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1 jan. 2007, 17h51m

As a trance lover, I find it fascinating to observe what a great year for trance music 2006 has been. This is exemplified by the enormous difficulty I faced when choosing my own favourite 20 trance tracks of 2006. At random, I could pick out at least 100 tracks which I enjoyed very much (and still do). So, narrowing down the list to just 20 proved to be a huge ordeal, and I had to leave out a lot of good tracks which I love very much. But still, after some prolonged soul-searching, I came up with my final list of my 20 favourite trance tracks of 2006. Without further ado, here is the list:

20. Looking too Deep (Lange Mix) Cold Harbour:

- UK trance producer and DJ Stuart Langelaan teams up with US based DJ and progressive trance/house producer Jawad Dar for this superb uplifting trancer, which also marks the return of Lange's successful 'Firewall' project.

19. Beyond Doubt (Sean Tyas Remix) Conspiracy:

- This peak time euphoric trance anthem from Polish trance producer and DJ Sebastian Wichary is very uplifting in nature. The remix from Switzerland based trance producer and DJ Sean Tyas is typically energetic, and the buildup after the breakdown is pure class.

18. Open Your Eyes (Sean Tyas 'Got Piano' Remix) ATCR:

- This new remix of the 2000 classic is very uplifting and energetic. It's fantastic to hear how well the light melodic piano sound of the original blends with the deep and hard driving bassline of Sean Tyas.

17. Dream Makers (Original Mix) Vandit:

- In this superb uplifting trancer, a cool soothing melody is brilliantly blended with a very energetic and hard riff. I like how smoothly the track progresses.

16. Final Thoughts (Galen Behr Remix) A State Of Trance:

- A beautiful melodious trancer from young Dutch trance producer and DJ Joris van der Straten. This remix, from another young Dutch trance producer and DJ Galen Behr, is a peak time progressive trancer which I slightly prefer over the original one (with breakbeats).

15. Frantic (Sean Tyas Remix) enhanced:

- A massive tune, and yet another superb remix by Sean Tyas, this is a perfect choice for peak time sets. Very energetic, and stunningly uplifting.

14. Roundabout Coldharbour Recordings:

- An amazing progressive trancer from Russian trance producer and DJ Alexey Monakhov. Beautiful, dark melody, with a superb breakdown.

13. Divine (Original Mix) Somatic Sense:

- This, the second production of the Swedish duo, is a class act. A superb uplifting trancer with a beautiful melody.

12. Get Off (Original Mix) Anjunabeats:

- This awesome uplifting trancer from Finnish trance maestro Miika Eloranta is a surefire floorfiller. It's blend of gripping bass and floaty piano sounds is simply amazing.

11. Edge of Space (Whiteroom Remix) Mondo Records:

- An exceptionally beautiful uplifting trancer from the UK female trance production/DJ duo. I prefer the Whiteroom remix wherein the beautiful aural samples of the original are nicely blended with some cool, floaty melodies.

10. Starfall (Original Mix):

- This is a beautiful progressive trancer from the new Russian group Aurosonic. The sound is somewhat inbetween progressive and uplifting. The track is made special by the beautiful guitar melody in the break. A truly original work of great beauty and emotion.

09. Capoeira (Airbase pres. Scarab Remix) A State Of Trance:

- This track, by the Swedish duo, has a light, summery vibe to it. I prefer this remix by Swedish trance producer and DJ Jezper Söderlund, who retains the melodic Balearic nature of the original, and yet gives an uplifting edge to it. Beautiful, happy trance!

08. Cobra (Original Mix) In Trance We Trust:

- This, the latest release from Dutch trance producer Ralph Barendse's 'Midway' project, is a mindblowing uplifting trancer with a melody which resembles the score of some Indian films. The Outback remix is very good too, with a progressive style, but I prefer the
original version for it's energy and stunning uplifting quality.

