• Winter Solstice

    21 déc. 2006, 15h23m

    Merry Winter Solstice!

    Now go forth and listen to Winter Solstice by Coil.

    Christmas is now drawing near at hand
    Come serve the Lord and be at His command
    And God a portion for you will provide
    And give a blessing to your soul besides

    Down in the garden where flowers growing ranks
    Down on your bended knees and give the Lord thanks
    Down on your knees and pray both night and day
    Leave off your sins and live fro' pray tae pray

    So proud and lofty is some sort of sin
    Which many take delight and pleasure in
    Whose conversation God doth smirch as lie
    And yet He shakes His sword before He stri'

    So proud and lofty do some people go
    Dressing theirselves like players in a show
    They patch and paint and dress with idle stuff
    As if God had not made 'em fine enough

    Even little children learn to curse and swear
    And can't rehearse one word of godly prayer
    Oh teach them better, oh teach them to rely
    On Christ the sinner's friend who reigns on high
  • Graham Hancock interviewed on Dreamland

    1 nov. 2006, 1h53m

    Graham Hancock has been on one of the great journeys of all time and has discovered the most important moment in history: the moment when the human mind began. The human body and brain were exactly as they are now as long as 130,000 years ago. For most of that time, nothing happened. Then, about 35,000 years ago, there was an explosion of cave art of unforgettable mastery.

    In a journey that took him from the depths of the Amazon to the depths of his own mind, Graham actually re-created the conditions that inspired that great art — the first real record of human thought in action.

    Listen to his astonishing, inspiring and courageous story on this week’s Dreamland by clicking here. The interview will only be available for the next two weeks.
  • Fields of the Nephilim: Part I, Burning the Fields

    10 oct. 2006, 0h57m

    This is part I of what is going to be an ongoing series of articles in which I shall endeavor to present a biography of the band Fields of the Nephilim, as well as a review and personal interpretation (where possible) for each album.

    Carl McCoy was born on January 18th, 1963 in Lambeth, London, England. His mother was a pious church-going woman whereas his father flirted with the occult, this combination would have a long lasting influence on his interests. As a boy, when reading the Bible, he expressed interest in the elusive Nephilim mentioned in Genesis but his mother told him never to think of or mention them because they were evil. We all know what happens when you tell a child not to do something..
    He became fascinated by the Nephilim, mythology and various occult authors and subjects: Austin Osman Spare, Chaos Magick, Aleister Crowley, etc.

    Carl McCoy wrote all the lyrics for the band and was largely responsible for it's concept, he came up with the name Fields of the Nephilim which refers to magnetic fields, areas of highly concentrated energy, and the biblical race of the Nephilim. It perfectly encompasses the concept of the band.

    By now you must be wondering what exactly are these Nephilim?
    Nephilim is a Hebrew word that appears in some Bibles, in others it is translated as giants or titans, it means The Fallen Ones. They are only mentioned twice in the Bible but the Apocryphal Book of Enoch goes into greater detail and is essential reading to fully understand the mythos.
    The story goes that after God created Man and Man started to populate the Earth, God sent down a legion of Angels (B'nai Elohim, Sons of God) as shepherds to humanity. They were known as the Watchers as it was their role to observe and assist Man, it is said that they have the appearance of man only taller. But these Angels taught Man sciences that were forbidden by God (astrology, divination, herb lore, magic, etc.) and began to lust after the daughters of men, took them as wives and bore them children. Their offspring are the Nephilim.

    And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose [...] There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    Genesis, Chapter 6

    This angered God and he imprisoned these Angels in Gehenna, a place of total darkness, until Judgement Day. The Nephilim however still roamed the Earth. Thus the Great Flood, to punish Man and cleanse the Earth of the Nephilim. Adam's bloodline was saved because it was pure. Although we later find out that the Great Flood wasn't as effective as God had planned as some of the Nephilim survived:

    And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Send thou men, that they may search the land of Canaan, [...] And Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan, [...] So they went up, and searched the land from the wilderness of Zin unto Rehob, as men come to Hamath. [...] And they returned from searching of the land after forty days. And they went and came to Moses [...] And they told him, and said, We came unto the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it. [...] And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. [...] But the men that went up with him said, We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we. And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature. And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

    Numbers, Chapter 13

    That in a nutshell is the story of the Watchers and the Nephilim. I'll most likely refer back to this story in later articles and will probably go into greater detail, especially when I tackle the album Zoon.

