Top 10 Week 2


9 sept. 2005, 21h05m

This week I've decided not to continue with doing the top 10 artists as most of the time it will be the same artists, but instead looking at the top 10 songs of the week in a bit more depth, which will allow for much more variety each week and something more interesting to say. /boring bit. Worth noting as there are lots of =8th it's probably more than 10. Oh well.

1 Atmosphere 6 - As the name suggests, amazingly atmospheric and...indescribable..

1 The Dead Flag Blues 6 - Wow. Considering it's 16 minutes long that's quite impressively high. Another post-rock-ish band, but the sound is almost scary and apocalyptic, however the last few minutes are blissfully melodic.

1 Salty Water 6 - Still lovely. Another quite atmospheric song, and strangely for BSP it's mainly just acoustic guitar and vocals. I must buy the Remember Me EP at some point. Currently it's a damn expensive import of all the Remember Me B-sides.

4 Viðar vel til loftarasa 5 - The most brilliant build up to a song ever, ka-stounding piano, building to the most amazing..'orgasm of sound' and it's just a massive crescendo and the violins all go out of tune but it's lovely and amazing and wow /rambling.

4 Remember Me as a Time of Day 5 - I think this is just one it seems to play on random a lot...heh..but still amazing. Can't personally describe it now as I can't remember it...exactly..

4 First Day of My Life 5 - A great songwriter and lyricist, but his voice is just a bit too pathetic and whingey in too large a dose. However this is for the brilliant line "I'd rather be working for a paycheque/Than waiting to win the lottery..."

4 Tongue Tied 5 - Until I find a better one, this is the best instrumental track. Ever. IMO of course...

8 I Was a Kaleidoscope 4 - Similar to Bright Eyes above, I kind of don't like the vocals but the song, and lyrics, are great. It has a lovely riff and some memorable lines, eg. "I put on my overcoat and walked into winter - my teeth chattered rhythms...and they were grouped in twos or threes, like a morse code message was sent...from me to me." Brings a smile to the face of little old me.

8 27 4 - Downloaded free from I'll have you know. Excellent stuff, great guitar, again, a bit screamy vocals but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Love the intro drums and the way the guitar comes in.

8 Look Into the Air 4 - Amazing instrumentalisation, but the lack of vocals makes it hard for me to remember any exact details of this one. But I'll make the assumption that it's damn good.

8 Section 9 4 - Still on a high after their V performance hehe. One of the most uplifting songs ever. with live DVD...

8 In Bet 4 - This is the second best instrumental track. Ever. Really, really lovely. Explosions In The Sky might be high up in this if I could remember the exact songs...

8 Faster 4 Snarling vocals, amazing lyrics, brilliant chugging guitars. 4 minutes of unstoppable pure anger. Got The Holy Bible this week, it's amazing. You young un's can write them off as that drab indie band if you like, well never have I heard such an intense, scary and powerful record as this.

8 Let's Get Lost 4 - Words cannot say how much I love that amazing melodic little guitar bit in there at some point in this song. On a par with Memory Lane in terms of simply beautiful fingerpicking and sweet melodic..ness. Wow. And free with my Q magazine..

8 Agaetis Byrjun 4 - This one probably has the best guitar bit at the start of it, and develops with lovely melodic..ness..and the ole Hopelandic singing. Not so much a crescendo this time but beautiful throughout. Why are other Sigur Ros cds so damn expensive at HMV?! Grr..

8 Cheat 4 - Time for something a bit different, some more great lyrics. "don't use the rules, they're not for you, they're for the fools, and you're a fool if you don't know that, so use the rules, you stupid fool!" And then the guitar solo kicks in. It gets me every time, heh.

8 Chicken Pig (True Adventures instrumental demo) 4 - Final song this week, the truly beautiful instrumental version of True Adventures. Actually this is the best instrumental song ever...

Well while I'm deciding the order of the best instrumentals, hope you enjoyed that. All really great songs there, I'm rather proud the way this week's chart has turned out /boasting. So, really, I don't think you could go wrong with any of those. Instrumental songs, you say..?....

PS. I thought of another: Ovary Stripe Another really good un. Their best song, because it doesn't have that annoying cocky singer on it...


shift-edit: as inspired by Russell I've decided to move this to the KEGS FM overall journal type thing too. It'd be interesting if a few of you felt like doing the same thing, but don't worry if you can't be bothered.
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  • Y2Ken

    Last week you said you had a record 800 plays... but I played 967 songs 2 weeks ago - beat that sonny! Nice commenting though.

    9 sept. 2005, 21h41m
  • shifto112

    i meant like a personal record ..but never mind lol

    9 sept. 2005, 21h44m
  • chris999998

    Rather embarrassed to realise I haven't actually heard any of those.... yet...

    9 sept. 2005, 22h13m
  • shifto112

    Well you have many years ahead of you to discover the variety and joys of music. I kinda didn't expect anyone to, as my taste is getting less mainstream and generally weirder. But still, none out of 18? I'm mildly disappointed but unsurprised... However that said this can be easily recitfied, the Biffy and Polyphonic Spree songs are available for free legal download on, as is one of the Sigur Ros songs. That's how I discovered SR, and haven't looked back since.

    9 sept. 2005, 22h18m
  • Y2Ken

    Yeah I know, well done. I was just challenging you to beat my personal record... I haven't listened to the most in a week on lastfm.

    10 sept. 2005, 16h51m
  • brownfish

    yeah, nice list mr atkinson. sigur ros are ace. i recently saw them for the second time while in australia and their performance was fantastic. some great lighting effects. i take it youve heard of mogwai? if not, check them out. equally genius.

    12 sept. 2005, 0h11m
  • fornogoodreason

    i like that clash song.

    12 sept. 2005, 12h19m
  • fornogoodreason

    oh and the joy divison one. i don't think i have heard the rest.

    12 sept. 2005, 12h20m
  • shifto112

    yes Mr Brown I have heard of Mogwai and they are amazing too, however I don't think they quite match Sigur Ros in terms of amazingness. But I haven't heard as much stuff by them.

    12 sept. 2005, 17h33m
  • Cookman

    Damn right Mr Atkinson

    12 sept. 2005, 18h05m
  • shifto112

    Don't worry, this week's chart is looking a bit more like a kind of you-might-have-heard-of-these-songs-this-time kinda chart.

    12 sept. 2005, 23h59m
  • brownfish

    ah, its a fair point. sigur ros are the pinnacle of brilliance.

    13 sept. 2005, 19h23m
  • brownfish

    and another point, the new album is fantastic

    13 sept. 2005, 19h24m
  • shifto112

    i will have to purchase it soon. the new sigur ros album cover is my msn display picture at the moment in order to remind me to get it. wow this is like the most comments on something ive written ever before i think..

    13 sept. 2005, 19h42m
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