07. Arise (Hammer & Funabashi Remix) Skywarp Records:

- The original, with vocals of Tiff Lacey, is a superb vocal trancer produced by the Swedish duo. But this remix, albeit a dub mix, manages to surpass the original in terms of sheer beauty. The darkly melodic progressive style of the German trio complements perfectly with the dubbed out vocals with some stunningly beautiful and haunting layers of melody that stay with you forever. Dreamy, hypnotic, intoxicating, and magical!

06. Teddybear's Escape Bonzai Trance Progressive:

- From Laurent Véronnez, Belgium's finest trance producer, comes this brilliant progressive trancer. The melody here is very emotional, and the breakdown is spine tingling. Pure class. This is made in heaven!

05. Carabella (Galen Behr vs. Orjan Nilsen Remix) Yakuza:

- The original mix of this is progressive in style, with a slow build-up. I prefer the remix, by Dutchman Galen Behr, and the Norwegian Orjan Nilsen, as it's more energetic and stunningly uplifting. In the remix, the minor theme of the original is introduced rather
fast, and goes straight to the main break, scrapping the minor break and vocal samples of the original (introduced later in the main break in the original) altogether. In the main break, the bell samples are introduced first, and then the main theme enters. This main melody, and the way it's developed and grows to anthemic proportions sends shivers down my spine and always gives me goosebumps! After this massive climax, the track moves to the end in a straightforward fashion with the original bassline. Extraordinary craftsmanship!

04. Prison Break Intuition:

- This, from the B-side of Norwegian trance producer and DJ Orjan Nilsen's first release under his own name (after the success of Forest EP as DJ Governor), Arctic Globe/Prison Break, is slightly less popular than the other single on the A-side. However, I prefer this out of the two. It may be slightly less energetic than Arctic Globe, but the melody is very catchy and beautiful. This starts off with some percussions, which is soon joined by a xylophone sound that's present almost throughout the track. This percussion and xylophone sample is very reminiscent of Fable's 'Above'. After a while, these samples along with some FX leads us to the main break, where the lead synth melody is introduced (with a flanger-like effect). This is then developed along with the bassline and the xylophone sound. The melody itself and the way it builds up along with the bassline is very driving and energetic (although not as energetic as Arctic Globe). Excellent production!

03. Missing you (original mix) Reflected Recordings:

- This is a darkly emotional progressive trancer from the new Russian trance production outfit Aurosonic. It starts off with a small piano sample along with a 130 bpm bassline with occassional flanger effect. A few seconds later, one of the main themes is introduced for a few seconds. These little interplays between the piano and this new theme along with the bassline serves as a teaser and gives the track a mysterious feel to it. Slowly, we are introduced to the second main theme but it fades away soon as we arrive at the break. Here,
the piano sample continues, and a violin portamento is introduced. Then as this grows, the first theme is brought back (which has served as a teaser all this while) and develops into a full-fledged haunting melody along with the portamento, this time with a synth sound which grows. Then the bassline returns and the way all the elements combine here, borders on genius. After this the track proceeds gently towards the end. This is one track which should be felt, rather than just listen. Soulful, dark, and haunting!

02. Proglifter (Original Mix) Camouflage:

- This, around 10 minutes long progressive trancer by the Belgian/French duo of Laurent Véronnez and Ferry Tayle, can only be termed as a masterpiece of modern progressive trance music. It starts off with a synth based cinematic intro which lasts for well over 2 minutes. The synth sound is multi-layered and often gated, which adds sparkle and creates a dreamlike sonic texture. At the 2:25 minute mark (approx.), the bassline is introduced, which is a rather soft one. Here the synths fade away as the bassline continues. Slowly the synths return and progresses smoothly along with the soft bassline. This continues for sometime until we arrive at the break at around the 5:20 minute mark (approx.). Here, the gated synth sounds are developed into a full-fledged melody which is haunting and melancholic. As the melody intensifies, the bassline returns and this combination continues for a long time as the track gently progresses towards the end. A very subtle and multi-layered synth composition of immense beauty which should be felt, and not just
listen. The melody, and the way it progresses slowly over time, creates a hypnotic effect. The first time I heard this, I couldn't stop playing it for 5 hours continuous! The only trance composition (out of the 300 odd I heard this year) which managed to put me in a state of trance. Genius work!

