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18 oct. 2008, 11h17m

Fri 17 Oct – Weezer, Angels & Airwaves, Tokyo Police Club

I'm not going to write much right now because it is almost 4AM. However, this concert was freakin' AWESOME. I'll just start from the top.

The Relationship played a few songs. The singer (Brian Bell) was funny (in an ironic way) mainly because there wasn't much of a crowd yet. Didn't know any of their songs, but they were interesting. A bit of country influence.

Tokyo Police Club was good. I only heard of them recently and only have listened to 3 of their songs. They played all three! Yay. Still, the crowd was small when they performed so it wasn't as exciting as it could have been.

Angels & Airwaves was good too (I know I'm not reviewing this like a professional, but I don't care. I'm mainly writing this so I can remember). It was hard to hear Tom's singing sometimes... especially WHAT he was saying. I am a big AVA fan and even though I've listened to all of their songs several times each I couldn't really tell you the track names. I'm not that good with names anyway. AVA played 8 songs and I enjoyed it. Tom had some time to talk to the crowd a bit... made me reminisce about Blink 182's live album: The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show.

Finally Weezer.

They were freakin' awesome. After seeing AVA perform 8 songs I figured that Weezer might do 12ish. They performed 19 songs. 19! That was amazing. I loved it. They played all of their big hits and yes, it was AWESOME. They ended up playing about 3 songs I had never heard of (I listen to most of their songs, though some almost none). I think those were "filler" songs because Rivers never sang those songs. He either left the stage or played the drums. It was like they were filling time so Rivers could rest. Haha.
This tour was promoted as the tour promoting The Red Album... but they only played 4 songs from The Red Album. Not that I'm complaining. I'd much rather hear their big hits than more of the 'lesser' songs off the new album. They played Pork and Beans, Troublemaker, Automatic, and (my favorite) The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.

I won't list all the songs they played... but they opened with My Name Is Jonas, closed with Buddy Holly, and had Tom (from AVA) come be part of Undone (The Sweater Song). They also had fans with instruments play with them on Island in the Sun and Beverly Hills. A guy behind me said that he thought Rivers Cuomo is crazy. I thought it was awesome.

Anyway, it's time to go to sleep now. That concert was quite quite awesome.


p.s. Weezer put on a record of Heart Songs and people were quite sad/confused/upset/angry/etc. Then after about 2-3 minutes, the band members got on stage and Rivers kicked the record player from center stage, possibly breaking it. Then they played Buddy Holly. Awesome end. K, now I'm done.


  • trampledYams

    I agree Weezer was awesome. :) One of the songs you may have never heard of was a Pink Floyd cover. Another (and totally guessing here) may have been "Susanne", which is on the Blue Album Deluxe Edition.

    19 oct. 2008, 3h53m
  • fauxtrot

    You're right trampledYams. Suzanne is definitely on Deluxe, and was a great surprise! I really liked their enthusiasm, which increased exponentially if you recall their much older tours where there wasn't much interaction going on, at least what I could remember from watching their concerts online.

    19 oct. 2008, 9h40m
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