top 10 : a history


16 jan. 2010, 10h46m

1. Say Anything
First heard: Woe (The Optimist)
Fell in love with: Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat
Current favorite: I Love You More Than I Hate My Period

2. Sonic Youth
First heard: 100%
Fell in love with: What a Waste
Current favorite: Rats

3.Lady Gaga
First heard: Just Dance
Fell in love with: Poker Face
Current Favorite: Monster

4.The Killers
First Heard: Somebody Told Me
Fell in love with: Mr. Brightside
Current Favorite: (in this case latest favorite): The World We Live In

5.Friendly Fires
First Heard: Paris
Fell in love with: Strobe
Current Favorite: Skeleton Boy

6.Regina Spektor
First Heard: Your Honor
Fell in love with: Somedays
Current Favorite: Paris

7. Bright Eyes
First Heard:Lover I Don't Have to Love
Fell in love with: Nothing Gets Crossed Out
Current Favorite: Down in a Rabbit Hole

8.Brand New
First Heard: Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
Fell in love with: I Will Play My Game Underneath The Spin Light
current favorite: You Won't Know

9.The Lonely Island
First Heard: Lazy Sunday
Fell in love with: Jizz in My Pants
Current favorite: Natalie's Rap

10. Phantom Planet
First heard: Anthem
Fell in love with: All Over Again
Current favorite: The Guest


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