    Back to Fields of the Nephilim:

    Fields of the Nephilim formed during 1984 in Stevenage, England. The original lineup consisted of Carl McCoy (vocals), Tony Pettit (bass), Paul Wright (guitar), Gary Whisker (sax) and Nod Wright (drums). Tony, Paul and Nod were originally members of a band called The Mission that split up in 1983, they met Carl a singer looking for a band and after a couple rehearsals Fields of the Nephilim was born. After spending a year composing, writing and touring extensively, they took time out to record and release on their own Tower label their first E.P. Burning the fields EP (1985):


    1. Trees Come Down
    2. Back in Gehenna
    3. Darkcell
    4. Laura

    This E.P. was originally limited to 500 pressings although that number was later extended to cope with high demand. It was reissued on CD by Jungle Records in 1993. The cover art is a painting by Carl McCoy.

    I first listened to Burning the Fields well after hearing their more recent output and was surprised by the overall quality for a first release.
    From the opening moments of Trees Come Down you know that something great is in the making here, all the elements that make Fields of the Nephilim what they became are already present here albeit in a more primitive form. The swirly guitar melody mixed with more menacing riffs, driving bassline, Carl's dramatic tortured vocals, atmospheric synth.. sure the band hadn't quite found their sound yet, the saxophone on Back in Gehenna and Darkcell seems oddly out of place for instance, but you can tell they knew in which direction they wanted to go!
    Athough Carl's vocals aren't quite as growly as they'll become, the lyrical themes of later albums are already present: Back in Gehenna paints a hellish picture of an apocalyptic landscape ruled by the Nephilim and Watchers released from Gehenna.
    My favourite tracks on this E.P. are Trees Come Down, Darkcell and Back in Gehenna. I must admit I don't really like this version of Laura. All these tracks will get facelifts on later releases. Trees Come Down became an instant classic Nephilim song and a fan favourite.

    I wouldn't recommend it to a first time Neph listener, but for someone familiar with their later works it's certainly an interesting document of where it all began.

    Based on the strength of this E.P. and the energy of their live performances, Fields of the Nephilim signed to Beggar's Banquet alongside such bands as Bauhaus and The Cult.

    Thanks to Jester-NL and his series of Coil reviews for the idea!
  • Head-gear

    21 août 2006, 18h33m

    I just got back from the shops where I bought myself a brand new pair of Sennheiser HD-555 headphones to replace my cheap but okay Technics RPF-400. Currently listening to The Ape of Naples and Tales of the Inexpressible with them fresh out of the box and it sounds great, can't wait to hear what they sound like with a week of burn-in time! :) Shpongle has never sounded so good to my ears!
    They're so comfortable too, it's almost like I'm not wearing them.

    I was originally going for the HD-280 Pro because they're closed backs and provide great isolation, but not a single shop had them so I decided to pay a bit more and get some good open backs instead. Not sure how the 280s would sound, but I'm really happy with the 555s so far :)

    I'm a bit peeved none of the shops here carry Beyerdynamic headphones, the DT-250/80 aren't too expensive and I've seen great reviews but I just didn't feel like ordering on the net and having to wait :D

    Besides, these will tide me over until I can afford the DT-880 and a good headphone amp :)

    All I need now are some new buds to replace my ageing Sony ones.

    What head-gear do you use to listen to music?
  • To reset or not to reset?

    11 avr. 2006, 16h51m

    My taste in music has greatly evolved over the past year, bands that used to be my favourites not so long ago rarely get my attention anymore (Nine Inch Nails, Velvet Acid Christ, ...) whereas some recent discoveries have quickly become favourites (Der Blutharsch, Sephiroth, ...).

