• Oh crap, one of those meme things...

    9 juin 2009, 7h05m

    So, the idea is you take your top (n) artists, list 1) the first song of theirs you heard, 2) the one that "made you fall in love" with them, and 3) your current favorite.

    This should be a nice little refresher, actually. I haven't been through my charts in a while

    *Breaking Benjamin
    1) So Cold
    2) Forget It
    3) Simple Design (really, I think Forget It is just about perfect, but this song has grown on me over the years)

    1) Yellow
    2) Amsterdam
    3) 'Til Kingdom Come

    *Flogging Molly
    1) Salty Dog
    2) There wasn't really one song, but I've been pretty fond of Selfish Man from the beginning.
    3) Tobacco Island

    *The Strokes
    1) Last Nite (curse your lazy spelling, Strokes)
    2) Alone, Together
    3) Razorblade

    *Jack Johnson
    1) Flake
    2) Flake (What? Flake is a good song!)
    3) Do you Remember?

    1) Wish you were Here
    2) Echo
    3) Pendulous Threads (Not my favorite Incubus song, really, but it sort of is, recently)

    *The Killers
    1) Somebody Told Me
    2) Mr. Brightside
    3) Change Your Mind

    1) Short Skirt/Long Jacket
    2) Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
    3) Guitar (or Open Book)

    *Norah Jones
    1) Don't Know Why
    2) Painter Song
    3) Little Room

    1) Bring Me to Life
    2) My Immortal
    3) Good Enough (or The Only One)

    1) Somewhere Only We Know
    2) Everybody's Changing
    3) Leaving So Soon