Adorable, Cute, yet Pretty Bizarre Love Songs


3 août 2010, 21h58m

hi there.

i'm not including generic break-up or unrequited love tunes.

the type of songs i am interested in for this list depict different levels of twisted or fucked up romance.

only yr ugly and yr disease, plz.

NOTE: the entries aren't ranked but pretty much meant to be heard in this order:

1. Big Black | Precious Thing

"I would like to wrap your hair round your neck like a noose
I would like to wrap your legs around my neck like a lock
You are my precious thing, thing of speed and beauty
You are my precious thing, as long as you remain beneath me..."


2. Arab Strap | Love Detective

"Eventually, I had to stop reading it because I started to feel sick. So I put everything back the way I found it, shut the drawer, and phoned you. See, I don't know what to do. I keep having fantasies about leaving her dictaphone under the pillow. Or following her when she goes to work. I've been lying about where I'm going, just in case I can bump into her."


3. Prince | Let's Pretend We're Married

"I wanna fuck U so bad it hurts, it hurts, it hurts
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna fuck U
Yeah, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna wanna, I wanna fuck U
Look here Marsha, I'm not sayin' this just 2 be nasty
I sincerely wanna fuck the taste out of your mouth
Can U relate?"

can u?

4. Notorious B.I.G. | Me & My Bitch

she used his toothbrush to clean the toilet?

5. Bleach | Fall

"put me under pressure
to see how far i'd get.
i want your ass.
I'm tired and hungry,
pin me to the wall.
see how far I'll let you rise
before I make you fall..."

after only one listen, sulli became my new favorite female singer.

just like that.

6. Deerhunter | Fluorescent Grey

"why do i dream so often of his body when...
when his body will decay...?
his flesh will be fluorescent grey
his flesh will be fluorescent grey..."

a pretty candid way to confess the crush you had on your best friend from high school that gradually unfolds its subtle, but still stunning imagery of gay necrophilia that -in all honesty- would be the sweetest thing anyone could ever whisper in my own ears.


7. Sonic Youth | Pacific Coast Highway

"Come on get in the car
Lets go for a ride somewhere
I won't hurt you
As much as you hurt me
Let me take you there
Before the sun goes down
Come on give me your love
Comon baby all you have
I wanna take your breathe away
You make me feel so good
You make me feel so crazy"

the soundtrack to a scene in which you are driving at the slowest pace possible as you invite your increasingly hesitant sweetheart to come over to see for themselves if what you got for them is worth the thrill at all.

i want to believe this is how thurston and kim met each other, btw.

8. Lisa Germano | Energy

"who hurts most?
is that what you wonder?
I have to ask what's your problem?
I don't believe that you love anyone.
and lying by yr side, i can feel your energy.
and i want it to be mine, mine, mine"


9. Tricky | Abbaon Fat Tracks

"fuck you in,
tuck you in,
suck you in

I am she,
mistakes of men,
Gritted teeth,
fists are clutching,
Breast stroke,
lots of touching,
See you in the sauna
There'll be big fun up at my
Hotel, motel, hotel, motel

I fuck you in the ass,
just for a laugh,
With the quick speed,
I'll make your nose bleed,
and ride the pre-menstrual cycle..."


~"then you fly, fly as fast as you can to baby jesus"~

10. The Afghan Whigs | My Curse

"Oh, i do not fear you
And slave i only use
As a word to describe the special way i feel for you
You look like me
And i look like no one else
We need no other
As long as we have ourselves
But i won't cry about it
Every time you get obsessed
Every time i came undressed
All ugly thoughts are gone
I'm sure we'll all be friends
I'll try to break your back
You'll try to make amends
Curse softly to me baby
And smother me in your love
Temptation comes not from hell but from above
And there's blood on my teeth
When i bite my tongue to speak
Zip me down, kiss me there
I can smile now
You won't find out ever"

11. My Bloody Valentine | I Believe

"Taste my (head) and twist my heart
Oh can't you see that I believe
Crawl around and kiss the ground
Oh come back come back come back

Come back with me
And I'll show you that I really believe
Come over me
Where I bleed I bleed I bleed"

Straight from the rawest EP MBV ever released.

12. Page.99 | In Love With An Apparition

"our love was a vampire"

ever felt infatuated with a dead celebrity?

RIYL: Your Face is a Rape Scene, by the same band.

13. Broken Social Scene | I'm Still Your Fag


14. Sonic Youth | Halloween

"I just want to touch you and I
sing your song"


15. The Angels of Light | Two Women

Try to get ahold of "How I Loved You" as soon as you can. And then thank me.

It could be too much.

It could be all you need.

15. Bleach | Paint My Face

"you can paint my face/
you can cut my hair/
you can break my legs/
you can strip me down, strip me back/
you can change my name/
you can tear me apart
and make me beautiful. beautiful".

this is the song that inspired the whole thing.

honorable mentions:

Blonde Redhead | Astro Boy
"if u insis't on situations that make u cry..."

Massive Attack | Mezzanine
"let's make it quiet and quickly"

SoKo | Wet Dreams
"in the back of your mother's car"

Unwound | You Bite My Tongue
"why not bite my heart out too?"

Cat Power | Nude as the News
"alloveralloveralloverallover... you"

Liz Phair | Flower
"i'll fuck you 'til yr dick is blue"

your suggestions are very welcome.



    4 août 2010, 14h32m
  • suBliminalien

    "necro is the best n u sluts u think he is disgusting ur disgusting for no understanding that ncro isnt ignorant hes a fucking scholar so go suk a cock u dirty cunts NECRO RULES ASS" hmmm.

    4 août 2010, 14h35m
  • suBliminalien

    thank you. i loved it, but it wasn't adorable/cute enough to make it here.

    4 août 2010, 14h39m
  • shaDowX

    great list

    5 août 2010, 21h35m
  • Grumpella

    I love the picture you chose for this, picked that film to watch one day cuz I was bored and I was so happy I did. But I think "My Curse" deserves to be higher up the list. Have you heard Radio Iodine's "Understand?" With lines like "And I think I know that look / I've seen it before / I think u're pitying me / And if u need an emotional score / Then I will be ur emotional whore / And when I spit you out at last / You'll understand" I think it deserves at least an honorable mention.

    9 août 2010, 8h33m
  • bigbabyfetus

    19 août 2010, 7h38m
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