    I feel that some of the new discoveries are at a disadvantage compared to bands I've listened to all this time (Skinny Puppy, The Cure, ...) and have close to no chance of making it to a strong position in my charts.

    In a sense, my charts are ok because they accurately show my favourite bands, but they no longer really show what I listen to day to day.

    I can't decide, should I leave my charts as they are or should I do the unthinkable and reset my stats?
  • Hello again everyone!

    19 mars 2006, 2h25m

    I'm still alive, no need to send a search party :D

    My computer had been dying a very slow death for the past year, I had been keeping it barely alive for as long as I could but there comes a time when there's just nothing more you can do. That time came early January, at the same time as my University exams, so I didn't have the time to take care of it right away. I was also in financial dire straits after an expensive christmas, beeing a student without an income.

    My parents helped me buy a new computer soon thereafter, then began the slow process of moving all my data from the defunct carcass to the new beast and getting it up and running. I had been using Fedora Core 4 as my operating system but had been growing more and more dissatisfied with it, so I spent some time experimenting with other Linux distros without finding much satisfaction. I finally decided to go back to my OS of choice: Gentoo Linux, however I installed a native 64bit version only to find out later that some essentiel applications didn't quite work as well as their 32bit counterparts. At that point, I decided to give up for a while, install Windows and see what happens. Well that didn't
    go too smoothly either, my driver disk for my soundcard was severly scratched and Creative refused to send/sell me a new install disk (of course, you can't simply download the required drivers either) and wanted me to buy a new soundcard...
    I finally found someone online who was nice enough to make an image of the disk and send it to me, unfortunately my subwoofer refused to work in Windows, whereas it worked just fine in Linux. On top of that, my prefered music organizer in Windows (wxMusik) doesn't have audioscrobbler support..
    Long story somewhat shorter, the computer gods were in league against me and wouldn't let me listen to any music.

    During all that fiasco, I was also looking for a part-time job to help alleviate my financial troubles, but was unsuccessful due in part to my class schedule which is a bit all over the place. I've recently been offered a full-time job in the IT security field (penetration tests, audits, etc..), so I've spent some time mulling over whether I should quit my studies and take the job, or continue studying.
    I've finally decided to take the job, so I'm in the process of getting all that sorted out.

    I've also had a few personal issues crop up during that time period that I don't really feel like expounding upon...

    So it's been a busy time for me, I've hardly had the time or the ability to listen to any music since January and with the subwoofer not working, I've spent most of my free time getting back to playing games (especially Ultima Online).

    Anyway, I've now fixed all my computer troubles, sorted out my life for the time beeing, and am now back amongst all of you great people here on :)

    I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone that I've failed to keep in touch with during this time.

    Anyway, this is so let's get to the important stuff: what have I missed? Any good releases while I was gone?? And what's up with the new Throbbing Gristle only coming out in September, hasn't it been ready for months already???

    Oh and what's this shoutbox thingy?

    I just got my hands on the Underworld Evolution Score that features an new track by cEVIN Key & Ken 'Hiwatt' Marshall entitled 'EracTou', it's a remix of Running (Back & Forth) and it's really good... here's hoping for some new Skinny Puppy material soon!
  • The Best and Worst of 2005

    9 déc. 2005, 0h42m

    Music released in 2005 that I really enjoy:
    01. Fields of the Nephilim - Mourning Sun
    02. Last Rites - The Many Forms
    03. Sephiroth - Draconian Poetry
    04. Frozen Rabbit - 26,000
    05. Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right Live (DVD)
    06. Coil - ...And the Ambulance Died in his Arms
    07. Desiderii Marginis - That Which is Tragic and Timeless
    08. The Cure - Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe Edition)
    09. The Cure - Pornography (Deluxe Edition)
    10. The Cure - Faith (Deluxe Edition)
    11. Sol Invictus - The Devil's Steed
    12. Kammarheit - The Starwheel
    13. Current 93 - Judas as Black Moth
    14. Merzbow - Merzbuddha
    15. Atrium Carceri - Kapnobatai
    16. Frozen Rabbit - Slow Endless Boy
    17. Death in June - Abandon Tracks!
    18. Brighter Death Now - Kamikaze Kabaret

