• steerpike

    Your description whetted my appetite - its a name I'd seen without ever actually having heard his (their!) stuff. One track alone on the website - 'Willie of Winsbury'- confirms that we need to big up Big Huge! Thanks for the tip Markus

    5 nov. 2005, 19h34m
  • honeypea

    Oh <strong>nice</strong>! Thanks Marcus, this sounds fantastic. Wow! I must get some.

    8 nov. 2005, 15h38m
  • honeypea

    And WOW! I forgot how to add html (... sloping off embarrassed)

    8 nov. 2005, 15h39m
  • smansmith

    I'm a little late on commenting apparently...I have heard, but not heard The Big Huge, but of the 4 tracks linked to above they are pretty good. I hear the reference to fans of Vashti being attracted to this type of music (finger pokin' on the banjo, but in a good way). I also agree with steerpike above for the Willie of Winsbury track alone being worthy of some word of mouth. 15 people have listened recently....come on.

    8 jan. 2006, 23h39m
  • jorgito24

    Thanks! I'm a big Sonna fan. I'll check this :)

    9 fév. 2006, 18h16m
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