Be Negative About Your Top 20! (23/10/10)


24 oct. 2010, 6h44m

myungtrucci did this before me and it looked kinda cool so I decided to do it :D

1. Circa Survive
Blue Sky Noise was a good album, but it wasn't nearly as good as your first 2 albums :(

2. Green Day
21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot were kind of mediocre and your American Idiot/21st century Breakdown fanbase at school are annoying. The 2nd part isn't really your fault though :P

3. My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade was overrated by the people who liked it and underrated by the people who didn't and it wasn't as good as your first 2 albums. Also, you're from New Jersey

4. Modest Mouse
We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank There were some pretty weak tracks on that album and I hate it when people rave about how Dashboard is your best song ever. It's not! You've made some amazing music in the past and your new(ish) EP was awesome too! Please surprise us again, especially all of your "dashboard" fans!

5. The Offspring
You sold out on the new album

6. Jimmy Eat World
You're latest 2 albums were disappointing and The Middle is a really inaccurate representation of your sound, but it's the one everyone's used to :(

7. Nirvana
you're kind of overrated by people who like you and people who don't like you give you way too much shit, but you're still awesome!

8. Fall Out Boy
You're too catchy for your own good and you didn't manage to play that show in Antarctica

9. The Living End
You're a cool band, but your later stuff is a bit too poppy to really work with your sound

10. Rise Against
You can get a bit repetitive and you covered Journey

11. Weezer
The Red Album was pretty lame and Raditude was awful, but Hurley was a nice surprise, however still not up to the quality of The Blue Album , Pinkerton and Maladroit

12. The White Stripes
I often forget how awesome you are and you broke up before I got to see you live :(

13. Vampire Weekend
You're kind of cool, but your fanbase sucks and I kind of got sick of you after a while. Oh well, I still like you (if that makes sense)

14. Crack the Sky
Some of your work is a bit cheesy and some of it is really hard to get ahold of because that record company you signed with sucked when you signed with them and still suck. You're a great band though and I need to see you before one of you die or something happens to break up the band again

15. The All-American Rejects
WAY TOO CATCHY :P I loved your first album due to nostalgia, but you other albums never really clicked

16. Frank Zappa
same reasons as The White Stripes except you didn't break up, you died :(

17. Pink Floyd
you have too many "fans" who don't really appreciate you and only care about your hits like Wish You Were Here , however this causes you to not be underrated, but in the wrong way :(

18. Cage the Elephant
Not quite sure how you got so high on my charts, but you're an ok indie band that's pretty original. I can't always get into you for some reason, sometimes you're awesome and sometimes you're kinda boring

19. Cake
You can get a bit boring sometimes, but you can be hilarious!

20. Pixies
I haven't listened to you as much as I want to and the definition of your name has devolved since you named yourself :(


  • goldspot7

    hey this is a good idea! nice dude!

    26 oct. 2010, 6h15m
  • searsi

    thanks, but I didn't come up with it as noted at the start of it (although I'm not sure if my friend came up with it either :P)

    27 oct. 2010, 2h03m
  • Myungtrucci

    haha I didn't come up with it either....

    27 oct. 2010, 9h18m
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