How I Discovered my top 15* Artists


23 fév. 2007, 1h13m

*comedians removed because that's not music!

1. Ryan Adams 1473 plays
I remember hearing New York, New York after 9/11 and thinking he was pretty cool. Forgot about him for ahwile then heard his cover of Wonderwall and was totally hooked.
1st heard: New York, New York
Favorite: Call Me on Your Way Back Home

2. Sufjan Stevens 1263 plays
I downloaded Seer's Tower on a whim and thought it was some of the most interesting music i'd heard in a long time. I got the rest of Illinois, loved it, and then he took off!
1st heard: The Seer's Tower
Favorite: That Was Worst Christmas Ever!

3. Counting Crows 1191 plays
My mom bought their first CD in 93. I've loved them every since.
1st heard: Round Here
Favorite: Round Here

4. David Gray 855 plays
I was in the car with a friend in 7th grade and her mom had this CD in. I loved it.
1st heard: Babylon
Favorite: Shine

5. Coldplay 718 plays
I saw the video for Yellow on mtv.
1st heard: Yellow
Favorite: Careful Where You Stand

6. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals 526 plays
Downloaded Cold Roses freshman year of college.
1st heard: Magnolia Mountain
Favorite: Cherry Lane

7. Belle and Sebastian 501 plays
Someone sent me stay loose, then I visited a friend in NYC who got me really into them.
1st heard: Stay Loose
Favorite: The State I Am In

8. Whiskeytown 381 plays
Patrick sent me some links to download their CDs. Instant love.
1st heard: Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
Favorite: Jacksonville Skyline

9. Pete Yorn 381 plays
I saw someone wearing a Pete Yorn shirt at school in high school. I was intrigued.
1st heard: Life On A Chain
Favorite: Undercover

10. Aqualung 335 plays
saw him on Conan.
1st heard: Breaking My Heart
Favorite: Take Me Home

11. Eisley 323 plays
Andy sent me their CD!
1st heard: Golly Sandra
Favorite: Brightly Wound

12. The Shins 284 plays
I think I first heard them on the Garden State soundtrack and recognized who it was.
1st heard: Caring Is Creepy
Favorite: Kissing the Lipless

13. Rufus Wainwright 279 plays
I'd heard some of his stuff and thought he was depressing, I finally got his CDs and now I love him.
1st heard: Across the Universe
Favorite: One Man Guy

14. Spoon 274 plays
Wow I can't remember...but i remember loving them instantly.
1st heard: The Minor Tough
Favorite: Anything You Want

15. Actionslacks 267 plays
there was a small cult following in high school, and i joined up.
1st heard: Folding Chair
Favorite: Cut Above


  • shavlikrandolph

    i have a plethora of free time tonight, thanks to being on duty. i am so stealing this idea, if that's cool.

    1 mars 2007, 18h53m
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