01. Arisen (Original Mix) Armind:

- From British trance producer Laurence Rapaccioli, comes this uplifting trance masterpiece which should enter the trance classics hall of fame as one of the best trance compositions ever made. This, just a little above 9 minutes long track starts off with a dark
atmospheric intro using samples of rain, thunder and delicate vocals creating an eerie effect. At approximately 1:18 minute mark, the bassline enters which is an industrial style sharp stabbing sound, and is accompanied by beats at around the 1:46 minute mark. This bassline (which is very non-standard btw) is then developed further with some FX, which then leads us to the first break at around the 2:55 minute mark. Here, the eerie vocal sample reappears, and then as the bassline returns, the main theme is introduced. This has two layers. The first is a rapidly progressing melody which serves as a base for the second layer of synth-based melody which is then developed in a cumulative manner. Here the track gains momentum, as we arrive at the main break at approximately the 4:45 minutes mark. Here, the main melody is slowly developed and enriched into a full-fledged beauty. As this grows, a lead riff appears at around the 6:28 minute mark, which then gathers momentum and works it's way to an astonishing climax accompanied by the rapidly moving base melody. As this progresses and slowly fades out (at around 7:50), bits of the main melody reappears (at approx. 7:24 minute mark) along with the killer bassline (at around the 7:54 minute mark). The bassline then gently proceeds to the end. This, by far is the most original sounding trance composition I've heard in 2006. Considering it's inventive structure, brilliant melody, and the stunning climax, I couldn't put any other trance track bar this at the number one spot. A work of a true genius!

So, those were my 20 favourite trance tracks of 2006. Here are some of my favourites from other categories from the world of trance in 2006:

1. Favourite DJ: Manuel Le Saux.

2. Favourite producer: Laurent Véronnez.

3. Favourite remixer: Sean Tyas.

4. Favourite newcomer: Aurosonic.

5. Favourite label: Anjunabeats.

6. Favourite artist album: Trilogique.

7. Favourite DJ Mix Compilation: Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 2006.
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  • Clackers

    I think Arisen is well on its way to becoming a true classic. Rapaccioli has even said that after producing such a masterpiece as this, the pressure for the follow-up is so great, that he has not released anything yet! I also love Proglifter. I do feel it is slightly too long (10.51) but epic masterpieces usually are (Suburban Train, Enlightenment, Gouryella, Spiral, As The Rush Comes, Dido etc.)! Teddybear's Escape is a great name for a song, although I have only heard the A-Side (Take My Hand) from that release; I will track down this one though. For me, Selu Vibra - Divine would be in the top 5. True, it has lost a small amount of its magic (due to overplaying) but it just works perfectly. Surprisingly, I would add Electric Pulse - Time Traveller, A Boy Called Joni - Green Astronauts, and Zehavi & Rand Vs. Hydroid - Carpe Diem to my top 10. However, I will search for most of your top 20 and add them to my collection!

    2 jan. 2007, 0h04m
  • sp0623

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, it'll be difficult for Lawrence to live up to the standard he created. And you're right about the long length of epic masterpieces. :) Trust me, 'Teddybear's Escape' is superb! 'Divine' is very good too, and initially I had put it in my top 10. However, like you said, probably due to overplaying it got weathered out of my mind. But then again, I strongly like all the tracks in my top 10. 'Green Astronauts' is nice, but not amongst my hot favourites. And, I haven't heard 'Time Traveller' and 'Carpe Diem' yet. I'll be on the lookout for those. Thanks for mentioning! If I have to change anything from my list, then I feel that two of the tracks from 11 to 20 could've been replaced by O'Callaghan & Kearney's 'Exactly' and Stoneface & Terminal's 'Super Nature'. As things stand now, they'll come in at nos. 21 and 22 respectively. :)

