You Made Me Realise EP (1988)


15 nov. 2009, 21h46m

You Made Me Realise (My Bloody Valentine)

An EP must be essential when 4 out of 5 tracks on it are on the band's setlist 20 years later. And one of them is their shows' finale and most notorious live number.

One of the most things I like here is the vocal of Bilinda Butcher. She sings lead in the avant garde song Cigarette in Your Bed and in the catchy Drive It All Over Me, one of the catchiest tunes ever put to record and my favorite track of the EP. You Made Me Realise, the title track, is the most noisy track in this EP, followed by the dirty Slow. Thorn rounds out the whole affair with a whooshing sound. All 5 songs are completely essential to your MBV collection.

Unlike Loveless this is easily digested, and though some of the lyrics are a little disturbing it is no less thrilling or entertaining. Most bands could only dream of getting 5 songs this great on an album, let alone an EP.


1You Made Me Realise 3:45
2Slow 3:11
3Thorn 3:36
4Cigarette in Your Bed 3:29
5Drive It All Over Me 3:04


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