    Music released in 2005 that really sucks:
    01. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
    02. VNV Nation - Matter + Form
    03. Rammstein - Rosenrot
    04. Jakalope - It Dreams
    05. KMFDM - Hau Ruck!
    06. New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' Call
    07. :Wumpscut: - Evoke

    Music released in 2005 that I have yet to listen to:
    01. Coil - The Ape of Naples
    02. Edward Ka-Spel - A Red Long Ladder to the Moon
    03. Edward Ka-Spel - O Darkness! O Darkness!
    04. and many many more...

    I'm probably forgetting some stuff, so I'll update this as I remember :)
  • 'Mourning Sun' Lyrics (updated: Friday, Dec 9th)

    4 déc. 2005, 9h01m

    Ok so the booklet that comes with 'Mourning Sun' by Fields of the Nephilim lacks a lot of the lyrics, so I stayed up all night trying to make sense of it all. I did my best but there's still some missing so all help is welcome :)

    * means I'm not entirely sure, but that's what I understand
    ??? means a word or phrase is incomprehensible to me
    ( ) is stuff that's whispered or in the background
    { } is the angelic song, I may be hallucinating but in some places I think I hear voices
    [ ] is what sounds like samples

    Good luck :)

    Shroud (Exordium)
    (Come home)

    Cover his face so that he may not see the light
    (That's the one) malek menoodehah (I return to/for you)
    (buried so alone)

    Heaven will shine no more
    Solitary without light

    (until that day)

    (Ice, ice, ice, ice, ice)


    (I found this place ??? and it is ???)
    (We are angels ??????)
    Straight to the Light
    I will fly again
    I will fly again

    All our days are numbers
    We bare the face of men
    The rain, the skies are changing
    But I will fly again

    Look up, look down
    Look up, look down
    Look up, look down
    Look up
    Look straight into the light
    {you and I will fly again}
    {you and I again}
    Look down

    Is it the face we know?
    Or something beyond the soul?
    We served this world like angels
    Been burned both night and day
    Now we turn with eyes blazing
    Well its time for us to go

    Look straight into the light
    Look straight into the light
    You and I will fly again {you and I will fly again}
    You and I again {you and I again}
    Look down

    The sky is burning
    No night can fall
    Zero dark
    (look out)
    I'm of the world
    (look out)
    The light of truth outshines
    (look out)
    The light of the sun
    Open your eyes
    Open your eyes

    Look straight into the light
    Look straight into the light
    Look straight into the light

    Watching the world fall away
    Gathered most high to the flame
    (look straight into the light)
    Thousands of suns light the way
    (look up)
    A myriad of Angels await
    (look straight into the light)
    (Look up, look down)

    I will fly again (nephilim child)
    Look up

    The light of truth
    Always outshines the light of the sun
    We are wise to ???
    I will fly again
    Look up
    New Gold Dawn
    Everything and everyone
    You're everything, you're everyone
    You're everything, you're everywhere

    Can't take from here
    Can't take no more
    You're everything of mine
    You're looking* love away
    You're everything to me
    I can't look away


    I'm loosing sight, Can you look behind?
    Is it burning bright, on the other side?

    Too late

    And the memories won't fade
    I'm still there without you
    You got to learn from your* sight*
    Burn like me and you


    And I need time no more
    When you can't cry no more
    And our love died before
    Look behind no more

    It’s just another fine day, recall
    Don’t follow me down, no more
    As we rise we form
    A new gold dawn

    On me*

    Too late
    Too late

    And I need time no more
    (Too late)
    When you can't cry no more
    (Too late)
    And our love died before
    (too late)
    Look behind no more
    (too late)

    Too late

    And I need time no more
    Requiem XIII 33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux)
    Can you hear me now?
    Can you feel?
    Can you see me now?
    Then reveal

    (Which way from here?)
    (Which way from here?)

