• Toys With Knives

    6 nov. 2010, 19h40m

    I'm Lewis from Toys With Knives.

    We're a two person band. I build synthesizers and produce our tracks in my studio.

    You could describe our sound as Gary Numan's work at it's heaviest meets Jesus & The Mary Chain, although it's hard to draw comparisons to your own music after you've been doing it for so long. You can listen to our digital EP (entitled "Sky of Broken Glass") over at

    We've been touring east London for over a year, and we've played some great gigs in that time at venues like Bar Music Hall, Camden Underworld, Catch 22, 333 Mother, The Macbeth and a couple of festival dates in Kilburn and Kingston. We've been generating quite a bit of buzz in this area, but we're looking to expand. We'd like to start touring more often, and further across England, perhaps to support a physical release of some kind.

    I could do this myself, but I thought it would be a good idea to contact a few labels before I make any important decisions, because of the manpower a label has in comparison to me on my own working from my studio.

    Once again, you can listen to our tracks at

    If you can work with us, or point us in the direction of someone who can, please contact me!


    Lewis Flude

    Toys With Knives