Song Of The Day - 31 Mar 2009: The Killer


1 avr. 2009, 2h55m

Queensrÿche / The Killer / American Soldier (6) / Mar 2009

Queensrÿche has come a very long way from the time when they could do no wrong in my book (first album through Empire) and their chart success peaked with Promised Land. Since the mid-90s they've just been so frustrating. I added just one song from Hear in the Now Frontier, Q2K, and Tribe combined. I really had high hopes for Operation: Mindcrime II, but it was a pale comparison with the original.

I go into the new album with no expectations at all, and not knowing what to make of this conceptual album about war from the vantage point of the troops on the ground. Every time they release an album I really want to like it, but end up getting disappointed.

So rather than go out and buy the new album as it hit stores today, I listened to the full album stream instead.

Now, I still need to give this a full proper dedicated listen, but I can say that when I do some other things while listening to a full album stream, a really great album will easily grab my attention from what I am doing otherwise. This didn't do that. I would hear some interesting things, but then they would stop short or seem to go nowhere.

The spoken samples that are used throughout the album...I get the point and the effect, but...don't work for me. Especially in Unafraid where they simply take over the song and make it sound like they're doing a background soundtrack to a documentary.

And is that rapping on album opener Sliver? (But that song actually has some good moments.)

Today's selection seemed to be doing really well, and then just kind of flamed out. There's even sax on Middle Of Hell, though that's not automatically a bad thing in and of itself, and is OK. Just don't let the name of the track fool you into thinking it's a rawker.

My bottom line gut feeling after two full listens is that this one is better than the late 90s albums but is going to be one that needs repeated listens to grow on me. They're definitely staying away from the style I love best, but at least they'll be playing a lot of classic stuff on tour.

Don't let this initial weak review scare you off if you're a fan, though, and check them out on Rockline tomorrow night (April 1) or for awhile after when the show if available for replay.

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  • GrantRS

    I just listened to Sliver on spotify. I never want to hear it again. lol. :\

    21 sept. 2009, 10h13m
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