    Look away
    Your time has come
    Turn away
    Are you happy here?

    Open the door
    Let me in
    Face me now
    And burn within

    Awaken us
    Don't you throw it all away
    There's a place for us
    I know another way
    How does it feel?
    Now you will feel
    That I'm on your side
    How do you feel?
    Does it burn inside?
    Do you know?
    Things to come?
    Don't you know?
    Do you not believe? (Nephilim)
    See beyond the lie/Save your new life(?)
    And move lunch*
    Until you feel inside

    Not for them/Nephilim(?)

    (Which way from here?)
    Xiberia (Seasons in the Ice Cage)
    (86 degrees)
    (86 degrees)
    (86 degrees)
    (Yes today)

    All Evil it has come from here
    the Camphor gets no warmer

    Ye Nacoaler*, our Crucified Creator
    Down* count to zero burning cold now
    I'll be there for the rest of my life

    I want to breath
    But out of you
    Malaria messiah
    Burning in the weather
    Skin crumbles
    skin my life
    Xiberia, Xiberia
    Xiberia, Xiberia
    Xiberia, Xiberia

    Heart, heart, heart

    We're in the warm*
    You're in ????
    Higher, higher, higher
    No feeling no motion
    Yet still alive

    (You can see the doorway towards your betrayer)
    (86 degrees below)
    86 degrees and below
    (Heartbeat increases)
    (Unleash yourself*)
    You're still alive

    86 degrees and below
    Frozen for the new day
    Seasons in the Ice cage
    We're on fire
    Closer we serve her
    Further we stay
    Lost in the winter
    Ghosts of today

    Keep calling,
    Keep crying her name
    Keep calling,
    Keep walking that way

    When the rain has gone
    And I’ll wipe those tears away
    Play the game with God
    It’ll wash those years away

    Tears have turned to ice
    (turned to ice)
    Feel you by my side
    (hear you cry)
    Want to hear you cry
    (not alone tonight)
    Not alone tonight
    (by my side)

    Where is she?
    (where is she?)
    Where is she?
    (where is she?)

    We were never really here
    We are waiting for the rain here

    And the rain will come
    (gonna wipe those tears away)
    Rain wash away your fear
    And I'll lay you down
    (gonna wash those years away)
    Rain could it a thousand years (or We could live a thousand years)

    And when the rain has gone
    (it'll wipe those tears away)
    Washed away are all your sins
    And rain will fall
    (It'll wash those years away)
    You and I were never there

    Tears have turned to ice
    (tears from your eyes)
    No one here but I
    (only dreams survive)
    Nothing can survive
    (Thought you’d never die)
    Want to hear you cry
    (Thought you’d never lie)
    Tears have turned to ice
    (tears from your eyes)
    Be the butterfly
    (be the butterfly)
    Never close your eyes
    (close your eyes)
    When I hear you cry
    (Echoes through the ice)
    (Tears from your eyes)
    (searching all my life)
    (to only say goodbye)
    (now I hear you cry)
    Just return to life
    (She returns to light)
    Only dreams survive
    (only dreams survive)
    Echoes through the ice
    (echoes through the ice)
    Can you hear me... cry?


    {I'll be watching over you now}
    {I'll be watching over you now}
    Mourning Sun
    (Wake me up)
    (We’re here)


    [Then I saw a new Heaven]


    (You evolve in my time)

    [For the first Heaven and the first Earth have passed away]

    (From this moment on you are born*)

    [Then I saw a new Heaven]

    Yeah, We are Fallen
    Like the mourning sun
    We are waking up

    Yeah, We are Fallen
    Like the mourning sun
    It's just begun

    This old world will pass away
    This is the dawn of our new day
    We didn’t fall from Heaven
    We didn’t fall for you


    Yeah, We are Fallen
    Like the mourning sun
    We're waking up

    Yeah, We are Fallen
    Like the mourning sun
    The mourning sun

    (We're here)

    Like the morning sun
    The morning sun
    I’m alive


    {Don't you see, I'm never* away}
    {I'll be watching over you now}
    (Why won't she move?)
    {????? I think of you ???}
    (Why? ???)

