The Ghost of Marley


17 mai 2011, 6h13m

I think I'm being haunted. I have always loved Bob Marley songs, especially some of the older tracks done with the Wailers. But in the last week or so something has been urging me to play him non-stop. I first started listening to Bob Marley as a child growing up in the West Indian majority town of Brixton, London - England in the 1970s. It was nice enough, but it was my parent's music. I fell in love with breakdance and Hip-Hop like the rest of my generation. It was not until my first year of University that I got to know Mr Marley personally and I have been an avid listener ever since. You know for a journalist who loves to write about music amongst other things, I was surprised I missed the fact it was 30 years since Bob Marley died. A comment on my Facebook wall to a video I uploaded is what reminded me. The person must have thought I put the video up as an ode to him and I did, but not as a mark of his 30 year anniversary, just because I loved the track.

Bob Marley
Misty MorningBob Marley, reggae
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