Song Of The Day - 30 Apr 2009: Waiting for The Roar


21 jui. 2009, 6h28m

Fastway / Waiting For The Roar / Waiting For The Roar (1) / ? 1986

OK, so I obliquely (or was it obtusely?) referred to Fastway before but have yet to choose a SotD by them! Not really an excuse for that, so here 'tis.

It would have been easy to choose something from the self-titled debut, which is probably the best known album owing to oft-played tracks Say What You Will or their cover of Uriah Heep's Easy Livin'.

But I have to choose the album-opening* title track to their far lesser-known third album because it's easily my favorite, scoring a solid 70% RDF. (And I see I inexcusably failed to include it in the list of HMs for the AotY Awards for 1986 - now amended.) For a very long time this album wasn't available at all, but it was re-issued in 2006 by the Beat Goes On label.

Everything about this album is good, from the playing, to the songwriting, to the great hard-rocking vocals from Dave King. I still have a hard time believing that this is the same guy that fronts Flogging Molly these days. Doesn't sound at all like the same guy!

Other than this selection, check out The World Waits For You and Little By Little. All of them here courtesy of youtube since Last has none of them available.

Not sure how the pics relate to the song, but easy on the eyes, anyway...

\m/ (ò_ó) \m/

*Don't pay any attention to the track order listed on this album's page. It ain't right, but it ain't even right on the CD cover itself! If you happen to ever find a copy, you'll easily be able to figure out the correct order, though.


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