoRosie for the first time...

17. How long was 19 a singer before you liked them?
I'm not really sure that Natasha Khan sung before Bat for Lashes, so maybe a year? I really have no idea.

18. Does 13 have a song that gives you a bad memory?
I don't think I have a bad memory that's Yeah Yeah Yeahs related.

19. When did you get into 17?
I got into Beck's music when I was like 14, I think.

20. How long have you been into 9?

21. If 11 had a concert 300 miles away, would you drive there to see them?
I don't think I would drive that far to see Sonic Youth.

22. How many CDs do you own of 12?
I own 5 Beatles albums.

23. Does 21 have a song that makes you cry?
I do not cry with Françoise Hardy songs.

24. Does 27 have a song that makes you happy?
Belle & Sebastian songs are not really happy songs, are they.
But Seeing Other People makes me smile lately.

26. What's the last song you've listened to from 28?

27. Is there a song by 32 that you've listened to more than 30 times?

28. What is a song from 50 that you've only listened to once?
N/A (wtf...)

29. Is there a song you are sick of hearing by 24?
I am not sick of any Joanna Newsom song.

30. What song got you into 40?

31. What is your favorite single by 25?

32. If 49 hated you, what would you do?
I don't think I'd mind if a member of Foals hated me.

33. What would you say if 42 or one of the members from 42 asked you out
Beirut: YES, YES and I would smile like an idiot the whole time. I find Zach Condon adorable.
El Perro del Mar: Sure, why not.
Radiohead: I would laugh. so. hard.

34. Would you care if 41 had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
N/A (ffffffffffffuuuuu)

35. Who has the best voice in 46?
Florence + the Machine is actually not really a band but only Florence Welsh, so yeah. She does have an amaazing voice.

36. Do you think 26 is/are good looking?
Joey Ramone is my favorite member of The Ramones. He wasn't that good looking by average standards but to me was a robo-babe.

37. How many times have you listened to your favorite song by 36?
Cheating on You is my most listened song by Franz Ferdinand. 11 scrobbles. I'm not sure how that happened

38. How many CDs do you own of 30?
I only own Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness.

39. Is there a song from 38 that makes you mad?

40. Which member from 31 do you want to see go solo? If 31 is only one artist, what would you do if they joined a group?
From The Velvet Underground I've heard some Lou Reed and collaborations he has made that so good.
And if you count Nicoas part of the band, I really enjoy her solo stuff.

41. What does your favorite song from 48 remind you of?

42. Did you hate 43 at first?

43. Does your best friend also listen to 33?
I don't know anyone else that likes Los Campesinos! (which is kind of sad because I think they are sort of brilliant)

44. Do you think your parents would like 37?
My dad thinks that Lady Gaga sounds like a black woman, but he has never really complained about the music.
And I think he likes some David Bowie songs.

45. Does 47 have a song that makes you want to dance?
I find Crystal Castles songs extremely danceable.

46. Have you ever seen 34 in person?
I have not seen any Death Cab for Cutie member in person.

47. Do you like 44's name?

48. Is there someone in 45 that you want to go out with?
I don't think I'd get along with any Interpol member. But then again I don't really know much about them.

49. Do you know anyone that hates 39?
I know some that people don't like Zooey's voice, but they don't as far to hate She & Him.

50. Have you ever danced to a song from 35?
Yes, many. I like to dance to many Pixies' songs


  • Melieu

    "suddenlyjohnny wrote about you in SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR SURVEY. yesterday evening." jaja bien chismoso last.fm. live long and prosper dude ;D *acaba de rentar star trek movie.

    15 jan. 2010, 20h27m
  • suddenlyjohnny

    ah no sabía que te avisaba de eso. hurm.

    16 jan. 2010, 6h57m
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