Celldweller is amazing Techno Rock


10 mars 2006, 21h22m

Celldweller - if you haven't checked this band out, you're doing yourself an injustice. If you like NIN, you'll love this stuff.

Afraid This Time [starts out slow/acoustic... explodes into an orgasm. This is one song that is 4min 59sec, and not a 1-hour marathon that you just ran, you ask? Yes. You thought the song was over at the 3min 55sec mark? No.]

Frozen [At 4:45 into this song.. OMFG. Remember that Crystal Method track on Spawn soundtrack? kind of similar here]

Fadeaway [starts out hard.. explodes into a post-orgasm feast. At 1min 25sec... think the drums from "NIN - the perfect drug".. OMFG. at 2min 8sec.. F-YOU BITCH.. at 3min 10sec what just happened? I didn't know what an orgasm was until this just happened.]

So Sorry to Say


  • Nyghts

    I totally agree with you!

    12 mars 2006, 10h37m
  • pdmaniac

    And I still get funny looks from people wondering why I listen to Celldweller. It's. Just. That. Awesome.

    16 mars 2006, 4h29m
  • Riktenkay

    I love Celldweller but I've never liked NIN, I wouldn't say they're that similar to be honest.

    19 mars 2006, 17h59m
  • Worked

    [i] I have no idea how you can compare Celldweller to NIN. Two completely different sounds. NIN is way more depressing.[/i]

    22 mars 2006, 15h40m
  • Nyghts

    They are similar in the base of how the music is created. Both one man operations (or were, I am not sure if Celldweller is getting musical direction from the touring members of the band.) At one time it was just Klayton creating everything, must like Trent Reznor did with NIN. A one man wonder if you will. As far as the sound, there is really no comparison in my opinion either. Beth

    4 avr. 2006, 7h28m
  • sboniek

    My favourite is definately Frozen, around the 3 minute mark it has that part where u don't think it will get any better until u hear 4:45 and onwards.

    10 juin 2006, 5h11m
  • Nyghts

    I tend to read interviews, listen etc. Klayton does still totally hold the reins of the musical creation processes. The tour members on occasional help him out, but it's still his project from a few sources.

    5 fév. 2007, 7h11m
  • TomLateralus

    Dude 4:45 on Frozen is one of my favourite peices of music ever, so muh feeling, shivers up the spine everytime I hear it. Celldweller rocks!

    16 oct. 2007, 16h20m
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