May 2008 Jams


15 mai 2008, 15h16m

It's high time I contribute to the community with a few selections from my current favorites.
Without further ado...

(In no particular order)
- A.C. Newman // Really top drawer. Quite unique I feel and a great balance of driving rock and musical (instrumentation) diversity. Check out: "Drink To Me, Babe, Then" and "The Town Halo"

- Flobots // Sorta lame timing I know. "Handlebars" is all over the radio but with good reason I feel. These guys are from Denver CO (A place close to my heart) and their music has been described as "Indie Rap" which I guess is a pretty good title. I think they sound almost like Cake at times. I love "Handlebars" and the rest of the CD is pretty good as well. Check out: "Handlebars" and "Never Had It"

- Coldplay // British supergroup, I'm sure you've heard of them. Their new album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends drops on June 17th. I personally cannot wait. I've always been a big Coldplay fan despite their global fame. The pre-releases off Viva La Vida are wicked tight and bring a whole new sound to an already incredible band. Check out: "Amsterdam" and "Viva la Vida"

- Dave Matthews // I'm not a huge Dave fan but honestly, he can jam like no other. I enjoy his Some Devil album on a regular basis but the real reason he makes my list is the Fenway release. I picked this one up at the library the other day and from what I've listened to so far, it's good stuff. A four(!) disc set from the the show(s) at Fenway Park the other year. Really solid. Check out: "The Dreaming Tree" and "Too High" (with full orchestra!)

- The UEFA Euro 2008 Soundtrack // EA is known for releasing practically every computer game under the sun and for their superb "gametracks" namely on their sports games. Well the FIFA/UEFA series is no exception. I grabbed the infectious album for the Euro '08 game about a week ago and really haven't put it down yet. Lots of fun, energy-filled songs. Check out: "The boola shines in a pink neon room" by Mendetz and "Air War" by Crystal Castles

What are some of your current favorites?


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