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23 mai 2006, 2h24m

((belated)) week of may seventh through may fourteenth two thousand and six

//top three artists of the week\\
o1) Underworld ~ No surprise here. x)
o2) Paul van Dyk ~ Can't remember what I listened to a lot of. Probably Face to Face. *shrugs*
o3) Pendulum ~ Newcomer within my top three. But this is mainly because of my addiction to Hold Your Colour and Streamline and repeating them so much. But those are really good songs. I gotta search for more.

Why was I so unactive last week? Simple: the Underworld live broadcast. Ever since I downloaded the whole thing, I've been listening to it nonstop, not editing its original tag. So I turned off the recording thing for a while. Well...a long while.

//top three songs overall\\ as of may twenty second (though, not accurate)
o1) Born Slippy.NUXX (Deep Pan) ~ Somewhat of a no surprise. I love this version a lot.
o2) Born Slippy (Rick's 2003 edit) ~ I have no idea how to rename it though. In the Trainspotting music video, this version is played. So I have no idea if I should just rename it to "Born Slippy.NUXX" or something different. But I love this version. The piano melody makes me extra happy inside.
o3) Mmm Skyscraper I Love You ~ Again, no surprise. One of my top favorite Underworld songs.

//current song obsession\\
UNKLE (Main Title Theme) ~ OMG. Addicted right now to this song. I keep on repeating it. The beats and everything and the sound sampling and the melody and everything is just executed so effectively. Gah. Yeah. Love this song.


  • xonize

    the underworld broadcast was great incl the cam they rigged up, been repeating it also for the last week

    24 mai 2006, 22h24m
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