Lyric Quiz


17 jan. 2008, 14h52m

I love that Quiz! So here it goes, and:

NO CHEATING! Or I'll do this to you..

Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play.
Step 3: Bold out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

1. Mary calls from far away
sure there is another
Walks the floor cause she can't settle down

2. Two-dollar color pictures from a photo booth
Dirty, stepped-on, lying out on the floor of their room

Drive All Over Town

3. Don't be scared of anything at all
Everything we have is all we need


4. Everybody wants a piece of some easy enterprise,
can't this world cut your face and carry the news that you've got a gift to be given?

5. There's a war inside of me
Do I cause new heartbreak to write a new broken song

You Wouldn't Like Me

6. Every step takes a beat of your heart
Through a city that's falling apart

Love Steals Us From Loneliness

7. Hey, calling all imaginary friends!
Today, don't want no one to tell me how it ends

Imaginary Friends

8. Oh great intentions
I've got the best of interventions

Come On, Feel The Illinoise!

9. First we drink our coffee now,
and talk about nothing in particular.

10. everything is right
we don't need to force it


11. Today I saw my father, standing in the graveyard, looking very somber, looking for his mom.
Everything Has Changed

12. And under the boughs unbowed
All clothed in a snowy shroud

The Crane Wife 3

13. Strange winds are blowing me down this way.
There's no prize in sight but the pain in my feet but I won't remember after tonight.

14. So you've got your own little story to tell
Some girls they ask to put them on your knees

15. I felt my vocal chords weakening
I felt my concave thoughts

16. Among the afflictions,
With which I've been marked,

Then Go

17. I know your body's like a cloud
Floating around the softer side of things you know

18. For those who've slept
For those who've kept
Themselves jacked up
How Jesus wept


19. ...
The Only Moment We Were Alone

20. Well i'd like to think i'm the mess you'd wear with pride.
Like some empty dress on the bed you've layed out for tonight.

I Go to the Barn Because I Like The

21. We're gonna make it to the church on time
We're gonna make it to the church on time

Church On Time

22. This southern cross is full of holes
Frozen and over

23. Corporate or Colonial
The movement is unstoppable

Clairaudients (Kill or Be Killed)

24. Deathtraps are difficult to bypass,
when your running right through the night

25. Oh my distorted smile will tighten its grip
Now somebody is asking when you will disappear

Get Fucked Stud

Band of Horses, Ben Harper, Biffy Clyro, Bright Eyes, Damien Rice, The Decemberists, Elliott Smith, Explosions in the Sky, Headlights, Idlewild, Laura Veirs, Nada Surf, Nine Black Alps, Phoenix, Racoon, The Reindeer Section, Sia, Snow Patrol, Sufjan Stevens, Tegan and Sara, Thirteen Senses, Tripwires, Voxtrot, William Fitzsimmons, Yo La Tengo


  • Katha1983

    nachdem ich nur gezielt nach Bright Eyes gesucht habe: LOL 23. Bright Eyes - Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed)

    17 jan. 2008, 19h54m
  • starrise

    Gut! Du BE Junkie du! XD

    17 jan. 2008, 20h34m
  • Freddychuk

    Ok, so, for the ones I'm a huge fan of: 8. Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Feel The Illinoise! 12. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife, Pt. 3 16. Damien Rice - Then Go 21. Ben Harper - Church On Time And where's Elliott?! I'm frustrated, I have to know which of his songs it is! Damn, I'm mad at you, you made me realize I didn't know recognize his songs! So sad... ^^

    17 jan. 2008, 20h38m
  • explosivedog

    6. Idlewild - Love Steals Us From Loneliness (that took me ages, I knew the band, knew the album, just couldn't remember which song) 25. Biffy Clyro - Get Fucked Stud

    17 jan. 2008, 21h01m
  • Freddychuk

    Dammit, you're right, Roman Candle... ^^ So... 2. is Elliott Smith - Drive All Over Town Na! :p

    17 jan. 2008, 22h05m
  • starrise

    Gut Frédéric! ;) And sorry Radioman... the band is right, the song title is wrong :) Maybe another try?

    18 jan. 2008, 13h23m
  • hellyeahnoway

    No 5 isn't Tegan and Sara - I Won't Be Left.. it's: You Wouldn't Like Me and uhm 3. is Snow Patrol - Wow ^^

    19 jan. 2008, 15h20m
  • starrise

    Great Lois. 15 songs are still up... anyone ready tor 19 maybe? I do not request a song title, only to be fair :D

    19 jan. 2008, 16h20m
  • Freddychuk

    how can we guess what 19 is... ^^

    19 jan. 2008, 18h11m
  • starrise

    When you have a look at the bands, you can guess which band 19 is. People that like that band will know immediately :P So I guess you never listened to them, which is very bad, cause I like them :)

    19 jan. 2008, 18h31m
  • soratami

    18. Sia - Sunday

    22 jan. 2008, 1h34m
  • starrise

    YES!!! :D 14 songs need to be solved now :)

    22 jan. 2008, 16h31m
  • hollym101

    20: I Go To The Barn Because I Like The.. :)

    23 jan. 2008, 10h33m
  • hollym101

    OK this is weird because I kind of randomly found this journal entry and saw the Band of Horses lyric, and then I wsa randomly looking at the stats for The Last Line of Defence by the Reindeer Section and you were the only one who had recently listened. Crazy! :)

    23 jan. 2008, 10h53m

    Nr. 10: Raindrop - Reindeer Section Was auch sonst? :) Viele liebe Grüße! Claudia x

    23 jan. 2008, 15h17m
  • flatlineblur

    Oh ich liebe dieses Spiel! Da muss mir doch jemand sagen, dass es das gibt! :P Also ich hab noch ein paar: 7. Nada Surf - Imaginary Friends 11. William Fitzsimmons - Everything Has Changed

    25 jan. 2008, 20h33m
  • flatlineblur

    Oh und 19 ist wahrscheinlich Explosions In The Sky? So ähm... textlos! ;)

    25 jan. 2008, 20h34m
  • starrise

    WUNDERBAR! Das nächste mal bekommst du ne Einladung Annika :)

    26 jan. 2008, 12h00m

    Silke, ich bin wieder zu dumm für sowas....wie bekomme ich denn diese hübschen Links zu den Songs direkt hinter die Titel?? ERleuchte mich ;)!

    5 fév. 2008, 10h44m
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