1973 Yikes!


19 oct. 2006, 4h47m

So, I've been watching this show on BBC America called "Life On Mars" - which takes its title from a David Bowie song by the same name. The show is about a British cop that wakes up after an injury to discover he's back in 1973 (from 2006).
The show is full of music from that year, and I've enjoyed much of the music within the context of the show, but have found that most of rock music from that year pretty much sucked. Bands like Sweet, Uriah Heep, and Thin Lizzy don't do much for me. Not my cup of tea, per se.

However, I *did* discover through the BBC website on the show, some songs that I did like very much. Especially Meet Me On The Corner, and Gudbuy T'Jane.

So I figured this afternoon to try last.fm's "" tagged radio station. And then I got a phone call. One song in. I muted my computer.

And then forgot I was logged on. For eight hours.

I don't know what my top artists list is going to look like next week, but it will probably show that I'm a bigger fan of Atomic Rooster than I really am.

Oh well. Off to scrobble some tracks I actually like while I sleep.


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