• Because...

    21 jan. 2011, 5h04m

    I'm bored and realize that in the five years I had this account, I've never written an entry. So here it goes, my first entry dedicated to my Top 10 favorite albums of all time (in no particular order).

    1. October Rust- What can I say about this album? While I really love TON's other albums (World Coming Down is also another album I really recommend) I feel like nothing captures the true essence of Type O Negative like October Rust does. The sound of this album is very eclectic with as demonstrated with Haunted, a track which submerges the listener into darkly ambient waters, My Girlfriend's Girlfriend, a track which reminiscent of The Beatles, a funny poke at the concept of a man's menage a trois fantasy and Red Water (Christmas Mourning), a dirge revealing the sadness and grief of having family members and remembering the past Christmas's spent with them and the realization that they are no longer living. I recommend this album to people who want to listen to get into metal, but are put off by the abrasiveness acts such as Slayer. Truly an a dreary, ethereal work of art.

    Next week, I review from the choirgirl hotel by Tori Amos