• The Lyrics Game

    9 oct. 2007, 23h16m

    Ok, I can't deny I stole this idea from someone, but I thought it was great so I decided to do it too.

    Here we go. If you recognize which band any of these lyrics belong to (the pool of bands is listed below in alphabetical order), please write a comment and tell me which lyric and which band / song match :)

    1. "And I wonder, if you ever wonder the same..." (Anathema - Angelica)
    2. "Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm." (Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence)
    3. "This sadness is my own."
    4. "I can find no sleep, I never sleep at night." (Liv Kristine - 3am)
    5. "Will you believe in me because sometimes we never die?" (My Dying Bride - Der Ueberlebende)
    6. "You're the perfect star, you're everything I need, you make the darkness fall away." (Engine - Perfect Star)
    7. "There's no room beside her for another woman." (Amorphis - Stonewoman)
    8. "You said you were a white witch, reminds me of a movie that you'd seen." (Antimatter - The Last Laugh)
    9. "Am I good enough for you?" (Type O Negative - Love You To Death)
    10. "Your hands are cruel, careful, pale." (Darkthrone - Transylvanian Hunger)
    11. "I love this place, the lights..."
    12. "Would you mind if I killed you?" (Within Temptation - What Have You Done)
    13. "I wait for you to taste your unknown world." (Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black)
    14. "I know I'm from a lesser tribe, and I suppose the range of my intelligence is way too wide." (The Gathering - Marooned)
    15. "You just left when I begged you to stay. I've not stopped crying since you went away." (Black Sabbath - Solitude)
    16. "Can't you see I'm praying? - I'm no more your business." (Lacuna Coil - Honeymoon Suite)
    17. "If only silence could ever talk, how loud would be the voice of this sincerely yours, violently yours..." (Moonspell - Mute)
    18. "I want to be forgotten, I want you to forgive, how I'm losing all this - it's just the way I live." (Katatonia - Distrust)
    19. "So where do we begin, and what else can we say, when the lines are all drawn, what should we do today?" (Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade of Gray Part I)
    20. "Your name in my heart I'll carve."
    21. "Es muss das Leben gewesen sein." (Dornenreich - Naechtlich Liebend)
    22. "And if you're listening, please tell us of the time, where and when we exist - no more." (Arcturus - Kinetic)
    23. "Am Ende der Wahrheit, am Ende des Lichts, am Ende der Liebe, am Ende - da stehst du." (Lacrimosa - Alleine zu zweit)
    24. "Come in out of the rain thou sayest, but thou ne'er step'st aside..." (Theatre of Tragedy - A Distance There Is)

    - Amorphis
    - Anathema
    - Antimatter
    - Arcturus
    - Black Sabbath
    - Darkthrone
    - Depeche Mode
    - Dornenreich
    - Engine
    - Evereve
    - Faith No More
    - Fates Warning
    - The Gathering
    - Katatonia
    - Lacrimosa
    - Lacuna Coil
    - Liv Kristine
    - Moonspell
    - My Dying Bride
    - Nevermore
    - Paradise Lost
    - Theatre of Tragedy
    - Type O Negative
    - Within Temptation
  • Amorphis in Sofia!

    6 sept. 2007, 19h48m


    Too bad I won't be in Sofia on November 3... but hey, I'll see Paradise Lost!
  • Wacken Open Air 2007

    12 août 2007, 19h32m

    So I just got back from my German / Scandinavian / Czech trip, of which Wacken was clearly one of the highlights, if not THE main highlight :D
    Here's the list of bands I saw, in chronological order:
    Lacuna Coil
    Blind Guardian
    Dimmu Borgir
    Swallow the Sun
    Type O Negative
    In Flames
    Vital Remains

    I don't really know what to say, other than... Most of these bands really kicked ass!

    My two big bands were Lacuna Coil and Type O Negative, to which I jumped until I was breathless. It was incredible to sign along with Cristina Scabbia and Peter Steele. Heavenly. Orgasmic. So wonderful I'll never recover from that experience :)

    On the second day, right as In Flames were killing us not-so-softly, there were these beautiful fireworks that marked the total climax of the evening.

    It was amazing to live with only metalheads for these two days... There should be a metalhead kingdom or something... so that I can have more guys around me that I actually find attractive :)

    And you know what? When I get married someday, Wacken is going to be my honeymoon. It's been decided :P