How I discovered my top 15 artists


26 nov. 2007, 19h47m

Warning: bad english below.

1. Bruce Springsteen
Some artists you just are born listening to. I couldn't know when I heard the Boss for the first time, problably it was "Born in the USA" on some radio in the 80's. But he only got my real attention in 2005, after reading Nick Hornby's "31 Songs" and finding the Greatest Hits CD at an used CD store.

First heard: Born in the USA, I guess.
Favourite: Thunder Road
Most heard according to Thunder Road (#1)

2. Bob Dylan
It's the same case above. I've started entering the Dylan's universe about two years ago, going after books, videos, albuns, the Scorsese documentary and everything else about the myth. I understood about 60% of the references in "I'm Not There", so I think I'm doing good.

First heard: Love Rescue Me, with U2, I guess.
Favourite: Like a Rolling Stone
Most heard according to Like a Rolling Stone (#16)

3. Bon Jovi
It was 1990 or 91 and my father brought me a tape with the Young Guns II soundtrack, 'cause we both love western movies and its soundtracks (see Morricone below). So I first met Jon's solo career. Right after that, I loved the Keep the Faith video on MTV in its early days at my hometown.

First heard: Never Say Goodbye, from some soap oppera soundtrack.
Favourite: Just Older
Most heard according to (You Want To) Make A Memory (#4)

4. Cheap Trick
I've always liked the song from Top Gun soundtrack and I've always liked the song from That 70's Show soundtrack, so one day I decided to go after the rest. Unfortunately, it's hard to find anything about Cheap Trick in Brazil. Fortunately, internet is a nice place. I started listening to it in 2005, a great year for my musical taste, as you can see.

First heard: Mighty Wings
Favourite: Surrender
Most heard according to Mighty Wings (#13)

5. U2
My favorite band of all time started to appear in my life with MTV. All the Achtung Baby videos made my mind in the early 90's. My sisters gave me the LP in 1992 and I was lucky to have a friend so addicted as me. He sends me rare songs and news of the band until today. God bless him and God bless U2, the band that was there at the most special moments of my life, introducing me to names like Dylan, Cash, Sinatra and many others along the way.

First heard: With or Without You, from some soap oppera soundtrack
Favourite: One
Most heard according to Window In The Skies (#5)

6. The Beatles
Well, another "was born listening". My english teacher used all the Beatles songs in his classes and even then I didn't find it boring. I've always liked the Beatles, as everyone should.

First heard: I don't know, Twist and Shout?
Favourite: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Most heard according to While My Guitar Gently Weeps (#99)

7. Pearl Jam
Another one right from the MTV era. I never cared about the grunge bands, but as the years went by I've learned to enjoy more and more Pearl Jam's songs. Now I guess it's the band of my generation and the best live concert I've ever been to. Just that.

First heard: problably Even Flow
Favourite: Rearviewmirror
Most heard according to Given to Fly (#39)

8. Elvis Presley
Another obvious "born listening" artist. He died in 1977, I was born a month later. So I think I'm his reencarnation, ok? He's the king. He should be number one here. Shame on me.

First heard: problably It's Now or Never
Favourite: You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Most heard according to The Wonder Of You (#27)

9. Wilco
I've known them when Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was released and the press claimed it as the new OK Computer. But I never stop to listen until my good friend Andre insisted, so I thank him.

First heard: Passenger Side
Favourite: Impossible Germany
Most heard according to Hate It Here (#39)

10. Radiohead
I've listened to some Pablo Honey songs on MTV, but it was my other good friend Gustavo who was resposible for my addiction in the mid 90's, when we listened to all of the britpop bands. Creep became a kind of hymn and OK Computer a personal favorite since then.

First heard: Creep
Favourite: Let Down
Most heard according to Reckoner (#132)

11. The Killers
At first I thought it was just another indie hype band like so many others that I've downloaded by curiosity. But I was influenced by my girlfriend Dani who loves the band, so I thank her.

First heard: Somebody Told Me
Favourite: Read My Mind
Most heard according to Read My Mind (#2)

12. David Bowie
How did I discover David Bowie? Watching "Labyrinth" at the movies, of course. Like every happy and clever kid in the 80's.

First heard: Underground
Favourite: Starman
Most heard according to Growin' Up (#65)

13. Ennio Morricone
I've discovered Morricone watching his movies like "The Mission", "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso", "Frantic" and the best movie of all time, "Once Upon a Time in the West". Oh yeah, I'm proud to say that I've seen him live this year.

First heard: Gabriel's Oboe
Favourite: The Man with the Harmonica
Most heard according to The Man with the Harmonica (#45)

14. Ryan Adams
Along with Wilco, I discovered the world last year and Ryan Adams is a natural choice. But the first song was the rocker So Alive, which was played on Brasil 2000 FM. It sounds pretty much like I Will Follow, so it got my attention.

First heard: So Alive
Favourite: Nobody Girl
Most heard according to Anybody Wanna Take Me Home (#236)

15. Johnny Cash
Thanks to U2 for bringing Johnny back with The Wanderer in 1993. But I only knew his masterpieces a lot of years later, with the American Recordings series and all the revivals that the movie "Walk the Line" caused.

First heard: The Wanderer, with U2
Favourite: Folsom Prison Blues
Most heard according to The Wanderer (#48) and I Walk the Line (#99)

(seen here, please notice that my musical taste is much better than that)


  • ClaudiaCAM

    Eu nem sei se acho corajoso, metido a besta ou sem-vergonha fazer um toplist e mostrar pro zotro ver.... Mas como eu tambem jah acabei fazendo isso, compartilharei por solidariedade... ou curiosidade.... ou sei lah (porque sou corajosa, metida a besta etc etc..) Vim,curiosamente, parar aqui buscando por Ennio Morricone.... e o danando do google tem razões e metodos que nao se aplicam nem se explicam depois de 4 e meia da matina horario de brasilia. Uma vez me chamaram pra fazer uma listinha dos 15 melhores albuns de TODOS OS TEMPOS - que perigo ! Mas como eu tinha uns 25 anos eu nem titubiei! Era os meados dos anos 90.... e ate que hoje eu nao me envergonho muito da tal lista.... Se bem que o Morricone ficou de fora.... Mas incluir trilha de filme ia dificultar demais.... qual trilha? qual spaghetti? Bom... estou inventando desculpa para ter deixado de fora o velho batuta.... A lista era (94 ou 95, 96 ...?) NICK CAVE - Let Love iIn LED ZEPPELIN - 3 MANTRONIX - In Full effect WISE GUYS - Executive Suite CURE- the top BECK - Mellow Gold BIZMARKIE - The Biz Never Sleeps SNOOP DOGGY DOGG - Doggstyle POP WIL EAT ITSELF CLASH - Sandinista PRODIGY - Experience BEASTIE BOYS - in sound from way out PORTISHEAD - Dummy BEATLES - Whie Album MONEY MARK - Keyboard's Repair mais de dez anos depois, me parece uma escolha infantil.....mais ingenua do que errada.... mas acho que toda lista top ten, top five, top 3 será assim sempre, assim..... e se fossem 15 musicas e nao 15 albuns ia ficar muito diferente e muito dificil tambem....e mais de uma decada passsou para a musica e para minha senilidade... ai....nem se fala! voltarei para minha busca dos concertos do Ennio marcados para 2008.... ciao!

    2 avr. 2008, 8h27m
  • larex

    bela, bela lista.

    24 jui. 2009, 20h34m
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