    2 jan. 2007, 22h46m
  • t3rrapin

    well, what can I say after seeing your top 250! :) and discovering most of them in a very short time all owing to you! great choices... so many great tracks there and I still have issues with ranking :P but most of your selections are also on the tops of my list like: [b]get off, frantic, beyond doubt, open Your Eyes carabella, arisen, proglifter, looking too deep.[/b] [b] LOLO - Teddybear's escape & Take my hand [/b] (I should say that Teddybear's Escape was the track I fell in love with at the first time listening but after a while Take My Hand has growed on me even more but I still can't pick one of them for the first place. those adorable Two are truly impressed me much this year! AM - Arise (Hammer & Funabashi Remix) --> always be a memorable one since it is the origin I started from discovering like crazy :) other than those I should add: Luminary - Dark Eyes (Funabashi Pres. Tom Porcell Mix) Andy Moor vs. Orkidea - Yearzero (Andy Moor's First Light Mix) Nomen Nescio - Double 01 (Van Gelder Remix) Innuendo (Ian Betts Remix) Smith & Pledger - White Ferry Corsten - Beautiful Sunny Lax - Blue Bird, M.I.R.A. ;) and some other number ones like: 1. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (Original Mix) - for the love of the Ashley Tomberlin! 1. Delerium - Angelicus (Andy Moor remix) - as a Delerium fan can't pass this by.. 1. Hammer & Funabashi feat. Angela Heldmann - Moments 1. Markus Schulz Feat. Carrie Skipper - Never Be The Same Again (Markus Schulz Coldharbour) 1. Headstrong Feat. Tiff Lacey - The Truth (David West Progressive Mix) 1. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder (Blake Jarrell's 190db Remix) 1. Dj Shah Meets Jan Johnston - Beautiful both the (Long Island Dub) & vocal mixes 1. Syndica - Aria Epica (Signalrunners Remix) 1. Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Gareth Emery Remix) . . and so on... ;)

    6 jan. 2007, 13h16m
  • sp0623

    Thank you for your comment, [b]T3rrapin[/b]. :) Well, all these tracks testify what a great year for trance 2006 had been. I love most of the tracks you mentioned too! Let's see what 2007 brings us! :)

    6 jan. 2007, 22h10m
  • Dekkul

    This list gave me shivers with Arisen, Carabella, Prison Break (although I prefer now Arctic Globe as Magnum Opus for Orjan Nilsen), Cobra etc. YearZero from Andy Moor vs. Orkidea is missing. I think it's one of the best trance tracks ever, and one of the most emotional tracks I've ever heard.

    7 fév. 2009, 16h24m
  • sp0623

    Thanks for your comment, Dekkul. Glad you like the tracks in here. Speaking of YearZero, yes indeed it's a great track and I love it. But I think I got a little bored of it back in '06 due to overplay and so ended up somewhere between 20 and 30 in my initial pool of 300. However, now that I think of it, it could've replaced 'Roundabout' at #14. But then again, a top 20 can never do justice to all the great releases from a given year. A top 50 or 100 would be better. Speaking of misses, I think the real miss in my journal is 'Puma White - Copenhagen'. That should've been in the top 10. Unfortunately I discovered it much later.

    24 fév. 2009, 12h55m
  • Dekkul

    As you may see it is the most played track on my account...I didn't got bored of it :D

    25 fév. 2009, 12h11m
  • Dekkul

    What length does your Arksun - Arisen have? I have two versions - 9:24 and 11:16...I really do not know the difference :D

    14 avr. 2009, 0h29m
  • sp0623

    11:16 :)

    14 avr. 2009, 20h40m
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