• fly away

    8 nov. 2008, 15h13m

    sometimes i wish i could just fly away! hey Lastfm aliens today is one of those days where i wish i could fly away touch all the corners of the earth and engage with you talk about music and build a foundation thats built around music and peace.Its saturday im deciphering these artist lyrics also doing my PHD on you global listerners.I was thinking today how important the voices of third world artist are! why would that be you might ask me? well i find that music networks has been ruled by mostly artist that found themselves in first world economies where access to studios and recording equipment and even the media that promotes this artist are in their favor.No im not saying artist out there are not struggling i know the hustle of a artist i understand the frustration but i also acknowledge that we have been fed by alot of artist that comes from first world economies and lately you find artist pushing first world agendas,once again not all artist but ultimately the voices we hear from those ends are the ones thats market by record companies who pushes vague dreams of wealth,fame and self centered messages.I want to fly the world around and take all those voices that want to spread a message a hunger that i do not find these days.I often wonder and dream and scream from nightmares that plays tunes in my left ear.
  • Good morning world

    26 oct. 2008, 9h09m

    Im looking into the window of my mind,reflection of the fear i know i left behind.So i had to step out i had to face this war,trust me when i say its been a war which almost cost me my life.So my sanity was once again kept tact cos of this art form that we call music.Its about 11 am and im suppose to be doing some work instead im scrobbling tunes right here on Lastfm.I BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND MY DESIRES AND DREAMS! Summer is in the air,a bright sun beautiful clouds and the smell of life is amazing put on a great track and what more could you want out of this life?

    well let me go pick some flowers watch the clouds and listen to some good ol music

  • Diallo

    25 oct. 2008, 13h45m

    hey there people,listeners and bloggers im listening to Diallo right now heart wrenching track from wyclef i find it very scarce these days to find any inspiration in music and the message that it carries.I looked at my situation with a 360 degree outlook some of my questions i posed myself was you getting old and you not moving with the time.HMMMMMM maybe but i have come to the conclusion i am a child born with sound and it doesnt matter if its 100 years from now if its good i will be moved and my mind will be given the food it seeks.Well im African born in the South of Africa a country that recently still stared apartheid in the face a system of devide that made us hate anybody who didnt look like us,anybody that didnt speak the same language and share the same outlook.So im fast forwarding to this track Diallo a fellow African brother who found himself in the Americas,seeking refuge from some of these wars thats torn families apart for decades.So im going to rewind this track again cos its just made me so proud to be African again we know so little about each other as our media has been flooded with western ideals,ideologies and ambition.I feel the time of the African has come.Imperialism is at a high we no longer just stare colonialism from Europeans but a imperialist form that takes shape through art,through media yet the world knows nothing about us.I'm licking a shot for Diallo as my bones goes into rigor motis listening to this tale of Brother Diallo,Africans,Europeans,humans unite for humanity stares death in the face,Signing out yours truly Rushay