25 juin 2009, 21h21m

Really weird a feeling ... Anyway let's get to the point: after all I still might be able to see Muse! One nice girl sold me a ticket, love her.
Next friday it's Ruisrock which is damn great too as I finally see Mew, The Sounds, The Crash..
I can't stand how Placebo can be this marvellous argh I miss their gig sooo much! And the new album is goddamn amazing!
(Haha nothing else matters but music, music, music ..)
..Otherwise my summer has been very boring. Here's way too hot. Salatut Elämät (tv drama) has saved me from dying to all this shit.
I've watched a couple of movies, read, drawn etc. Ofc computer has been on very hard use. Social life? Never heard.

Btw I'm sorry for all this lame english and I hope your brains wouldn't blow out..
You are free to comment me I really need company!


  • Pauli_

    Well, my comment comes in a month later than your original post, but what the hell, right? :P I just stumbled upon this entry and your profile through the last.fm page of Placebo's upcoming gig in Stockholm. They're truly wonderful band, been on of my absolute favorites ever since I first heard of them, nearly 10 years ago already. I've seen them live a couple of times, and can't wait to see them again in November! :) And yeah, throughout the whole year you're just waiting for summer holidays, but once it arrives you realize you're just completely bored after the few first days. At least in my case summer is the best example on showing how I have absolutely zero social life. When you're working you never realize it, because you're so busy all the time.

    31 jui. 2009, 8h08m
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