26 mars 2008, 6h58m

At first I thought it was interesting but now I'm bored with it.

I made one though.

It's just a mix of twelve songs that you can listen in the browser. Especially since Last.Fm doesn't have all the songs I mentioned so there's that option to listen there if wanted.
Can't download them though. It says the first song is over 14 minutes long but it isn't.

The twelves songs are of those I've been recently continuously circulating.

1. Faith (George Michael cover) - The Boy Least Likely To
- This randomly played one day and, yes, I've heard this song/cover before but it just stuck with me all of a sudden. Catchy and super fun and easy to play also. I find myself just randomly singing it.

2. Киборг-Убийца - Звери
- Interesting song I stumbled upon by Звери(Zveri). The chorus sounds to me like he's taunting someone. I think the title means "Cyborg Killer." and the chorus "Cyborg Killer somewhere inside it can be me, it can be you." I think. Good stuff. And those evil laughs halfway into the song don't hurt either. Makes it even more fun to listen to.

3. Not With You - Tegan and Sara
- I've been stuck on two older songs by Tegan and Sara. "Not With You" being one from their This Business of Art album. I don't know. Pretty much every song they make is utterly incredible. This is just one in particular that I'm enjoying more for now.

4. Мачо - Zемфира
- This song, Macho by Zemfira, is just another older song that I'm loving too. I know I just said this but pretty much every song she makes is utterly incredible. Word for word. (Tegan and Sara and Zemfira are favorite artists for a reason. :/) I have been listening to tons of Zemfira lately. Before, I've never been the biggest fan of this particular song but I am now. Especially since I've learned to play it. Gives much more appreciation for things. Zemfira's just incredible anyways so I'd just be repeating myself.

5. Misery - The Cliks
- The Cliks. What can I say. Snakehouse is still an awesome album even after the gazillion-th listen. Sometimes I just have a small hiatus from listening to them and just randomly have the urge to just listen to everything of theirs. You can just listen to one song by The Cliks and move on. You'd have to listen to just one more. No. You'd have to listen to the whole album a few times over before you can move on.
It's hard to just pick one song that I like best but I always come to think of "Misery." I don't know why. Just 'cause. Lucas' voice just makes me want to sing along. Loud. But I won't because.. that wouldn't be good. No way.

6. Spanish Guitar-Los Lobos
- Well, I know my brother loves this song. He'd play it constantly when he was stuck on it. On repeat. No breaks. You'd think you would get tired of it. I don't really remember if I got tired of it or not due to the fact that that happened a while ago. For some reason, I just get the image in my mind of riding in the car with my bro going to Blockbuster Video to get something. (*shrug* no idea why.)Maybe the song was playing then.
Well, anyways, I like it now. I think it was in one of those Antonio Banderas films. Desperato I think. Pretty cool movie. Pretty cool song.

7. Pull Me Out Alive - Kaki King
- ok. That's the new single from Kaki King's new album Dreaming Of Revenge. So.. I haven't even purchased the cd yet. I know I know but I have no money. So that's my excuse. Saw the new video as well. Doesn't hurt to have Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara and Hesta Prynn of Northern State in it either. It's like you get 3 for 1 or something. Spectacular.
Great new song. Even though I don't have the newest album, I do have the ...Until We Felt Red one. Favorites from that album are the title track ...Until We Felt Red and Yellowcake. mhm.

8. До Свидания(Goodbye) - Zемфира
- So this is another song in particular of Zemfira's that I've been listening to much. Hm.. I'd love to see Zemfira live one day. One day. Until then, there's tons of live super recent stuff on Youtube. (hint)

9. City Girl - Tegan and Sara
- This is the other song I mentioned. This is from the If It Was You album. Yup. Tegan and Sara. Gotta love em.

10. How Many - Tender Forever
- Tender Forever!! I always end up playing this song on repeat. I like the cool clapping thing going throughout. I've yet to master that pattern. Lots of fun to listen to full blast. Melanie Valera is ultra cool. She should tour more.

11. Parentheses - The Blow
- This is probably the first song I've ever heard by The Blow. At first, I didn't particularly care for it. I was too occupied with True Affection. But "Parentheses" triggers in my mind whenever I hear the word or have the need to write a parenthesis or two.(usually it's two.)True story too. Randomly started singing this while in science class. Very cute song. "When you're holding me, we make a pair of parentheses. There's plenty space to encase whatever weird way my mind goes. I know I'll be safe in these arms." :) Well, it makes me smile.

12. Hold On Love - Azure Ray.
- Stumbled upon this song while in art class. Super calm song. " Hold on love. Even when I scream and fight. Even when I swear I don't love you. Just hold on tight."

If I ever do another one of these, remind me to do less than twelve songs. Long.


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