Best of 2008.


1 jan. 2009, 21h16m

Yeah, I know this is late. It had to be. I was listening to music!

10. ShowbreadNervosa
I’m not gonna lie, I’m having a hard time listening to Showbread’s new double-album. Few of the songs really hold the same attention that their earlier stuff did. It might be because it’s supposed to be a story and it might be because the mixing makes the vocals and lyrics hard to understand. Nervosa is the stronger of the two albums.

09. Brave Saint SaturnAnti-Meridian
I got this album at the very end of 2008, and while I haven’t had much time to listen, I know that it was really solid and the songs will become classics soon for me. It’s a good ending to the trilogy. Now I’m ready for that Five Iron DVD and more from Reese Roper's "label". Maybe a new Atombender album?

08. The Riot BeforeFists Buried in Pockets
I don’t have much to say about this album. The Riot Before just wrote a hugely important album in the folk-influenced punk world and not many people are paying attention. The Gaslight Anthem should pay a little attention.

07. Children 18:3Children 18:3
Children 18:3 have always been the solid regional band to me that I couldn’t really get into, but when this album came out, I was drawn in the rest of the way. Are Tooth and Nail’s punk days coming back?

06. Less Than JakeGNV FLA
Comeback! Less Than Jake brings it back to their style of old and in turn, writes one of their best albums ever. And since I wasn’t into them in the 90’s, this is real good stuff to me. Thank you guys.

05. The Envy CorpsDwell
Another album with a lot of redone songs, The Envy Corps are near-perfect songsmiths. I’m not sure how to think about them being back in the studio. While Wires & Wool is an awesome song, another brand new one, Welcome To the Gold Rush, is the weakest on the album.

04. Take It Back!Can’t Fight Robots
This album was a big feature of a lot of old Take It Back! songs I love with completely improved production on their Facedown Records debut. While Take It Back! isn’t doing anything out-of-the-box in the world of hardcore punk, the songs on this album are distinct and catchy enough to set them apart. I hope with their recent line-up changes, Take It Back! can repeat next year with a killer follow-up.

03. The Gaslight AnthemThe ’59 Sound
I have to admit that this album was a slight disappointment for me. After the perfect Senor and the Queen EP, I was expecting a little more from The Gaslight Anthem. While I can say (with a sense of elitism in my heart) that I was into them before they were a steam-powered hype train, that’s not what this is about. Everything that I love about The Gaslight Anthem is here, but to me it feels a little formulaic, a little oddly-produced, and a little stale. With that said, this is still one of the most solid collections of songs from the year and a few of them really blow me away. I still couldn’t stop listening.

02. House of Heroes - The End Is Not The End
I waited three years for a new album from HOH, only being treated to a few songs in that huge gap. The problem with such a long wait between albums is that expectations are constantly greatened. This album did not disappoint in the slightest. It never slows down or loses power. Every song is equally distinct and memorable. If it weren’t for those darn Driver F boys, this would easily top my 2008 list.

01. Driver F - Chase The White Whale
This album WAS 2008 for me. From the minute the songs went up on Driver F’s myspace and I didn’t know how I felt about the “new sound” to the day we unexpectedly were ask to play some shows with them to Dec. 31, this album held my attention and secured its place as one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. It’s ridiculous how much Driver F has grown. Chase the White Whale is a genre-defying, intensely personal archetype of modern rock.

Honorable Mentions:
Paint It Black – New Lexicon
The Myriad – With Arrows, With Poise
Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple
The Bronx – The Bronx (III)
Sigur Ros - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

1. The Gaslight Anthem - Senor and the Queen
2. Hearts of Palm - The Bridge
3. Deas Vail - White Lights
You know how some albums would be perfect if the number of songs were wittled down to a 4/5-song EP? These are those EPs.

Albums I still want to get from 2008:
Anberlin – New Surrender
Jonezetta – Cruel To Be Young
Dillinger Four – C I V I L W A R
Polar Bear Club – Sometimes Things Just Disappear
The Loved Ones – Build & Burn
Good Old War – Only Way To Be Alone
The Hold Steady – Stay Positive
Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life
The Killers – Day & Age
Starflyer 59 – Dial M
Copeland – You Are My Sunshine

2008 Mixtape:
1. Driver F – Remember When That Train Wrecked Our Lifestyle
2. Iron Chic – In One Ear
3. Dirty Tactics – Bleeding Gums
4. Paint It Black – The Beekeeper
5. Brave Saint Saturn – Starling
6. The Faint – The Geeks Were Right
7. House of Heroes – By Your Side
8. Denison Witmer – Life Before Aesthetics
9. Take It Back! – All That Keeps Us Strong
10. Less Than Jake – Settling Son
11. The Gaslight Anthem – Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts

1. Wires & Wool – The Envy Corps
2. Cheap Girls – No One to Blame
3. Deas Vail – White Lights
4. The Bronx – Past Lives
5. Sweet Diss and the Comebacks – Clap Clap Your Hands
6. Gnarls Barkley – Going On
7. Hearts of Palm – Farewell Valentine
8. Children 18:3 – A Chance To Say Goodbye
9. Sigur Ros – Ara batur
10. Lakes – The Heart Is An Anchor
11. The Myriad – A Thousand Winters Melting
12. Showbread – The Beginning


  • pianominstrel

    Good stuff. HOH was my #6 and Children my #1. I'm sure BSS would have made my list but I didn't get to it in time... I just got the first disc and I want to go in order. Showbread's "The Beginning" was my top song of the year. I got Anberlin and was quite disappointed and I borrowed Jonezetta and wasn't that intrigued. Looking forward this year to new stuff from mewithoutYou, Mute Math, and Deas Vail especially, as well as many others.

    2 jan. 2009, 4h54m
  • heyjohnnyfive

    There are plenty of stuff we'll agree on once you check my list, but first I must say - LESS THAN JAKE ftw! that album is great! I'll have to check out Driver F. Take It Back! was disappointing for me, but other than that - we have a lot of the same. You definitely need Jonezetta and new SF59.

    7 jan. 2009, 3h09m
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