Actually going to see something!


17 jui. 2011, 21h04m

Well, I've done it and bought tickets. I haven't gone to see Neil Finn (or Crowded House) the last 3-4 times he's been in the area (this was the last time I saw him- crap, in 2003!!). Next month he's going to be playing at some divey bar/venue in Costa Mesa, the next city over from me, about a block away from our local DMV. It's in a strip mall, for pete's sake, with a Rally's Burgers on the corner - or it used to be a Rally's, I think now it's Mexican food.

He's playing with his wife and another musician in a new (side?) project called Pajama Club. Interestingly, Sharon is playing bass (I didn't even know she was a musician, I had thought she was an artist), and he's playing drums for a change. I think and I should be able to scrape together $20 apiece for a venue we could almost ride bikes to, although we probably won't, given the time it'll be over. Should be interesting! Although I am gonna get flack that we haven't been to see Louis Black or been to the Blues Festival in the meantime...


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