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  • Takuro-Y

    Hi, Thank you for friend request. Nice to meet you.

    8 déc. 2013 Répondre

    That's the point, though. Gaining discipline through self-torture. Because I love music more than anything, it seems it's the only thing that can motivate me. Yeah, I finished NaNoWriMo! I mean, I finish it every year to 50k, but that doesn't a novel make, since I tend to write longer stuff. Anyway, ohhh, Merlin! I love, love, love it (even if if suffers from character deterioration at some points). I'm somewhere in series 3, I think? I need to continue :) The entire show ended recently so I can finally watch it without pacing myself. (If you haven't started watching it yet, let me warn you, it's very addictive :D) Ok, I'm gonna go follow ya~ ^^

    11 jan. 2013 Répondre

    Happy New Year! A little belated, sorry :D I imposed a reward-punishment system for myself (I can only listen to music if I'm writing. 100 words=1 song), so I'm kind of not checking xD (you can see how terribly I've been not writing the past week D:) Anyway, sorry for not writing anything a long time. I'm so scatterbrained. Plus there was NaNoWriMo in Novemeber during which my brain melted and I forgot about everything thenceforth. ;_; I actually wanted to tell you that Supernatural is my favourite show and I had no idea you liked it too! :D And also, do you have twitter? Please get twitter? I don't like online messengers but I'd like to keep in contact a little better than here. I used to dislike twitter but recently I've realized it's a really nice way to keep in touch with people, especially to just see what they're doing day to day when they update with random I caved and started using it too >.<

    9 jan. 2013 Répondre

    I think I'd die at -26 ._. over here we're so not geared to live in such conditions. I don't even have clothes for such cold. It was 5°C today, tho, which is really low for us. I'm kind of worried what the actual winter will bring. But we're already using our wood-burning stove which is awesome because I love staring at the fire :D

    29 oct. 2012 Répondre

    What. Somehow I managed to miss that you live near the sea xD you know, it's strange, I like the sea more during winter. With the wind and the cold and seems more powerful, somehow? I would love to see a snow-covered beach while the sea thrashes next to it. I bet it's beautiful * - * Last year I had the opportunity to jump over a stream that had its banks covered in snow, but it's not really the same thing...

    29 oct. 2012 Répondre

    Ahh, I see. This is probably the same thing as the sea. Like people who live inland are always so excited about the sea and I'm all "meh." :D When I was at uni, it snowed a lot for a couple of months at winter and it didn't annoy me at all. All the pretty whiteness...and the cold it carried was much more pleasant than bora (the wind that blows here in Croatia which I swear blows right through your bones D:)

    28 oct. 2012 Répondre

    omg it's so nice that you're so excited about snow :D you probably get it every year, don't you? if we ever get it here it's only a couple of centimetres for a couple of days, so it's always like SNOOOOW. they're forecasting it for some parts of Croatia soon, though. I hope it comes here too. I love snow :3

    28 oct. 2012 Répondre

    You're right, that is a stupid system xD we do have exams exactly like that in Croatia, too, but it's for specific universities (like Film Academy), but I wouldn't have thought that getting into a humanities-based programme would be that convoluted. :| Anyway, I'm so glad you feel better now :D and omg it must be so nice to be able to talk to other people about j-music. In college, I could talk to a couple of people but usually irl, I have no one and I don't even like talking to my friends about it because they're all just SO annoyingly indifferent D:

    21 oct. 2012 Répondre

    Wow, you had to actually read books for the entrance exam? :O That's unusual...but kind of cool. We didn't even have an entrance exam (but then again, our system is stupid). And that's great! That's pretty much how I made my first friend at college, we went randomly to have coffee and ended up talking for a long time about everything. So is going to classes more bearable now? :)

    19 oct. 2012 Répondre

    I think you guys may have picked a bit too heavy a movie for hanging out? I haven't watched it though, but I read the book and liked it...maybe because I could relate to it. But Osamu Dazai was a weird fellow, either way. Also, The Fallen Angel--what? HOW? D: Anyway, it sounds like the outing went well :D I know what you mean about talking's such a relief to talk to someone normally about your interests and not have everyone stare at you like you're a freak, yeah. Lol I feel like I should congratulate you on successful socializing or something, only because I feel we're similar in some aspects and I would definitely congratulate myself on such an event, so, congrats~ :D

    15 oct. 2012 Répondre

    So how did the evening with your classmates end up going?

