Guessing game!


14 juin 2006, 5h38m

Put your media player on shuffle.
Write the first lines of the first 30 songs that play.
See if others can guess them.

And don't you dare go cheating, biotches.

1. If we can solve any problem/then why do we lose so many tears/Oh, so you go again/When the leading man appears

Everytime You Go Away

2. The things you do/Aren't good for my health/The moves you make/You make for yourself


3. Dear sir or madam, would you read my book/It took me years to write, won't you take a look

Paperback Writer

4. We're miles away from nowhere/And the wind doesn't have a name/So call it what you want to call/It still blows down the lane

Hold Back the Rain

5. I get knocked down, but I get up again/You're never gonna keep me down


6. When I think about you/I think about how much I/Miss you when you're not around

I Miss You

7. He's sinking faster than a drowning man/He'll grab ahold of anyone he can

Drowning Man

8. If I've been acting just a little strange/And you have noticed it too/It's 'cause my life has been rearranged/With the presence of you

Skies the Limit

9. It all started nine years ago/You sat to my left back in school/The future showed itself to me

I Believe in Love

10. Now I can tell you/About success, about fame/About the rise and the fall of the stars in the sky

Let It Will Be

11. We're coming to the edge/Running on the water/Coming through the fog/Your sons and daughters

Let the River Run

12. Looking through my old drawer/Came across the letter you wrote/Said you needed time away/That was so long ago

Come Back to Me

13. Do you know what this is/No, I don't/But whatever it is/It's very powerful

Love Is

14. So I'm back to the velvet underground/To the floor, that I love


15. There'll be times/When my crimes/Will seem almost unforgiveable/I give into sin/Because you have to make this life liveable


16. I feel like I've been blown apart/There are pieces here, I don't know where they go/I don't know where they go


17. Something in the way you love me won't let me be/I don't want to be your prisoner/So baby won't you set me free


18. They say this town/The stars stay up all night/Well I don't know, can't see 'em/For the glow of the neon lights

Baby Girl

19. Jenny came over and told me 'bout Fred/He's such a hairy bohemoth, she said

I Kissed a Girl

20. If lust and hate is the candy/If blood and love tastes so sweet/Then we give 'em what they want

Candy Everybody Wants

21. Do you still remember/How we used to be/Feeling together, believe in whatever/My love has said to me

Viva Forever

22. So we're different colors/And we're different creeds/And different people/Have different needs

People Are People

23. I come home, in the morning light/My mother says when you gonna live your life right/Oh mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

24. Rock on gold dust woman/Take your silver spoon/And dig your grave

Gold Dust Woman

25. I can see we're thinking about the same thing/Yes I see your expression when the phone rings

Talk to Me

26. How can I explain/When there are few words I can choose/How can I explain/When words get broken

Chains of Love

27. You abandoned me/Love don't live here anymore/Just a vacancy/Love don't live here anymore

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

28. I've never known someone before/Who feels the way you do/All my dreams somehow came true/With you

when i looked at him

29. Time flies, when you're having fun/I heard somebody say/But if all I've been is fun, then baby let me go/Don't wanna be in your way

Can't Stay Away from You

30. I'm glad you found someone who loves you/But sad to say, that someone is you

Vanity Kills


  • KhanadaRhodes

    2. depeche mode: dangerous 4. duran duran: hold back the rain 5. chumbawamba: tubthumping 7. duran duran: drowning man 14. fleetwqood mac: gypsy 15. depeche mode: strangelove 17. madonna: borderline 22. depeche mode: people are people 23. cyndi lauper; girls just wanna have fun 24. fleetwood mac: gold dust woman 25. stevie nicks: talk to me 26. erasure: chains of love 27. madonna: love don't live here anymore i think that's it...

    14 juin 2006, 5h46m
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