    Wake up
    (wake up)

    Yeah, We are fallen
    Like the mourning sun

    Yeah, We are fallen
    Like the mourning sun

    We’ve fallen like rain
    I’ve been waiting for the day
    And the light has made*
    I will rise again

    And our wings will unfold
    And be painted like gold
    And I saved my soul
    I’m alive again

    (morning son)

    I will rise again
    (like the morning sun)

    We will rise again
    (like the morning sun)

    [Then I saw a new heaven and a new Earth,
    The first Heaven and the first Earth have passed away]

    {I've been sent to pray* over you}
    In the Year 2525
    (In The Year 2525)

    in the year 2525
    if man is still alive
    if woman can survive
    they may find...

    (In The Year 2525)

    in the year 3535
    ain't gonna need to tell the truth tell no lies
    everything you think do and say
    is in the pill you took today

    in the year 4545
    ain't gonna need your teeth won't need your eyes
    you won't find a thing to chew
    nobody is gonna look at you

    (In The Year 2525)

    in the year 5555
    your arms are hanging limp at your sides
    your legs got nothing to do
    'Cos some machine is doing that for you

    in the year 6565
    ain't gonna need no husband won't need no wife
    you'll pick your son pick you pick your daughter too
    from the bottom of a long glass tube

    (In The Year 2525)

    in the year 7510
    if God's a-comin' he ought to make it by then
    maybe he'll look around and say
    "I guess it's time for the Judgement Day"

    in the year 8510
    God is gonna shake his mighty head
    he'll either say "I'm pleased where man has been"
    or tear it down and start again

    in the year 9595
    I'm wondering if man's gonna be alive
    he's taken everything this earth can give
    and he ain't put back nothing...

    (now it's been 10,000 years)
    (man has cried a billion tears)
    (for what he never knew)
    (now man's reign is through)
    (but through the eternal night)
    (the blinding starlight)
    (so very far away)
    (maybe it's only yesterday...)

    (In The Year 2525)

    in the year 2525
    if man is still alive
    he's taken everything this world can give
    and that'll be soon

    (end of the road)
    [For the first Heaven and the first Earth have passed away]
    [so far from hell]
    (so far from hell)
    (it's all fading)
    (the light)
    (the warm safe)
    (warm soul)
    (we cannot show)
    (the warmth to our soul)
    (for we will burn)
    (before we're free)
    You cannot live through this
    Like death is our warm kiss
    We changed the chance
    Ruled the dance
    your blood is on our lips
    and we can't go further
    and no further now
    no it ain't much further
    Ain't much further now
  • Review: Fields of the Nephilim - 'Mourning Sun'

    2 déc. 2005, 0h20m

    'Mourning Sun' was officially released in Europe this week, I’ve been listening to it incessantly for the past month and it’s about time I attempt to write a review:

    Almost ten years after his last offering, The Nefilim’s ‘Zoon’, Carl McCoy returns under the name Fields of the Nephilim with a splendid new official album entitled ‘Mourning Sun’ that rivals even their magnum opus ‘Elizium’. Don’t be fooled by the name though, this isn’t a reunion, only Carl McCoy remains from the original lineup.
    It’s hard to believe we’re actually seeing a new Fields of the Nephilim album being released after the band’s split, the disappointing reunion and the even more disappointing unofficial demo collection that was ‘Fallen’. One would think that after so long, expectations would be so high that nothing would be able to satisfy us rabbid fans especially since ‘Elizium’ is the apotheosis of goth-rock, however ‘Mourning Sun’ not only lives up to these expectations, it far exceeds them!

