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30 nov. 2007, 21h12m

Lindsey Buckingham / "Go Insane" / Go Insane (2) / Jul 1984

Artist: Lindsey Buckingham
Original Album: Go Insane
Track: Go Insane

Track preview via allmusic

Day 5 of the SotD Fleetwood Mac Legacy...

Yesterday I concluded with a mention that the superstar lineup of Fleetwood Mac flamed out after Tango in the Night in 1987. After a five-year gap in which there were solo efforts and various side projects, the group got back together and put together a decent album that produced four Top 20 hits: Big Love, Everywhere, Seven Wonders, Little Lies. My favorite track was actually the title track and a recent SotD. Tango in the Night is a hidden gem that I'm sorta glad never received lots of radio airplay.

But after TiN, Lindsey formally quit to pursue a solo career. FM toured anyway without him, then took another break before issuing Behind the Mask in 1990. (In the Back of My Mind is an awesome track from that album.) Stevie Nicks left not long after that album, and despite the 1992 collection 25 Years: The Chain and reuniting to play Don't Stop for Bill Clinton's inauguration, it wasn't until 1997's The Dance and subsequent tour that the full lineup reunited. It was another five-year period where Mick Fleetwood and John McVie had to keep the home fires burning.

Ironically, it was Silver Springs - a song that Stevie wrote for Rumours that was only a non-album B-side of the single for Go Your Own Way - that was selected as the first single from The Dance.

Despite penning FM's only #1 U.S. hit - and my personal favorite - Dreams, Stevie was enormously unhappy when "Silver Springs" was left off of Rumours. She wrote that song about her breakup with Lindsey, and it was like a slap to the face that it was only released as the B-side to Lindsey's song about breaking up with her!

Since the original reunion tour (and DVD of the same name) in 1997, Christine McVie has retired from the group. The remaining members have stuck together and released Say You Will in April 2003, which was the first time Lindsey was in the studio lineup since 1987 and was the first time in over 30 years that Christine was not in the fold. They embarked on a mammoth 15-month tour to support it, but have not since.

Today's selection is another song that first appeared outside of Fleetwood Mac, from Lindsey's 1984 album of the same name. Neither this track nor the album as a whole was particularly good (especially not to metal ears), but it did have that funky video on MTV with Lindsey in a transparent box at the end. However, Go Insane did resurface live, and appears on both The Dance DVD and on The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac. The live version is a killer showcase for Lindsey and much-improved over the 80s synthy-pop album version.

So that's a much-abbreviated recap of the legacy of Fleetwood Mac, an unlikely favorite band of a metal fan, especially considering all their softer pop incarnations since their days as a late-60s, all-English band. If you are new to the group and want to start with a good overview of the all-star lineup, pick up the 2002 36-track The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac from Reprise. If you want to delve into the Peter Green electric blues era, start with Jumping at Shadows: The Blues Years. In either case, you won't be disappointed, and be sure to shout at me and lemme know what you think!

Hope you enjoyed "the chain" of FM-related Songs of the Day!

Useful References:
Mick Fleetwood's autobiography: My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac
This was my summer reading in between college classes during the rainy summer of 1992. Amazingly, it wasn't until then that I became aware of the rich originating blues roots of Fleetwood Mac, having only been aware of what the superstar lineup had put out since the mid-70s. Not only did it spur me to search out that work (incredibly difficult in the early 90s and pre-internet), but it also made me remember and come to appreciate the early 70s work, if not particularly being a fan of it.

Peter Green Founder of Fleetwood Mac: The Authorized Biography
Critically acclaimed, by Martin Celmins, with a foreword by B.B. King

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