Call for help: Goodbye Songs


14 mai 2008, 0h37m

I have a friend who is leaving Oregon soon to return to Wisconsin for the summer and then on to Peru for a ESL teaching position. Over the two years I've known her, she's become a really good friend and I'm definitely going to miss her. Why? For things like this:

She's been an enthusiastic part of my local music appreciation things since I started them here. Never missing a meeting, she's brought a lot of fun songs to the group and, when it was her turn to pick a theme, she asked that it be songs for her to remember her time with us by. Awwww....

Of course, I'm having a tough time deciding. Possible options so far? She's a huge TMBG fan so I've thought about The End of the Tour because I'm hoping she'll come back to Oregon at the end of her world tour.

I don't want to bring a song that's too sad and it'd be nice for it to be a good driving song since she'll be driving back to Wisconsin. I don't mind sappy as long as it's not too weird coming from me. There's the new Weepies song, Just Blue that could work.

But so far, the front-runner is Andrew Gold's Thank You for Being a Friend because I know she loved watching the Golden Girls (as did!) and the full version is awesome and perfect.

Other things: she likes dancing, ska, St. Patrick's Day, indie music, bluegrass, rap, anything hilarious.

Any ideas?
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  • rtreynor

    Goodbye, Goodbye by Oingo Boingo is a fun, power-pop, slighly ska-influenced dance song, with a a huge call-and-response part that's impossible to sing along with. But since I have Conchords on the brain this week, and you said she likes anything hilarious - I'd like to suggest I'm Not Crying (mp3). [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

    14 mai 2008, 20h30m
  • DudeTheMath

    I feel like Mrs. Potter's Lullaby is a goodbye song. There's also I've Loved These Days, which isn't quite farewell to a person, but... Another leaving song from BJ is Stop In Nevada. I'm not sure how appropriate it might be for your friend. If she likes oldies, there's Go Where You Wanna Go or Old Friends. Awfully hard to find goodbye songs that aren't also romantic.

    15 mai 2008, 0h59m
  • soundtrekkie

    Yeah, that's kind of been my issue. And most friend songs are kind of meh. Some cool suggestions, I must say. Thanks, guys!

    15 mai 2008, 1h21m
  • rtreynor what did you end up choosing?

    7 juin 2008, 1h56m
  • soundtrekkie

    The song I ended up playing was the Andrew Gold. It's one of those songs that's just goofy enough to not be sloppily sentimental and most people only know a snippet of the re-recorded theme song. But I made a cd of stuff for the ride and included all your suggestions (except for Old Friends since I can't listen to it without the old people conversation and that would've upset the flow!). Thanks again! Others chose: Hey Eugene Sexy M.F. (which was hilarious) Walk There Taxi Back (It's A) Departure and others that I can't remember but were all good. She got a bunch of new music for the trip home and it was a really fun time. Plus we went to see our friends Half Shark/Half Jesus play afterwards!

    9 juin 2008, 16h13m
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