• Feso - Zimbabwean MusicMasterpiece

    22 jan. 2007, 17h54m

    22nd of January 2007
    Oh dear.
    How come's I'm the very first Feso listener on
    I really thought there were some more ... nevermind ... It seems to me that nobody knows them. How sad is that? Well, they don't do such YouShouldReallyKnow music BecauseItsFuckingAwesome, but reader, some day, try do get some stuff of them, it's worth hearing.

    Feso, a band formed (probably) in Vancouver, Canada, consists of Blessing Mubaiwa (Marimba, Hosho, Drums) a uniquely talented multiinstrumentalist, Kokanai Mzite (Hosho, Congas, CeremonialHarmonies), Andrew Kim (Lead Guitar, Sitar, MelodicMagic), Patrick Quine (Bass Guitar) and Pasipamire Gunguwo (Marimba).

    Their first and only record till today is called 'Vanazukuru'. The following passages may be the best discription for their work:

    "This recording is a creative exploration of timeless traditional and contemporary happy grooves from Zimbabwe, extracted from authentic gourd were embodied unique gifts make sounds to keep us alive from one generation to the next."

    "Zimbabwean MusicMasterpiece"