    ‘Mourning Sun’ follows a compositional structure similar to ‘Elizium’ with tracks that flow into each other, beautiful atmospheric soundscapes, lush layers, spiralling twangy guitars and pulsating basslines. However this album is notably heavier than ‘Elizium’, not so much as ‘Zoon’ but there are definately elements from The Nefilim, especially in the song “Xiberia (Seasons in the Ice Cage)”. Carl has stated in interviews that the entity known as The Nefilim is no more, ‘Mourning Sun’ is the culmination of both bands which are now one and that is indeed the case.

    “Shroud (Exordium)” opens the album with a choir, Carl’s demonic whispering send shivers down your spine whilst a child is heard crying in the background somwhere. The track slowly builds into a crescendo with guitars and drums breaking through and progressively getting heavier. This works perfectly as an intro song that leads seamlessly into “Straight Into the Light” as an evil laugh is heard.
    “Straight Into the Light” is a bombastic rock song with a very psychonaut-ish bassline that builds up as the song progresses, great vocals by Carl and a great beat.
    “New Gold Dawn” is one of the more classic Nephilim sounding songs on the album, the melody and riffs are really catchy.
    “Requiem XIII 33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux)” starts off with birds chirping, thunder and rain whilst a ghoslty synth melody and lonely guitar slowly fades in. This song is very minimal and atmospheric, a slow thunderous beat comes in about half way through.... It reminds me a lot of “At the Gates of Silent Memory”.
    A slow drone leads us into “Xiberia (Seasons in the Ice Cage)”, the heaviest track on the album. Reminiscent of ‘Zoon’, the distorted vocals, unrelenting drums, electronic beats and heavy guitars provide a real impenetrable wall of sound that brings images of violent snow storms to mind. This terrifying aural assault only reinforces the beauty of the next two songs which form a 20 minute epic.
    “She” is a gorgeous ballad that brings tears to my eyes each and every time I listen to it, so sad yet filled with hope. The guitars on this track sound a lot like on ‘Elizium’, Carl sounds so honest on this song! Can you hear me… cry? His vocals on this track are simply amazing.. probably his best. This is my favourite song of the album, a real gem. It also has a classic Nephilim vibe to it, but more mature. The track slowly fades away and mutates into the title track.
    “Mourning Sun” opens slowly, suddenly the drums come crashing in as a passage from the Bible is read. This is another gorgeous song that has many many layers, a beautiful foreboding synth melody and great guitar riffs, you can almost feel the Watchers starting to wake up. The short reprise at the end is simply genius.
    “In the Year 2525” is the bonus track on the Limited Edition version of the album. I’ve never heard the original so I can’t compare, however I really like the Nephilim version! The bass is awesome, as are the riffs and the beat.. it sounds very.. apocalyptic? It reminds me a lot of ‘Dawnrazor’, this song wouldn’t be out of place on that album. The last half of the song is also reminiscent of “Last Exit for the Lost”.

    The album comes in a plain black jewelcase housed in a digipack slipcase, the artwork is stunning and like previous Sheer Faith artwork is rich in symbolism and hidden elements waiting to be discovered… much like the music. The lyrics are printed in beautiful calligraphy however they are incomplete which is unfortunate.

    This truely is the return of Fields of the Nephilim, a wonderful album that to me doesn’t have any flaws. In fact, it has become my second favourite Nephilim album, ‘Elizium’ being the first and ‘The Nephilim’ third even though it contains a lot of my favourite songs by the band. This is a conceptual masterpiece of magickal art that shouldn't be overlooked by anybody.

    You should most definately drop whatever it is you’re doing right now and go out to buy this album. I said right NOW!

    What do you think of 'Mourning Sun'?

    Connections: Fields of the Nephilim, The Nefilim, Elizium, The Nephilim, Dawnrazor, Psychonaut, Shroud (Exordium), Straight to the Light, New Gold Dawn, Requiem XIII 33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux), Xiberia (Seasons in the Ice Cage), She, Mourning Sun, In the Year 2525, Last Exit for the Lost
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    I absolutely love the new recommendations system!
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    The new for your site page looks promising, I like the charts idea however it's not really flexible enough yet, so I'll carry on using the XML feeds.

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