Song Of The Day - 18 Oct 2008: Comfortably Numb (AotY 1979)


22 oct. 2008, 10h18m

Pink Floyd / Comfortably Numb / The Wall (III-6) / Nov 1979

sablespecter's Album of the Year for 1979 (RDF: 88%)

With their last best shot (maybe?), Pink Floyd finally snag an AotY to close out the 1970s! As with the selection of "Hotel California" when awarding the AotY for 1976, I really should save this selection from the album for a time when I could give it a more thorough treatment, but this is an all-time fan favorite, so how can I not choose it as the SotD when I announce the album as the AotY? It's a definitive classic, which isn't surprising given that it's almost entirely a David Gilmour composition. And to think that he originally considered it for his first solo album, and that he had to fight like hell with Roger Waters over how to record it!

Rounding out the Top Five of 1979 (in order of descending RDF):

Eagles: The Long Run (80% RDF): Eagles wrap their original recording run with the album that score another high RDF. Their songs were very dark by wonder I love this album.

Scorpions: Loverdrive (75% RDF): With their string of great albums in the 70s, Scorpions are well-positioned for their golden era that would come in the 80s.

Motörhead: Bomber (70% RDF): An album which was overlooked at the time and for a good while afterward, including by me. But in retrospective, one of their best in their prolific catalog.

AC/DC: Highway to Hell (70% RDF): AC/DC just begin to really cook before tragedy struck at the dawn of the 80s. But they didn't miss too many beats: that decade saw their golden era. Would they snag an AotY Award? Stay tuned!

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order by band/artist name):
Fleetwood Mac: Tusk
Journey: Evolution
Motörhead: Overkill
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: Damn the Torpedoes
Van Halen: Van Halen II

Is your favorite album from 1979 on this list? Are there any others you would add?

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  • rockrobster23

    Love the RDF! I may have to adapt that for my own nefarious purposes. For me, London Calling by The Clash towers over everything else that year, but then the foundation of my taste is a lot more punk-oriented. Pink Floyd is a favorite, but The Wall is where they started to lose me. I loved it at the time, but as I got older I started to dig Animals, Wish You Were Here, etc., and the Syd Barrett era a lot more. Although it's been a very long time since I listened to The Wall, so it's due for a re-evaluation.

    22 nov. 2008, 19h27m
  • sablespecter

    Yeah, as much as I was intensely into it at the time (and the film, too, which I still love to this day), [i]The Wall[/i] isn't their best and doesn't score the highest RDF of their albums. But do give it another go...focused, and definitely with a good set of headphones.

    7 déc. 2008, 6h14m
  • sablespecter

    RE: favorite moment on [i]The Wall[/i] discussed here. But "Comfortably Numb" is much longer, of course, and a close second, and anyway was voted the "fan favorite" Pink Floyd song. I'd like to have an official surround-sound recording of the entire Live 8 set, but *especially* of that song...their final song of their final performance ever :'( [youtube][/youtube] [quote]if you didn't check out some of the episodes of the Yacht Rock show[/quote] ...not yet since I just now tonight saw that other post, but mentioning more Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry in the same paragraph tips you off to the only Kenny Loggins album I ever owned, and why. It will make an appearance (whenever) I get to that 1982 Rewind!

    27 jan. 2009, 6h28m
  • sameoldscenexx

    "Tusk" is my favourite album ever, so I'm glad it's on this list.

    11 oct. 2009, 12h23m
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