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14 avr. 2009, 20h05m

So in an attempt to find all the nifty and neglected gems I have in my music collection I set my auto DJ script for Media Monkey to append tracks -1. What’s that mean? Well, the auto DJ for Media Monkey takes the last couple of songs played in a playlist and queries for similar artists. It then goes through your library and appends a song to the end of the playlist that’s similar to what you’ve just listened to. There’s a couple of different values for the plugin and the one that I messed with controls ratings. I wanted it to find music I haven’t rated yet. I was very pleased.

Since my lovely girl, dolmansaxlil introduced me to The Fratellis last night I thought I’d start with them. Here’s what it generated and my commentary:
Chelsea Dagger – The very first track in my experiment. Let’s just say that I love this tune. It’s shown up in a few of Simon Peg’s movies and that makes me happy.
I Predict A Riot – Okay. This track actually showed up twice. The first time I listened to it I skipped it. Wasn’t a huge fan. But the chorus is awesome and it’s grown on me.
Do You Want To – This track was my first exposure to Franz Ferdinand and I still love it. Definitely a sing along.
Somebody Told Me – I’ve always liked this tune. Never knew I had it though. See! This project has borne fruit: I found a tune I love!
Rock & Roll Queen – Okay. If the node can’t find a suitable match it widens the search criteria. That’s the case with this one. I have this one rated as a favorite. And how can one not? It’s a faboo tune!
The ViewModest Mouse. Gotta say, I have to be in the mood. I’m just not a huge fan. Good track though. But nothing special.
The Great Escape – Why hasn’t this one been rated as a favorite before??!??!?! I love the band. I love the tune.
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out} – Ooohhh! A new favorite. Me thinks I’m gonna have to listen to some more of these guys.
Grounds for Divorce – This one should be tagged for “Truth”. It’s a spiffy song. I totally dig it.
Empty – I think this was my least favorite song generated by this little project. Not terribly surprising. Metric is largely hit or miss for me. If I like the tune, I love it. Otherwise: Meh.
Here It Goes Again – Woo hoo! Another new fave! Very very very slick.
I Want to Be Buried in Your Backyard – Ugh. The singer just drives me insane. The band as a whole is groovy but I just can’t get past the whining.
Alms – I totally dig this tune.
A Certain Romance – I tend to listen to Florescent Adolescent almost exclusively when I feel like listing to the Simians from the North. I’m pleased that this project put another track of theirs in my favorite list.
Helicopter – Pretty good track.
A Letter to Dominique – Umm… Louis XIV is one of my favorite bands. I’m pretty sure that Bloc Party just didn’t generate anything new. Still love it.
Minnesoter – Meh. I can take or leave this track.
Isolation – I’m gonna commit blasphemy. I’m not a huge fan of John Lennon’s solo stuff. And Snow Patrol didn’t do a particularly fabulous job of interpreting the song. I’m totally cool with never hearing this song again.
Shoot the Runner – Oh My Me! I love this track. What a great note to end this lil’ project on. Big fan.

So. To sum up. I’m delighted with the results of my experiment with the Media Monkey Node Auto DJ functionality. And now I have a fairly decent playlist or recent rock bands that’re kinda brit/eurotrash influenced.

I’m so pleased.
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  • dolmansaxlil

    Just for kicks, I'm making my way through this list. Chelsea Dagger - this song is how I found the Fratelli's initially. Already a favourite. I Predict a Riot - don' t have it. Sigh. Care to fix that, Sizzly? Do you Want To - It's Franz Ferdinand. Already a fave. 'Nuff said. Somebody Told Me - Great tune. And I'm not sure why I didn't already have it tagged as a favourite. I do now. Rock and Roll Queen - Already a fave. The View - Meh. It's alright. But that's about all I can say about it. The Great Escape - I already had this one as a fave, too. So far, this list isn't finding a lot of new stuff for me, but it's a GREAT list! Neighbourhood #3 - A new listen for me. Arcade Fire is a band that I like, but I haven't taken the time to get to know them. This is a great track! I definitely need to pay a little more attention to them. Grounds for Divorce - Wolf Parade are one of my new favourite bands. This track is no exception - already a fave! Empty - One of my least favourite Metric tunes. As you said, they're hit or miss. This is a big miss. Here it Goes Again - GREAT track. And it was already a favourite. I Want to Be Buried in Your Backyard - This song reminds me of high school Battles of the Bands. Can't say I'm a fan. In fact, I didn't get all the way through the track. Yawn. Alms - one of the few Futureheads tunes I already know. So it was disappointing because it wasn't new to me, but good because it reminded me to tag it. A Certain Romance - I really like the Arctic Monkeys. So I like this tune, but not nearly as much as "I Bet you Look Good on the Dance Floor", "Fake Tales of San Francisco", "Dancing Shoes", and "Florescent Adolescent". However, I haven't heard it in a while, so it was good to hear it again. Good enough that it might go into the regular rotation. Helicopter - I haven't gotten into "The Feeling". I'm not sure how I feel about this track. The repetitive keyboard thing was getting to be a bit much. But decent enough that I'll give the band a more serious listen. Not completely convinced, though. A Letter to Dominique - It's Louis XIV. And that's all it has to be to make it awesome! This is also one of my fave Louis tunes. Minnesoter - I don't have this one. Weird, cause I do have some of their stuff. Just not this track. I listened to the preview here, but it's not enough to judge. Isolation - Don't have this one either. Have two other covers of it, but not this one. Snow Patrol is really hit or miss for me, though. Shoot the Runner - Sad. I don't have this one either. Sizzly - if you love it so much, you need to fix that! The preview wasn't very convincing, but they really are. 30 seconds just isn't long enough for me to decide. Not a bad list - but I'm sad that I'm missing a lot of the stuff that I didn't already know. I'm definitely going to give this script a try, though, so mission accomplished!

    14 avr. 2009, 21h11m
  • dolmansaxlil

    Damnit. I need an edit button. Sigh.

    14 avr. 2009, 21h16m
  • Stevenrock

    Louis xiv rock!

    14 avr. 2009, 23h57m
  • sizzly_one

    Amen, brother!

    15 avr. 2009, 11h19m
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