    12 oct. 2012 Répondre

    By far the worst thing about those gatherings or even family reunions are those questions. So much. When everyone starts asking about relationships and ~where are you going in your life~ and when are you getting married and whatever...and I usually just answer truthfully that I'm not interested in relationships, that I don't want to get married or have kids and that I mostly just want to write and paint and travel and everyone is like "it's a phase", "don't worry, you'll get there", "you'll find someone too". Seriously, it's like they're saying "we expect you to one day become normal like all of us because there is no other alternative". And what's worse is that even though I don't care about any of those things, I still end up feeling bad about myself. And then people wonder why I don't want to go outside anymore. Ugh. Rant over. Anyway, we are so on the same page. And good luck at the mixer today ;)

    25 sept. 2012 Répondre

    Ughh reunions. I agree with you 100%. I hate those things. Wouldn't go even if someone paid me. I still hang out with a couple of people from my high school, but most of them I didn't even like. To be thrown into a hall/restaurant/whatever with all of them...horror. Plus they're all graduating college or getting married and having babies, and me, most of the time I'm sitting in my room trying to write my book. I really don't need anyone looking down on me, I already do that myself ._.

    24 sept. 2012 Répondre

    I meant that it's useful for getting in touch with your current schoolmates. I barely talked to anyone in class but on fb I could at least follow what was going on or check if we had homework when I didn't go to class and so on. I don't think fb is inherently bad, but it's sort of like one day everyone up and decided that privacy no longer existed for anyone, anywhere. I hate it when people put up pictures of me without my permission, for example. D: Anyway, I don't think you'll make yourself look like a fool. The mixer can only get you more acquainted with people, which is cool :D

    24 sept. 2012 Répondre

    Yeah, a fb account is really convenient for getting in touch with schoolmates you don't usually even talk to. We had an internal messaging system which our teachers used, but for making events and such, fb is (regretfully) much more useful. That mixer doesn't sound bad at all. I hope you manage to socialize :)

    24 sept. 2012 Répondre

    Ikr? I only have fb because every single one of my friends has it and it's the cheapest way to get in touch now, otherwise it's a complete waste of time. So are you gonna go to the mixer? What sort is it anyway? Like a party or a gathering? Ours were always in a bar/club so it was more like going out to party than anything else...

    24 sept. 2012 Répondre

    There's a class called Suicidal Authors Of Japan!? WHAAT. I would so take that class, too. :D And Japanese Aesthetics sounds nice, I wish we had that. Are the language classes satisfactory though?

    20 sept. 2012 Répondre

    Funny, with us, the mixer was nearly mandatory...and it was even kind of fun. But yeah, maybe it's still too early? I didn't make a friend for at least a month and a half and barely talked to anyone before that. I guess it took time to realize who are the others who don't fit in... And yeah, I have no idea what's Africa doing there; I honestly don't remember there being any classes concerning it either. I think it's just that universities tend to group these less-attended studies together. It seems that you have a more cultural syllabus, though. My core subjects in first year were Modern Japanese, Japanese Writing, Methodology of Cross-Cultural Research, and History of East Asia (we mostly studied Chinese history though).

    20 sept. 2012 Répondre

    My department was "East Asian and African Studies", not that that makes much more sense. D: But there were several majors in it, and mine was Japanology. I had a couple of core subjects that I had to take, and there were a lot of of electives, some of which had to do with Taiwan or India and so on. But they were electives. I didn't have to take them because I was a Japanologist. I did have to take Chinese History though, it's a requirement for everybody in our department. I really don't know what to make of Arabic studies ._. what's your major exactly?

    20 sept. 2012 Répondre

    Oh, I feel you. I was about 4 years older than everyone else when I started at my uni. D: Although the age gap didn't really show that much, it was more the cliques. I think I was kind of annoyed that most people there seemed to just want to learn Japanese because it seemed cool or because they liked anime or jpop. I mean, it's okay to have motivation - I have it too - but still only a few seemed genuinely interested in the language because of the lanaguage...anyway, if the cliques don't suit you, there's no forcing it. I think you can still learn and have a normal time without being friends with everyone. I curtailed the awkwardness of leaning on a wall by myself all the time by always having something to read with me (and sometimes that would become a conversation starter too). Btw do you have any events at your uni? Like a freshman mixer or sth like that? Our department used to have a freshman party every year. It's a good place to kind of get to know your classmates better...

    20 sept. 2012 Répondre
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