Song Of The Day - 04 Mar 2008: Better By You, Better Than Me


5 mars 2008, 4h01m

Cover Me! Day 3*

Judas Priest / "Better by You, Better Than Me" / Stained Class (3) / Feb 1978

Artist: Judas Priest
Original Album: Stained Class
Track: Better by You, Better Than Me

*It's Covers Week, where we revisit some of the best cover songs ever done.

Is this Judas Priest's best cover song? Maybe not - as with yesterday's choice, it might be yet another cover of a Peter Green song, or maybe a Joan Baez song - but this one is nonetheless one of my favorites, and not because of any macabre fascination with a supposed subliminal "Do It."

It was years after I first heard this song before I knew it was a cover song, and longer still before I ever even heard of Spooky Tooth, let alone hearing their version of Better By You, Better Than Me from Spooky Two.

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  • sablespecter

    I'm thrilled he loved it! He simply must hear Peter Green's original (available on a number of releases) either live or studio. Both ways, in fact!

    5 mars 2008, 4h46m
  • EssBen

    not much of a Priest fan, but Spooky Tooth have to be the absolute hands down best thing I've found sort of via this place. Spooky Two is brain meltingly good in places. This track in particular and Evil Woman, just make the mind boggle at how they could have been omitted from rock history as they seem to have been.

    5 mars 2008, 9h21m
  • sablespecter

    @Essben: I'm the flip side of you: only a sorta-fan of Spooky Tooth, but a huge Priest fan (as you can see). However, we definitely agree on the songs from [i]Spooky Two[/i]: Better By You, Better Than Me and Evil Woman are definitely my two favs, and just as you describe! And even though I'm only a sorta-fan I also agree with you on it being a shame they've been overlooked!

    5 mars 2008, 22h22m
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