Song Of The Day - 27 May 2008: A Place To Die


28 mai 2008, 4h33m

Five Finger Death Punch / "A Place to Die" / The Way of The Fist (4) / Jul 2007

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Original Album: The Way Of The Fist
Track: A Place to Die

Like , , ? Then check these guys out, because they have all the goods: mixed clean & hardcore vocals, pummeling rhythm section, and great guitar breakdowns.

These guys are another band that went from "unheard of" in my collection to heard lots within a span of a couple of weeks, spurred no doubt by their inclusion on the bill for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival this summer. First I heard them in heavy rotation on XM42, then on a mix CD (courtesy of Johnny Vinyl), then decided I'd heard enough to grab of the full album.

I realize I'm about a year late in discovering them, since the single hit radio last summer and they were on the 2007 Family Values Tour. Well, what can I say: I'm a slow, old dude, but maybe I can make up for it in speed of acquantaince: a buddy of mine told me over the weekend that one of his bandmates is a good friend of a couple of the guys in FFDP, so if we all hook up for the show August 2, we can go early and spend some time with them before the show. If that all works out, that would be covering a lot of lost ground from "never heard of 'em" to "hung out with 'em backstage" within a three month span.

"It's days like this I wish that I, wish that I had stayed asleep /
It's times like these that make it so difficult to be /
The light at the end, the crack in the sky /
there's no promise for release /
No way for me to get away /
And all I'm trying to do is breathe"

\m/ (ò_ó) \m/


  • sablespecter

    [quote]Oooh-- that actually sounds pretty good! This is why I always listen to the samples you post, even if the descriptions, name of the band, or lyrics scare me at first[/quote] Bwah-hahahahaha! It's all a nefarious expand the horizons of my friends! I like to scare people into it! And yes, it pretty much captured how I felt and still do feel now. I'm a corporate drone, and whenever I am trying to meet everybody's deadlines before going on a vacation, it gets this [i]heavy[/i]...

    29 mai 2008, 3h46m
  • sablespecter

    [quote]Is there such a thing as "melodic thrash"?[/quote] Welcome to the world of ! You get the traditional / sound & vocals, but also blended with clean vocals and lots of guitar breakdowns, as well as some use of keyboards by some of the bands. It can be a bit of a confusing fine line with thrash, though, and you kinda just have to know it when you hear it. F'rinstance, some may classify Sanctity and Shadows Fall as metalcore, but I class them more as thrash. If you like this, then here's a few more that you might also want to check out: All That Remains As I Lay Dying Atreyu Bleeding Through Bullet for My Valentine Darkest Hour Evergreen Terrace God Forbid Killswitch Engage Unearth This is just a small sampling of the metalcore bands out there, but these are the ones I like best!

    3 juin 2008, 4h40m
  • sablespecter

    FFDP will be with Bob Coburn on Rockline June 23rd! I won't be able to hear it since we'll be on the ocean, but I may stream it once we're back...

    8 juin 2008, 23h51m
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