Bad Dog!!


2 mars 2012, 21h46m

WTF, the dog gets vindictive if I leave him home alone. In the past couple of weeks he has ate some light bulbs, glass art that a friend made, a couple of paintings off the walls that friends made, $15k of Native American art that some friends gave us, and yesterday he ate a picture of our last dog and jumped on the counter and pulled a bottle of 12 year old Jameson out of the liqueur cabinet and had it on the floor when I got home. It has a cork top and he couldn't get it open. He likes booze and has good taste. He's lucky we love him.

Well my friends come back from the big Island tonight. They won't get here till tomorrow morning though as they have a 8 hour layover in San Jose. Tickets from Hawaii nearly tripled in price last month, fucked up situation.

Well, I'm getting my medical marijuana card on Sunday. I have to go to Renton in the morning which is a drag. I hope the weather is good and I'll take a motorcycle. It just so happens that there is going to be a weed farmers market on Sunday in Tacoma. If it's nice I'll just ride around and stop. I really want some good hash and hash oil as well as some sativa. It seems like all that we have been able to get is indica that fucks you up so bad you can't do anything.

I'm not a big pot head but I'm using about 100 morphine units a day now as well as about 500 mgs of tramadol and I want to back down. When I spoke to the "Doctor" on the phone they need medical records and stuff. Kind of freaks me out because I don't want to be cut off the narcotics. Washington State just enacted the strongest narcotics regulations in the United States and it has all the chronic pain patients freaked out. I think I'll just give him my gynecologist information rather than the Pain Clinic info. I have ex-rays that show all the damage that was done and the neurologist report too. If that doesn't work I'll just go down to my panties as my left leg is scared up an gnarly enough to prove my shit.

Well, hopefully the next time I check in and set down to wright it will be more than a pot headed "huh". I dated a pot head once and I wanted to get nasty in an elevator and he was so fucked up on pot he looked at me and said "huh", I punched him in the face. Ever since then I've noticed that all pot heads say "huh".


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