• Seminal

    17 mars 2010, 9h49m

    Tue 16 Mar – Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, B. Dolan, sound of rum

    Sound of Rum: As Kate's opening monologue evolved minute-by-minute, I soon realised she was delivering a truly phenomenal, seminal performance with smooth and intellectual lyrics.

    B.Dolan: A good-natured bloke, with a friendly stage presence, who delivered some sharp comedy within the rhetoric of his generally morbid or cynical prose. His use of costume and mask were interesting artistic props that certainly helped him in this.

    DLS vs Pip: The masters of the stage for the evening proved themselves matured artists in their field. With a gap of nigh-on two years between studio albums, they have been a much anticipated performance for me, this year. Their style seems to have changed slightly with their most recent album, and I like the changes. They are truly friendly guys, and make anyone who approaches them feel good. The encore they graced the audience with, has to be the best I have heard. They chose very well, and everyone loved them! Already awaiting their next visit to sunny Norwich :-)
  • OMG!!!

    30 nov. 2009, 10h10m

    Fri 27 Nov – Lily Allen


    I didn't much rate the supporting DJs, and unfortunately I missed Professor Green :-(

    Lily, however, put on a phenomenal performance, and truly owned the stage. The crowd loved her, and she sounded fantastic. The venue was excellent for such a performance.

    Her outfits were amazing -- the last one she put on was breath-taking :-)

    Love her more now than I did before the gig. Met some cool people, and sang pretty much EVERY song. If you get the chance, see her!!!
  • Crisp

    24 nov. 2009, 12h00m

    Mon 23 Nov – White Lies, Asobi Seksu, Violens

    An event to be applauded. The support acts were different, yet both sounded fantastic. The headliners, of course, sounded crisp, fresh and alive.

    All credit to the White Lies for pleasing the crowd as they did, and for generally being so nice :-)

    I will check them out again, for sure.
  • On the whole, a disappointing evening

    18 oct. 2009, 8h15m

    Thu 15 Oct – Calvin Harris, Mr Hudson

    MrHudson appeared a little uninspired by the whole thing, though was very entertaining, and engaged the crowd well. All-in-all, his perfromance was enjoyable, and his sound was good. As an aside to this, my friend saw him in the UEA Bar beforehand, and said he came across like a complete c@#*.

    calvinHarris had changed his look a bit since I had seen him at the same venue last time. He looked good, and the set was 'busy', but he sounded confused and messy. The mike he was using wasn't sound checked properly, and the song choice was more a medley of his works than a gig should be, He sang less than expected, and seemed to struggle a little when he did. Someone even commented that they thought he'd mimed through some of the act.

    Overall, disappointing. Not what I was expecting, but it remained more enjoyable than sitting at home watching whatever s@#* would have been on looped repeat on TV :-)

    Noteworthy - This was the first date of the UK tour for both artists, possibly explaining how the gig was played out, and the performance not being as 'on fire' as you'd hope/expect...
  • Astounding

    19 mars 2009, 11h20m

    Wed 18 Mar – Gojira

    Hard to believe this was a part of their first British Tour as a headlining act!

    I was blown away at the sound, the intimacy of the venue (not one of my faves, it has to be said), and how friendly the band members were! A brilliant event. I would happily follow the guys across Europe to see them again.

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