Review: Counting Crows in Zurich, Switzerland


30 mai 2008, 6h37m

Thu 29 May – Counting Crows After a long time (last swiss show was 2002 at Heitere Open Air), Counting Crows came back to Switzerland. So, my friends and I drove out to Zurich for a really great show.
After the support gig by Reto Burrell, which was pretty ok, they started with some of the new tunes. The early play of "Mr. Jones" was cool and they surprised the crowd with a very different live-version. But I think, most of the fans didn't liked it as much as I did. Whatever, the following slower songs worked very well. Very different and extended versions of Rain King, A Long December or Miami introduced with some great and very personal quotes by Adam were just incredible.

It was the first gig of the European tour, so Adam fucked up a part in A Long December and had to repeat it. This was quite funny.

The fact that they didn't play songs like Round Here, Omaha or Colorblind caused a big gap but had to be expected.

After 100 minutes of live music, Counting Crows closed their great show as always with Holiday In Spain. Thank you CC and come back earlier next time!


  • soulrider

    I'm really not sure anymore, so please post your hints: - Los Angeles - 1492 - Mr Jones - Perfect Blue Buildings - Rain King - Miami - A Long December - Sunday - Insignificant - Come Around - Anna Begins - Washington Square - A Cover of "Fairport Convention"(I don't know the songs name anymore) - Holiday in Spain and some more

    30 mai 2008, 15h20m
  • geldi2002

    they didn't play los angeles, instead they played "hanging tree" and "when i dream of michelangelo"! It was an awesome show indeed :-) i just felt like the crowd was made of stone, they almost didn't move at all... anyway, i had an awesome time! crows forever :-)

    30 mai 2008, 19h30m
  • soulrider

    you're absolutly right... and everybody was chatting. But I enjoyed every second of this awesome gig!

    30 mai 2008, 19h57m
  • geldi2002

    they also played "Have you seen me lately" and i think "hard candy", too :-) adam is sooo awesome :)

    30 mai 2008, 20h03m
  • Fabsel89

    This was a great show, but the crowd was for sure kind of lame...^^ I really missed Omaha and Mrs. Potter's L. The Rain before the show was also cool, because I was all wet singing along with "Rain King" ^^ To "geldi2002": Are you sure about "Have you seen me lately"??? I can't remember this one... Thinking of going to Paris to see them again... Countin Crows: X-Tra

    31 mai 2008, 1h00m
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